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My BestFriend's GirlFriend and The GirlFriend's BestFriend

Written by LunarChan

Chapter 13

The Promise


My sister was personally doing something on my face – putting some random chemicals that I don't even know what they are for – in front of the mirror in her luxurious room in this building when someone knocked on the heavy wooden door.

"Yes?" My sister answered.

"This is Andou, Ma'am."

"Oh, come in." My sis answered again and moved back to my face.

I glanced at the door when someone stepped in and my face broke into a smile as I saw who it was. "Tsubasa." I smirked and my sister angled my face back to her.

"I'm not yet done." She fumed.

I groaned unimpressively and Tsubasa snickered.

Tsubasa chatted with my sister about some things in the modeling fashion show that will be held this evening.

"Don't think that I could see Natsume here," He teased.

"Me either." I frowned. "This would definitely be the last place on earth I would want to go to."

"But you're here." He rumbled a laugh.

"And it sucks." I rolled my eyes and my sister demanded for my attention. She wanted to get this over with. And I do, too.


My mind was blank just from seeing him and I can't utter something smart to say.

He chuckled. "Surprised, ne, Mikan-chan?"

I blinked. "Tsubasa!" And hugged him tight.

Tsubasa Andou – my childhood best friend. They moved away from Tokyo when we were just little kids, eight years old, to be exact.

"I didn't know you moved back here!" I smiled widely at him. "And look at you – a model. Wow!"

He rolled his eyes. "You wouldn't be here if you're not a model yourself, eh?"

I giggled. "I guess so."

"Looking great, huh." His eyes swept up from head to toe and I felt so self-conscious and I punched him playfully.

"Stop looking at me like that."

"Why?" He snickered.

"You're like a lecherous old man. Ew." I made a disgusting face at him and he laughed.

"Ladies and gentleman," We heard someone announced at the microphone and everybody on the backstage fell silent. "We now present you, the beauties of Ruby Fashions!"

A random rhythmic music was being played on the background and I felt so nervous.

Tsubasa tapped my shoulder. "Bye," He waved. "See you later." And disappeared from my sight.

I sighed as I dragged my feet to the line of girl models and Narumi placed me to be the very last. I don't know whether to think that he's so very considerate or to think that he made me do the very hard job. To be the finale. Gah. That Narumi-sensei.

My mind was too far away to even notice the flow of the fashion show 'til I was the one to walk on the stage.

Chagrin washed out through me as I saw the flashing cameras around. Despite that, I raised my chin up high and walked like how Narumi-sensei taught me. Stopping on some places on the stage with the marked 'X' on the floor and tossing my hair back. Smiling like there's no tomorrow.

God, I could make a million out of this job if I keep on acting like this.

I was walking back to the backstage when I saw the final male model. It made me stop for a second and that second was enough to make his eyes zoom to me. We stared at each other for almost two seconds before I forced my frozen feet to walk on like I never saw him.

God, why now?

Why am I meeting back old people? Frst, there's Hotaru – not that I don't want to see her. Then there's Narumi-sensei. Add up Tsubasa. And then...

My ex-boyfriend's best friend: Natsume Hyuuga.

Is this my unlucky day?


"Hey," Someone tapped my shoulder and I looked back.

"Oh, hey yourself." I snickered.

After the fashion show, I changed back to my clothes and went down to this building's cafeteria to grab something to eat. Narumi-sensei gave me the money. I insisted that I'll pay it myself, but he's just so stubborn. I was munching on French fries and the burger was still on my tray.

"Want some?" I asked him and he grabbed some fries on his hands.

"Thanks," Tsubasa murmured and shoved the fries inside his mouth. "Hmm... How's life right now?"

"Unlucky," I groaned.

"Ooh, why?" He chuckled.

"I moved to Seattle, right?" He nodded. "I was stable at my work there for three years. An incident happened and I was..."

"Fired." He finished the sentence for me. Tsubasa really knows me.

I smiled grim at him. "Yeah. And I've got no choice. I wanted to forget about all that... I decided to move back here."

"Oh," He grabbed another fry. "It must be too hard on you."

Like you would actually know. I wanted to say, but decided to just stay silent.

"But is that the right solution?"

"Huh?" I asked and quirked my brow at him.

"I mean, is running away and not facing the problem the only solution for that whatever-incident-that-caused-you-to-move back?"

I didn't run away from the problem. It was him who ran away like a scaredy-cat. "Unfortunately, it was." I shrugged and unwrapped my burger.

"You're hiding it from me." He smiled and I could see through his eyes that he was curious. Dead curious.

Uh-oh. "I should go." I stood up and grabbed the burger with me.

I walked fast.

"Mikan, wait." Tsubasa easily kept his pace with me.

"What?" I laughed at his tone. He thought I was mad at him for prying into my life. Seriously, I am not. I just can't tell him now. Now's not the right time.

"Just wai–ouch!" Tsubasa winced. I stopped dead on my tracks when his crimson eyes were in front of me and I swallowed back my bile.

"Oh, hi Natsume." I heard Tsubasa greeted.

"Hi Tsubasa." That deep baritone voice of his made me remember everything I've been avoiding to think about for the past few days. But that wasn't even on my mind right now.

"Y-You knew him?" I faced Tsubasa and his face reflected my reaction. Surprised.

"Well, yeah. He's my best friend way back in High School." He shifted his brow at me.

"Oh," Was all I can say. What else can I say? Something like,'Hey, that friend of yours was one of the reasons why I moved back.' No. I can't think of anything smart to say so I excused myself. "Uh, excuse me."

"Mikan," I heard him stop me and I immediately froze.

Taking a deep breath, I turned around.

"You knew her?" It was Tsubasa's turn to ask Natsume.

"Yes. She was one of the hotel staffs in our established hotel in Seattle." He told the truth.

"Then..." Tsubasa's eyes narrowed. "You're the reason why Mikan was fired?"

Oh no.


"I'm not the main reason." I'd be lying if I tell him no. But I am part of the reason.

"What?" He asked loudly.

"Tsubasa," Mikan walked to him and tugged his arm. "No,"

He then looked at Mikan and then at me. "Tell me what happened and I'll let him off the questions."

She pursed her lips. "I will."

I followed them as they made their way outside the building and went inside one of the popular coffee shops in town. Starbucks.

We ordered Frappuccino and settled down on our seats. She was fidgeting and was really reluctant to say a thing 'til Tsubasa urged her to speak up.

"Come on, speak up."

She stole a glance at me before going and babbling on about her story and I can see Tsubasa wasn't happy with what happened. He was also looking at me with that gloomy face of him.

I don't need pity.

After that, Tsubasa hugged her and he hugged her back and I could sense the burning irritation building up inside me.

"I'm here for you, Mikan. Don't worry." He patted her head and her eyes were already welling up with tears. This might be the first time she had chatted to someone about it that someone actually told her that it's okay. "I'm here for you." Tsubasa repeated.

And it seemed like I didn't exist here at all. They had forgotten about me.

"I know." She answered, giggling a little. "Thank you." Her reply was polite and sincere. Full of trust and adoration.

I was alone. They had a world of their own. I knew it. I was all alone. I shouldn't even have followed them here in the first place.

I stood up, not looking at them. "Excuse me," and walked away.


He walked out of the café and I don't know what to do or how to react at that. I knew it hurt him, too. To hear that story again.

"Mikan," Tsubasa was playing with my hair, twirling locks of it. It was still a bit curly and the only way to straighten it out was to bathe. It's still too tangled.


"I missed you."

That made me jerk my face in front of him. His face was dead serious. "I missed you, too." I laughed awkwardly. "Silly, Tsubasa."

"You know what? I actually missed my childhood friend, Mikan Sakura who was brave and strong. Who wouldn't let anyone hurt her. Who thinks that justice should win. Who wasn't giving up..."

"A wise person knows when to give up." I remarked and smiled a little.

"But only fools do it." He countered and I was speechless by it.

She playfully punched my shoulder. "Get a grip on yourself, Mikan. You can do it. I'll cheer for you." He smiled his charming smile and I suddenly remembered the good ol' days we shared when we were young.

He glanced at his watch. "Shit. I gotta go." He left his calling card to me. "Call and update me when something happens!" He said as he dashed away.

I stared at his card on my hand.

Andou, Tsubasa

Male Model at Ruby Fashions

Below was his number, his email address and a little note that he wrote for me before he go.

Remember the promise we made?

The promise. The promise we made in front of the cherry blossom tree in our yard.

I stood up and slowly went my way back to the building to gather my things and go home. This was a long and tiring day. Ugh. And Tsubasa made it more tiring when he mentioned that promise thing.

That shameful and embarrassing promise we made at each other. But that was one of the good memories we had.

That event flooded my mind.

"Come on, pinky swear." Moron Tsubasa insisted at me.

"Okay, okay." I intertwined my pinky finger with his. "Pinky swear."

"I made a contract already. You sign it." He handed me a piece of paper.

"What is this?"

"A contract, I said." He snorted.

This day, January XX, XXXX

ME, Mikan Sakura, promises to marry Tsubasa Andou in the future and will become a good and loyal wife to him someday.

ME promises to share every little secret I have. Even my deepest and darkest ones. In return, Tsubasa Andou promises to work hard for ME and he will also share all his secrets with ME.

ME will grant Tsubasa's wish to become a good husband and ME will produce lots of babies with him.


Mikan Sakura

"Produce lots of babies?" I smiled as I asked him that.

"Yes, we will have lots and lots of babies." He threw his hands up in the air like he was hugging those invisible babies that he just mentioned and I giggled. "Come on, sign it now."

"But I don't have a pen." I frowned.

"I know you're going to say that." His hands went inside his pocket and fished out a black pen.

I bent down in front or our cherry blossom tree and carefully wrote my name. (That was my signature, already.)

"There." I held up the paper and pen.

"Now, we swear in front of the cherry blossom tree." I nodded and he put his hand on my left chest where my heart was beating and he also grabbed my right hand and put it in his left chest where his heart was also beating. "I swear to love you as long as I live."

He smiled and I smiled back. "Repeat those words." He whispered at me. "Cherry clossom tree is looking hopefully at you."

"Oh," I muttered and giggled as I peeked at the cherry blossom tree under my lashes and my eyes shifted back to Tsubasa. His smile was so wide that it almost reached up to his ear.

"I swear to love you as long as I live."

After this day, he'll be moving to another place. That was so sad. I no longer have my best friend.




I was crying so much in front of him as the last box was transported into their move-away truck. "I'm going to miss you so much, Tsu!"

"I'll miss you, too Mikanneee." He hugged me and I drowned him with tears. "Don't worry. We'll meet again someday. And I promise, we'll be very happy."

My lipse formed a smile, but my tears still overflowed. "I know."

"And I will marry you." His eyes were so sure. That was his serious mode. "I promise."





That was the promise he was talking about?

About marriage?

Oh my... Gosh!

What will I do? How will I tell him that I... I don't feel the same way anymore.

That I...

"Hey," Someone poked me from behind and I looked back.


"Why are you standing on a daze there?" He shifted his brow at me. "The bus left a minute ago."

"Wait. What?" I checked my watch. Oh, great. I was daydreaming about the past and forgot about the bus.

Now I have to wait another twenty minutes for the bus. Waiting isn't the problem. Waiting with him is the problem.

It's too awkward.

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