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Chapter 1

"Rooossseeee? Where are you?"
The Doctor was walking down the corridor of the TARDIS trying to find Rose. He was incredibly bored and had looked everywhere for her.
"There you are!" The Doctor said as he walked into Rose's room.
"Yeah, yeah-shhhh," Rose said. She seemed to be deeply engaged in a movie she was watching. She was lying on the end of her bed on her stomach, with her eyes practically glued to the telly.
"What are you watching?" he ingquired, peering over her shoulder.

"Shut. Up!" she hissed, shooing him away.

"Good Gallifrey! Ok, I'll shut up!" The Doctor said, backing away with his hands up. He walked forward again and sat on the edge of her bed.

He saw a man and a woman in what looked like Africa-the man knelt down on one knee and offered her a ring. She nodded excitedly, put the ring on her finger, and they hugged. Then the movie ended.

"They get married? You never told me they get married!" Rose yelled at the Doctor. She took a pillow off her bed and hit him on the head.

"What was that for?" He said back to her, angrily rubbing the spot on his head.

"You never told me that Prince William and Kate Middleton get married!" she shrieked, eyes wide.

"Who?" the Doctor scrunched up his face, trying to remember.

"Prince Charles and Princess Diana's sonn and his fiancé?"

"Oh," the Doctor smiled, finally realizing who she was talking about, "right. Yeah, that was a lovely wedding."

"I was just watching the movie Kate & William- obviously- and I found out they get engaged, and then eventually married," Rose explained, "but you never told me!

He shrugged innocently. "It never came up." he quickly changed the subject,"Why did you start watching the movie anyway?"

"Well, I started watching it in the first place because Prince William is really hot, and his brother, Prince Harry, has a nice bum," Rose admitted, face turning red.

"Hey, what about me? I'm pretty good looking, no?" He struck a pose.

Rose attempted to hise her true passion for him."Sure you are," she replied nonchalantly. But really, Rose's insides were tingling because as they were talking, without either realizing, they were getting closer and closer until Rose could feel his breath on her face.

"You know," he whispered, "I could always take you to see the wedding."

Her face lit up. "Really?"

"Yup!" He jumped up and ran out the door, leaving a disappointed Rose. For awhile she had been thinking about him. The Doctor. She had been thinking about kissing him, running her fingers through his long, messy hair, and other…things.

She turned off her telly and ran down the corridor after him. She burst into the console room only to find him- as usual- running around the console like a mad man. He was flipping switches and pulling on levers animatedly.

"2011! April 29, 2011, that's when the wedding is…no…was….no…never mind!"

Rose just laughed. "I guess I'll just go throw somethinmg on, then. Oh, and Doctor? If you're going to the wedding, you need to wear a hat," Rose said as she walked down the hall. She took a right, then a left, right, straight, and another left until she was at the wardrobe room.

"What to wear…" Rose mused, gazing at the vast array of garments surrounding her.

Meanwhile, the Doctor was sitting on the jump seat, thinking about Rose just as she had been thinking of him. His mind began to wander to the Royal Wedding they were about to attend. What will she think of the wedding? Does she prefer one of the princes over me?

He looked up when he heard Rose walk into the room. He was astonished. She looks so beautiful! he thought.

She was wearing a navy blue dress, which on the top looked like a coat with the buttons slightly undone, and the bottom was frilly, like a skirt. The dress went slightly above her knees. Her hair was kept down and she wore an elegant, navy blue hat.

She walked right past him and quipped, "You better keep your mouth shut, Doctor. You're gonna catch flies."

The Doctor was completely unaware of his open mouth, so he shut it immediately.

"You look beautiful…considering" he babbled.

"Considering what? That I'm human?" she rounded on him, hands on hips.

"Considering that I didn't think you could get any more beautiful," The Doctor blurted out. Sometimes he wondered if it was possible to keep his mouth shut. Why is it that this regeneration has such a tendency to blurt out things before they're thought through?

Rose blushed, flattered.

"Well, we're here!" The Doctor announced, striding towards the door. "Allons-y!

"Allons-y," Rose repeated, skipping behind him.

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