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Hide and Seek

Chapter One

Change in Events

"Tell me, Clarice, would you ever say to me, stop? If you loved me you'd stop?" He asked her.

"Not in a thousand years," she replied coldly. False surprise went across Hannibal Lecter's face.

"Not in a thousand years." he repeated. He opened his mouth, revealing his deadly teeth. Lecter leaned in to bite her but stopped short. She did not flinch nor try to free her hair from the refrigerator. He smiled. "That's my girl."

She could only watch as his lips softly descended onto hers. Clarice refused to so much as respond to his soft caressing on her mouth. She remained as stone until pulled away to face her. A single tear betrayed her true feelings, and it did not go unnoticed, but the sounds of helicopters and police sirens were growing outside.

"Good-bye," said Lecter as he stepped back and made his way to the door. Clarice suddenly snapped out of her trance and tried frantically to free herself. The doctor turned back to watched for only a moment before exited the room.

"Dr. Lecter! Dr. Lecter!" she shouted back to the door. She realized escaping was a fruitless attempt with the amount of morphine in her system. I need to stop him. Stop him. Stop! Come back… Wait, what did I just think? Clarice knew she was loosing strength, and possibly consciousness, rapidly and he was getting away. She was desperate. "Hannibal!"

Though he was almost out the backdoor when his name filled the air, he heard it as clear as a bell. A smiled played over his lips. For a split second, he almost turned back to confront her, but with a quick glance at his watch, that thought was dashed. Thus he disappeared into the night.

Back in the kitchen, Clarice was left trying to fight both the refrigerator's hold on her and the morphine weakening her body. In one last attempt, she wedged her fingers in the door and caught the latch. With all her strength, she pulled the door open and freed her long ponytail.

She collapsed to the kitchen floor with a thud. From her vantage point, she could she the hutched corpse of Paul Krendler in the wheelchair, missing the frontal lobe of his brain. In shock as to the reality of what had just happened, she lurched back in horror. With what ever strength she had left, she crawled out of the kitchen into the hall.

She pulled herself to her feet by way of the staircase railing and managed to walk to the door. After carefully stepping off of the front stoop, Clarice looked around for any sign of Lecter. He was no where to be found in her frantic search. She did, however, start seeing flashing lights coming up the road and hear loud shrieks of police sirens.

Clarice ignored them for the time being and stumbled over to the lake, where a boat was drifting on the surface. She walked closer to the banks of the water to see if this was Hannibal's means of escape. Just as the boat began to turn, a shout came from over the top of the bank.

"Freeze! Put your hands in the air! Identify yourself!" called the officer from gunpoint. Clarice complied with the man's order.

"I'm Clarice Starling! FBI!" as she answered back, the boat was finally turned to reveal its empty inhabitants. Clarice felt her stomach drop at the sight of the empty vessel. The FBI agent, who had called down to her, walked down to her side.

"Agent Starling, are you alright?" he shouted over the thunderous sound of the helicopters.

"I think so!" she weakly shouted back. This, however would prove false as the agent helped Clarice back up to the rest of the FBI team and squad cars. About halfway up the bank, Clarice collapsed from a mixture of exhaustion, morphine, and shock.

Luckily, the man caught her before she fell back down the hill and into the lake. He then carried her up the rest of the way and placed her in the care of the ambulance's EMTs.

While in the back of the ambulance, Clarice faded in and out of consciousness. Her thoughts were scattered in the wind and soon there was nothing but total darkness.