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Title: My BestFriend's GirlFriend and The GirlFriend's BestFriend

Pairings: NatsuMikan, HotaRuka

Summary: Natsume's bestfriend, Ruka, went out of the country for some business trip. Ruka told Natsume stories about his girlfriend... Natsume hadn't seen "the girlfriend" yet, even in pictures... One time, there's also a business trip his father wants him to attend, he met "her" : Ruka's girlfriend. That was unexpected. Mikan Sakura, Natsume's best friend's girlfriend, is a tour guide that works for Natsume's company. To make it worse, she was the tour guide assigned for Natsume's group... Mikan was pissed with her boyfriend's best friend... Ruka, on the other hand, met her girlfriend's best friend on the trip... Unexpectedly, he develops feelings for her 'cause she's everything Ruka dreamed his girlfriend would be... Not that he wasn't satisfied with Mikan... It was just like a dream come true, for him...

WARNING: Contains OOCness. For an interesting story, of course.

Edited version. Enjoy.

My BestFriend's GirlFriend and The GirlFriend's BestFriend

Written by LunarChan

Chapter 1

My Best Friend's Girlfriend


I groaned as I reached for the cell phone above my head that was vibrating. God, who would call at this time? I glanced at the wall clock that says 2am. I groaned again and flipped my cell phone open.

Oh, it's Ruka. I sighed.


"What do you want?" I asked and turned on the lamp beside my bed. "Do you freaking know what time is it?"

"Oh, sorry, sorry." He chuckled. "I forgot… I'm in a business trip in Singapore right now."

"What do you want?" I repeated and lay back on my bed.

"Nothing." He sighed. "I was just damn bored here, you know…"

"Yes, good." I scowled at him. "You would call me because you were bored? Great, Ruka. Just great."

He laughed. "What are best friends for?"

I sighed.

"Aww, man." He sighed again. "Ok, ok. Sorry. I'll let you sleep. Anyways, I heard from my dad that you're going on a business trip, too?" Ruka's Dad is a CEO of a large company.

"Uh, yeah. That's why I need a good sleep and you just ruined it, best friend." I added sarcasm in the best friend part and laughed.

"Ouch. That hurt." He snorted. "Well then, good luck… Oh, hey. Where's that business trip of yours?"

"In our established hotel at Seattle."

"Oh, Seattle?" Ruka beamed. "My girlfriend is working there."

Right. Ruka has a girlfriend. I haven't seen her yet… Even the pictures. Ruka's hiding them, because his father wanted him to marry someone rich in the society. Ruka wasn't the type of guy who goes for money.

"Oh, cool." I said in a not-interested tone.

He laughed. "Well, then. See you next three weeks? I guess."

"Oh, extending the trip?"

"Yeah. Father's making me do meet-ups again." He growled. "If only I could just escape and go with you to Seattle."

"Sure sure. I'll buy your girlfriend some souvenirs." I kid.

"Yeah, great. Bye. Father's here."

And he hung up.

Damn it. Can I sleep again, now? I exhaled a great amount of air as I flipped off the lamp.

I have insomnia and he knows it… He's really bored, I guess. Then why didn't he call his girlfriend? I groaned as I put the pillow in my head and forced myself to sleep.


Sheesh. Damn that father of mine. Making me go undercover for his selfish reasons. He doesn't want me to introduce myself as his son, not that I would like to… But, it's easier when I use his name around. I could slack off and not care about everything. I counted the minutes 'til the bus that will take us to the hotel arrived.

"Sorry, everyone…" A brunette girl apologized. She's wearing a yellow and black-colored shirt. The color of our hotel. Gross, isn't it? Well, I found it gross. "The bus that we're going to use was broken. So we waited for the other bus to arrive. We're terribly sorry…"

"Ah, sure." Others smile at her while others groaned.

I just kept my face calm and smooth.

The ride to the hotel was unexpectedly fast. We got there in a few minutes. Maybe fifteen minutes to be exact. I got my luggage and hopped down the bus, grimacing at the hotel that my father had established not so long ago. He told me to investigate his workers here if they're nice and hospitable and everything. He said he doesn't want his money to be wasted in this place when they aren't functioning well. Well, it functions normally, as far as I can tell.

I let myself in and eyed the furnishings of the hotel. It was elegant as the other hotels my Dad had established. The ceiling and the walls were painted with yellow – the shade that was warm and comforting, not the yellow shade that will irritate your eyes due to the brightness. The chandelier hang low and it's diamond-shaped jewels glowed against the light. There were three sofas for those waiting… The line in the front desk wasn't that long. They gave numbers to those that are checking in and checking out to organize properly. Good.

The brunette girl that was at the bus went to us and gave us each a number. "Please wait on the sofa there and wait for your turn to check in." She smiled sweetly, which I thought was a fake. "Don't forget our tour tomorrow! Please be here after your buffet breakfast at exact 10 in the morning… Thank you and enjoy your stay…" Her hands motioned for us to sit until the monitor on the front desk reveals the number given to you.

I sighed as I sat down on the sofa and looked at the slip of paper that she had given me. I have the number 0107. I sighed again as I reached for my cell phone in my pocket. Shit. I immediately got up and went outside.

"Excuse me," I asked the guards. "Where's the bus that just set us down here?"

"There, sir." He pointed at the bus near the exit. "It was about to leave."

"Oh, thank you." I sprinted to the bus and waved after it. I hoped the bus driver will see me waving. Well, the driver did, anyway. He stopped the bus. He opened the door and I panted. "Sorry for that…I t-think I left my phone in here…"

"Oh, sure." He nodded and gestured for me to look inside.

I leapt inside and headed to where my seat was. I spotted it at the left side of my seat; my cell phone was between the seats below the bus window. I sighed and took it. I was about to go out when I saw another phone in front of the bus, near the driver. I bent down and get it.

"Thanks," I muttered again to the bus driver before going out. I didn't ask him if this was his, he might say yes even though it's not his. People like that are scattered all over the globe. I flipped open my phone and found three missed calls from who else, my best friend, Ruka. I just sent him a message saying, "What's up?"

I walked towards the hotel entrance again. They might've called my number already. And if you missed your chance, have you wait all over again after they finished everyone. It's tiring. I opened the cell phone I found on the floor of the bus and what I saw made me stop.

Isn't this…?


I sighed. Being a tour guide ain't easy. You have to look pleased all day. Smiling at the people and treating them as family. Not that I didn't want it. It's just sometimes, I feel like there's something missing… Right. I miss him. Ruka… He's on a business trip now, in Singapore…

I love him… But I still can't help but be mad at him for not deciding that our relationship to be legal. It seemed like his father doesn't want him to marry someone like me… Though I'm educated, I'm not from a wealthy family. And that's what makes me angry about life. Why is it all about money? Can't we just love each other and be happy?

I decided to let my mind rest and give Ruka a call. My hands felt my pockets. Empty. My heartbeat raced as I went over to where I went earlier… No signs of them seeing my cell phone. I grimaced and went outside and asked the guards.

"Um, excuse me…" Worry was written all over my face now, I know. I can't lose my phone. Aside from the dollars it did cost, my contacts were there. "Is the bus still here?"

"Sorry, ma'am." He shook his head. "It left minutes ago."

"Oh," I frowned.

"Is there something wrong, ma'am?" He asked as he saw my reaction.

"I think I left my phone there…" I said.

"Ah," He smiled. "Why don't you report it at the lost and found office?"

"I will." I nodded. "Thank you."

I just hope I can still see it. And I hope it's not in the hands of someone greedy. I can imagine my phone now… Oh my God. I don't want them to see what's inside.

I entered the hotel once again when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. "Excuse me?"

I looked back and saw the creepiest eyes I've ever seen in my entire life. It was deep red. I calmed myself. "Yes?"

"I believe this phone is yours…" He opened his hands and there was my lost baby cell phone! I'm so glad.

"Thank you!" I shook his hand. "Thank you so much. You saved me a trouble in reporting my lost phone to the lost and found office."

"My pleasure." He smiled and he looked really handsome, just don't stare at his eyes. It freaked me out a minute there. "I'm Natsume. And you are…?"

I let my hair fall on my back to let him see my name plate. "Mikan." I smiled back at him. "Now, if you'll excuse me, sir… I have much to do and–"

"You're Ruka's girlfriend?" He suddenly asked which caught me off guard. How did he? Then I realized he held my phone. He knew it was mine because he saw the wallpaper! The picture of Ruka and me…

"You knew him?" I quirked my brow at him.

"Well, yeah," He smirked. "He's my best friend."

"I don't believe you."

"Well, I don't care if you believe me or not, but I am telling you the truth. In fact he's told me all about you…"

I glared at him. I don't want anybody to find out about this. Not his father. "You. Will. Not. Tell. Anybody. About. This."

He smirked even wider. God, he pisses me off!

"Hmm…" He gazed above me in wonder. "Let me think about that."

"You will." I said angrily at him. "And the right decision is to not tell anybody."

"Let's see…" He laughed a taunting laugh.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, sir…" I said in a sweet-sugary voice and faked a smile.

I headed to the front desk. I heard him snort behind me and walk away.

This guy… My eyes twitched in irritation.


I still can't believe that girl is Ruka's girlfriend. Ruka, a son of a CEO… I still can't. What did he see in that simple girl? I believe his dream girl was something like this: Has a cold expression but deep inside, really cares for you. Smiles like an angel. Has short hair.

Well, it contradicted everything he wants… But still… I sighed. If he's here, he would tell me, Love isn't predictable, Natsume. You just feel it. It's something that you can't control.

"0107? 0107?" I heard them call my number and I got up from the sofa I was seating and gathered my luggage, heading to the front desk.

She had hazel brown eyes and brown hair. Too plain. And her attitude also sucks. Just the way she smiles at everybody – a fake smile. It pisses me off.

"Oh," I heard an angry grunt on the front desk as I approach.

Speaking of the devil… I thought.


"0107? 0107?" I called and I saw a raven-haired guy rose from his seat. I typed the number zero one zero seven and it appeared on the monitor so that the guests at the hotel will know that I am serving the person who has this number.

I still can't believe it. Ruka, my sweet and caring boyfriend has a bad best friend. Just looking at his eyes, it creeps me out. And the way he smirk, too full of himself. I can't stand guys like that.

I glanced up and much to my disappointment and dismay, there he was, approaching. "Oh," I groaned.

Speaking of the daredevil… I frowned.

"What room do you want to check in, sir?" I smiled sweetly at him, though I really wanted to frown at him even more.

He laughed.

"Is something the matter, sir?" I raised my brow at him.

"Look at that bitter face of yours…" He chuckled. "Don't smile if you can't take it."

I frowned and took a deep breath. I won't lose to this guy…


"I'll repeat it, sir… What room do you want to check in?"

"What kind of rooms do you have here?" I asked, though I know what kinds of room they have here. This is my Father's property after all.

"We have Deluxe rooms, Economy rooms, Special rooms, Standard rooms, and Suites…" She breathed.

"A suite…" I smiled at her, and she looked irritated by my smile. I chuckled low enough for her to hear.

"What floor do you want, sir?"

"Seventh floor?" I asked.

"Yes, sir." She nodded and gave me the card. "Enjoy your stay, sir. If there are any complaints, you can call us immediately."

"I have a complaint." I grinned. She grimaced.

"What is it, sir?" She exhaled.

"Your services are poor. Do tour guides like you or front desk officers like you ever frown at a guest? This hotel needs improvement." I waved as I strolled away.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, but I ignored it. I was having too much fun, irritating her.


I glared at him as he walked towards the elevator.

"Oh my gosh, Mikan." Sumire hugged me from behind. "That guy is so hot."

"Hot?" I snorted. "He's not even cute. Just looking at his eyes makes me want to hide away from him. He's creepy!"

"That's what makes him hot!" Sumire squealed. I stared at her in disbelief and disgust. "What?" She looked at me, puzzled.

I just shook my head at her. "Will you take over my place? I'm too tired and worn out. And besides, you're really the one who's supposed to be here… You did eat already, right? Can I go now?" I pleaded.

She nodded. "You're too edgy today."

Blame that scary-eyed guy… I wanted to tell her, but decided not to.


I dropped my luggage on the floor beside the bed and slumped on the bed.

This is life… I smiled sourly.

I felt my phone vibrate again, demanding for me to pick it up. I grunted and fished it out of my pocket.

"Yo, Natsume!" Ruka's voice ringed throughout.

"Hello." I sounded displeased, but I am actually happy – no, that might sound not right – I am actually good, or better. It was fun to tease Ruka's girlfriend.

"Guess what?"

"What?" I asked, uninterested.

"My Dad wants me to meet another girl!" He shrieked. "Man, I'm so tired."

I laughed. "I thought your news was exciting."

"Fooled you," he laughed again.

"Guess what?" It was my turn to ask him now.


"I met your girlfriend…" I smirked.

"Oh," His tone was surprised. I don't even know if he's angry or sad or disappointed or what.

What he said next shocked me.

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