Yay, a quicker update this time! Aren't you all so proud of me? Haha, well let's just say that this chapter is a rough one for poor Harry, but you all get a little better insight into what its like for him being a werewolf. Also, some scenes are similar to the book, yet different since I changed things around a little. A few reviewers asked questions, and I'll have them answered at the bottom. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

"Come to the Hospital Wing in the morning and I'll have a pepper-up potion ready for you dear," said Madam Pomfrey as she escorted Harry to the Whomping Willow. It was the first full moon of the school year, and the first time he'd ever have to do it alone. Despite being able to transform at will, full moons were still hard on him and he was secretly afraid of what it'd be like with no one around. He was grateful that the school nurse was kind enough to walk him to the tree, and it was knowing that he'd be able to see her kindly face once more in the morning that gave him the will to keep walking.

"Thank you for taking me," he said, giving her a small smile as she took a long stick and pressed a knot at the base of the tree, instantly freezing its branches' wild attempts at attacking them.

"It was no problem at all," she replied, returning the smile. "Now remember what I told you. Stop by the Hospital Wing when you come back for a potion and so I can check you over. Your teachers have been notified of your condition, and so you are excused from classes for the first half of the day."

Thanking her once more, he climbed down through the dark tunnel until he came into a dirty, broken down room. The windows were boarded up, but a tiny hole in the roof let him know that night was soon approaching. Sighing to himself, he pulled off all his clothes except his boxers, and neatly folded them in a pile. Returning to the tunnel entrance, he laid the pile in a corner so they wouldn't be ruined and sat down in the middle of the room to wait. Even though he was able to turn into his werewolf form whenever he wanted, he lost the ability to on days of the full moon and had to undergo a forced transformation like any other werewolf had to. Luckily he still kept his mind but he was much more aggressive and restless, and now that he was starting to reach adolescence, he would fight with Remus, who for now remained the dominant alpha male in their "pack."


Harry spun around as he heard a soft pop and the voice yelled out. Eyes widening in disbelief, he stared up at Sirius and Remus, who stood before him with large grins on their faces. Unable to think properly, he did the only thing he could think of and rushed over to hug them. He felt the nervousness in his stomach slowly go away, comforted by the fact that he would no longer have to do it alone.

"Sirius, Remus, what are you two doing here?" he asked, pulling back slightly. "I thought you two went back home."

"We were going to, but decided that since the full moon was already so close, we'd stay an extra week and be with you for your first transformation at school. We wouldn't let you go through this alone," answered Sirius, ruffling his hair affectionately.

"Thanks," he said appreciatively as he buried his face in his uncle Remus' chest. "I was scared…" he admitted quietly.

"Don't worry cub, we're here now and that's all that matters," said Remus, rubbing his back soothingly.

"…this means we'll fight again though…"

"It's all part of being a werewolf, Harry," he said, continuing to rub his back. "In a few years, when you're older, you'll become the alpha and my wolf will know to back down. Now, I checked the paper for what time sunset is, and we have about fifteen minutes before it goes down. Sirius and I need to reinforce the protective wards on the shack. It had trouble keeping just one werewolf in back when I was at school, so imagine what would happen now that there's two. Relax a bit while you wait; we'll be done shortly."

The younger werewolf nodded and sat back down on the floor, watching as Sirius and Remus cast various spells and enchantments on the house. Several minutes later they were through, the doors and windows magically spelled to be unbreakable, and what little furniture remained unable to be removed from where it stood. Remus stripped down to his underwear and placed his clothes next to Harry's in the tunnel and Sirius transformed into a dog, as the sun was just about to disappear.

"Yuck, I hate this stuff," said Remus, as he downed a vial of Wolfsbane. Sighing, he moved to a corner and sat down, mentally preparing himself for what was to come. "Okay Harry, here it comes…"

Harry nodded his head, already feeling the effects of the full moon. His heart began to pound loudly in his chest, his breathing becoming heavy and labored as his blood rushed through him. In the dark, he could hear Remus grunt and he let out a pained groan of his own. His hands dropped to the floor as he hunched over, fisting the carpet as his knuckles turned white, his teeth grinding painfully together as his jaw clenched tight. He shut his eyes as pain coursed through him and he let out an anguished howl as his body expanded and grew, becoming taller, broader and more muscular, thick fur growing over every inch of skin.

His nose twitched slightly as he caught Remus' scent and he looked towards the older and larger werewolf, who was crouched in his corner, panting heavily. The two locked eyes and he immediately launched himself forward, bounding quickly across the room towards his uncle. Letting out a challenging growl, the two met head on in a flurry of bites and snarls. Harry howled in pain as Remus sank his teeth into his right arm, rearing his clawed fist back and swinging it forward. He gave a triumphant bark as it slammed powerfully into the other werewolf's snout, releasing his hold on his arm and sending Remus flying into a nearby wall.

He wasn't down for the count just yet, and the injury had only served to fuel his rage. Quickly recovering, Remus leapt from the floor and pounced on Harry, biting and clawing at his back as the younger werewolf bucked up and down in an attempt to throw him off. Somehow, he managed to twist himself around to face him, and clamped down onto his shoulder with his teeth, gripping Remus by the torso and stabbing his claws into his sides.

From a hidden corner in the room, Sirius watched his friend and godson duke it out, wishing he could do something to help. But as he learned many years ago, it was best to let them fight it out before coming out to be with them. The most he could do was sit and watch and not interfere until it was all over. Only then, when they lay panting and half-alive on the floor could he remind them of his presence and do whatever he could to comfort them during their suffering.

Almost an hour later, Harry whimpered in defeat as a bloody and bruised Remus bit him by the throat. Having re-established his dominance, the older werewolf let go and immediately flopped down on top of him, the two breathing heavily in an exhausted heap. Realizing they were through, Sirius came out and sat before them, looking over their injuries. He stared at the numerous gashes across Harry's chest and gave Remus an almost reproachful look. No longer being controlled by his urges to show the younger werewolf his place, Remus looked down and would have winced if he could. He'd really done a number on the boy.

Ignoring his own injuries, he sat up and began licking Harry's wounds clean as Sirius sat closer and nuzzled his godson's cheek soothingly, who continued to whimper and let out pained whines. A little while later, when his cuts were no longer bleeding as profusely, they stopped and huddled together to protect one another from the night's cold air. They stayed that way until morning, the three of them curled up together as they slept the rest of the night away.

When morning came, as usual, Sirius was the first to wake up. Knowing that Harry would need to get back to school before the rest of the school got up, he gently shook the two of them awake and told them to get dressed. It was almost painful watching the two limp around, barely able to move as they slowly pulled their clothes on. Picking Harry up, he told Remus to wait there for him and rest while he carried him up the tunnel.

"Thanks for coming last night," said Harry weakly, as Remus stepped forward and hugged him. "Even though we fought again, I'm glad you came…"

"I'm glad too," replied Remus softly, kissing his forehead. "I'm sorry if I was too rough; make sure to have Madam Pomfrey heal you before you get to class, and take it easy the next few days okay?"

"Okay," replied Harry, nodding tiredly. "Bye, love you Uncle Remus…"

"I love you too cub."

With another hug goodbye, Sirius carried Harry up the tunnel and set him down on the ground just in front of the Whomping Willow. Pressing the knot as Madam Pomfrey had done the night before; the tree froze, leaving the two to talk alone in peace.

"Do you think you can make it up to the castle by yourself? I can take you the rest of the way if you can't," said Sirius worriedly. Harry's injuries always carried over to his human form after the transformation, and although many of his cuts had begun to close, he could still see the beginning of several bloody stains on his shirt and pants.

"Don't worry about it, I'll take him from here," said Neville, as he suddenly came up over the hill.

"Neville, what're you doing here? It's too early for students to roam the castle; you could have gotten caught," said a shocked Harry.

"And let my best friend go through this alone?" he asked. "I can't be there for you when you transform, so the least I can do is help you get back to the castle to get treated."

"You're a good friend, Neville," said Sirius, smiling at the two. Although Neville doubted his abilities now, he had the feeling that despite that, they'd have a new animagus in their midst in a few years. "Now be careful and go slowly; it was a really rough night for him."

"Of course," said Neville, pulling Harry's arm over his shoulder and holding his arm around his waist.

"Take care Harry, I love you pup," he said, hugging the boy once more. "Thank you for being such a good friend to him Neville."

Smiling, Neville nodded his head and slowly turned them back around and began walking Harry to the castle. An excruciating ten minutes later, they had made it to the Hospital Wing where Madam Pomfrey stood waiting by the door for him. Seeing Harry's now blood-soaked shirt, she immediately set him onto a bed and gently peeled off his shirt, gasping at the sight of his torn up chest. She gave the Longbottom boy a look, as if to silently tell him to leave, but he shook his head and took a seat to wait. Realizing that he wouldn't leave his friend, she ignored him for the moment and turned back to Harry.

Grabbing an empty basin and several potions and salves, she set them on the nearby table and set back to work. She first gave him a sleeping potion, knowing that cleaning and healing his wounds would be a painful experience, and he was in enough pain as it was. Casting a quick diagnostic charm on him, she was relieved to find that all his injuries were exterior and that there were no broken bones or severe internal bleeding. A quick flick of her wand and the basin was filled with warm water, which she dipped a small cloth towel into and began cleaning his cuts. There would be no point in closing his wounds if they were filled with infection.

She managed to wipe away most of the blood, and now being able to clearly see where he was injured, went about healing him. Tracing her wand slowly over the many incisions, she repeatedly chanted a healing spell as his wounds began to close, hissing with smoke as the cuts and slices disappeared. The bigger ones left behind angry red marks, but with a bit of healing salve, they'd fade away to pale, almost unnoticeable scars. Finally, when everything had been cleaned and healed, she lifted his head and poured an antibiotic potion down into his mouth, massaging his throat in order for him to swallow. When all that was done, she returned her supplies and looked at Neville, who had been quietly watching the entire time.

"I supposed you already know of his condition, and can trust you not to let anyone know about this?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yes ma'am, I do. And I've already promised to never talk to anyone about it unless they already know," he responded.

"Good," she said. "Now, why don't you head off to the Great Hall for some breakfast? Your classes start at 8:30 and you don't want to be late. You can visit Harry at lunch time, where hopefully he'll be well enough again to finish his school day."

"Well all right, tell Harry I hope he's feeling better when he wakes up." When she agreed to, he said his goodbye and walked out.

"Are you okay Harry?" asked a concerned Hermione, watching him try to hide a grimace as he sat down at the lunch table.

"Yeah, I'm good," he said, biting back a gasp as his stomach bumped against the table. Although Madam Pomfrey had healed him, he remained sore and his body was still quite sensitive to the pain. Ignoring the unbelieving look he knew she was giving him, he slowly piled potatoes onto his plate and grabbed a couple of drumsticks. After a few bites, he began to feel slightly better as his appetite returned to him and he helped himself to more food, having missed breakfast that morning.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked again. "I know magic is much better at healing than the muggle way, but falling down the stairs, especially ones as hard and high as the ones here at Hogwarts can be really painful."

Harry and Neville shared a knowing look, glad that she had obviously bought his excuse for missing classes that morning. "Yes Hermione, I'm okay," he reiterated. "Don't worry, Madam Pomfrey fixed me up and I'm just a little sore right now. That's all." Finally she gave up and returned to her meal, looking through her charms book as she ate.

"So have you seen the Daily Prophet lately?" asked Neville, making conversation in-between bites.

"I'm American, I don't subscribe to the British newspapers," he said, shrugging. "Why? What's up?"

"Well about a month ago someone tried to steal something from Gringotts," he started, swallowing a mouthful of bread. "Luckily, the vault had already been emptied a little while earlier and nothing was taken. Gringotts is supposed to be impenetrable, and the paper this morning said that even after all the investigations done, they're still unable to find a culprit."

"That's odd," replied Harry, looking up at his friend. "The goblins are always very organized and thorough. The fact that not only was someone able to get into Gringotts, but they're incapable of finding out who it was, is very strange." Suddenly, a loud chime could be heard, signifying the end of the lunch period. Quickly grabbing their things, they packed up and headed out into the hallways.

"Finally, a class I can understand!" said Ron Weasley, as they passed him and a few other Gryffindor first-years on their way to the Quidditch Pitch. "You know, I almost hit a hang glider once when I was riding around on my older brother Charlie's broom."

They made it to the pitch with plenty of time to spare, as other students were still making their way over and the teacher had yet to appear. On the grass in front of them were several neat rows of ancient-looking brooms, and Harry wondered if the magic on them still worked. The wood appeared dry and rotten while the bristles looked so hard they could stab someone.

"Are you all right, Hermione?" asked Harry, noticing her suddenly quiet and stiff demeanor.

She looked at him with frightened eyes and replied, "I'm absolutely terrified of heights…"

Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin first year, overheard Hermione's confession and laughed. "Is the poor Mudblood afraid of a little flying?" he sneered, smirking as the other Slytherins chuckled.

"Watch your mouth Malfoy," growled Harry, clenching his fists.

"What are you going to do about it Pothead?" asked Draco, crossing his arms. "You know, when I heard you were starting Hogwarts this year I decided you were worthy of my time and that I'd make an effort to befriend you. But seeing as you associate yourself with squibs like Longbottom, and the pathetic mudblood Granger, I can see that you're no better than them."

"Maybe I'm not better than them, but they're certainly ten times better than you," Harry retorted.

Before the blonde could reply, an older lady with short gray hair clapped her hands and called the class to attention. "Okay, first years! I am Madam Hooch, your flight instructor. For many, this is your first time riding a broom, while others may have spent much of their life flying. You're all starting at different levels of experience, but I tell you now that we will all be going at the same pace." She then went on to explain several safety precautions before ordering them to stand next to a broom and call it.

"Up!" said Harry, gripping the broom firmly as it jumped into his hand. Flying had always come easy to him and with an uncle like Sirius—who was an avid flyer—he had spent quite a bit of time in the air. Next to him, he could see Neville's feeble attempt at summoning his broom as it twitched when called. On the other side of him, Hermione's talent with a broom was basically non-existent.

"UP!" yelled Neville, as he finally lost his patience. He'd never been great with flying and had little chance to practice; his grandmother had a strict "no-flying" rule. Suddenly, the broom shot up and smacked him in the face, a sickening crack heard on impact.

"Oh dear, looks like it's broken," said Madam Hooch, as she rushed over to check on him. Neville's nose was now swollen and a thick trail of blood oozed down his face. "I'm going to take him to the Hospital Wing. Continue to practice summoning your broom, and then mounting. But do not, and I repeat, do NOT fly until I come back. If you do, there will be very serious consequences."

The instant she was gone, Draco Malfoy flew into the air and began circling the other students. Ignoring him for now Harry turned to Hermione, who was still struggling to make her broom move. After a few pointers and some encouraging words, the broom gently leapt into her hand and she grinned happily. Now that she had the broom, he showed her the proper way to mount, which she copied perfectly.

"Great job Hermione! See, it's not that—hey! No! Come back down!" he shouted, as she slowly began to float in the air.

"I-I don't know how! It just went up on its own! Make it stop Harry!" she cried, clutching fearfully to the handle as she floated higher and higher.

Draco, who had spotted her predicament, flew over and burst out laughing. "Is poor Granger stuck?" he taunted, reaching over and shoving her teasingly.

Hermione gasped as she nearly toppled over, holding onto the broom even tighter. "Don't do that!" she screamed, her eyes beginning to water.

Harry, having seen enough, jumped on his broom and flew up to them, maneuvering himself between Hermione and Malfoy to act as a shield. "Back off Malfoy!"

"Or what?" he asked, as he and Harry flew there brooms higher to match Hermione's still rising one.

"Hermione, just stay calm and stay still. The broom will stop moving if you do," he instructed. Turning back to Malfoy, Harry glared at him quietly. "Look, she's scared and we're really high off the ground now. Can't you wait until we're on the grass to do this?"

Draco rolled his eyes and slowly lowered his broom, only to fly onto Hermione's other side and cry out, "Boo!" in her face. She reeled back in surprise and lost her grip, trying to regain her balance for a second before completely losing it and toppling off the side. The stunned look on his face told Harry that had not been part of the plan.

Cursing, Harry punched Malfoy in the arm and dove after Hermione, flattening his body against the broom to go faster. Passing her falling figure, he leveled his broom and stood on it, as if he was surfing, and circled around beneath her. Knowing the impact would cause him to lose balance, he caught her in his arms and immediately adjusted their bodies as they fell so that she'd land on top. It was about a ten foot drop and he groaned in pain as his back slammed into the floor.

"Oh god, Harry!" sobbed Hermione, as she quickly rolled off him and kneeled next to him, pulling his head into her lap. "I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

"Harry Potter! Hermione Granger! Draco Malfoy!" shouted a furious McGonagall as she ran towards them. The students, who had crowded around them, stepped back to give her space as she stormed past and knelt beside Hermione. "Come down this instant, Mr. Malfoy!"

Malfoy, who was still floating stunned in the air, realized what was happening and flew down. "Yes, Professor…" he said quietly.

"It was an accident Professor!" cried Hermione, looking at the older witch. "Harry was showing me how to call my broom and mount, and when I did, I…I don't know what happened! It just flew up on its own and Malfoy started teasing me. Harry saved me! He shouldn't be punished!"

"It's quite all right Ms. Granger, I saw everything that happened from my window," replied McGonagall, as she ran her wand over Harry, checking for injuries. "Mr. Malfoy, however, will be serving detention with me for a week, as well as a one hundred point deduction from Slytherin. Teasing or not, it went too far and he could have seriously injured or even killed one of you."

"B-but Professor…!" began Malfoy, only to be elbowed in the side by a furious Blaise, as the rest of the Slytherins whispered for him to shut up before he lost them even more points.

"I'll need to take Mr. Potter to the infirmary to be looked over," stated McGonagall, standing up. Gently, she and Hermione helped him too his feet and he leaned against his friend for support. A drop like that was usually nothing to the young werewolf, but his body was still recovering from the night before and it had hurt. A lot. "Madam Hooch will be here shortly. I expect you to all be well behaved and wait until she returns before continuing your lessons. Flying unsupervised is strictly prohibited for first years!"

With that said, she and Hermione helped Harry walk back up to the castle, who was clutching his back in pain. When they arrived at the Hospital Wing, Madam Pomfrey clucked her tongue in anger as she listened to their story of what had happened. Making Harry lay on his stomach, she pulled off his robe and was about to take off shirt when he gave her a look that said to stop. Discreetly he looked at Hermione, who was waiting worriedly in a corner watching, and she nodded her head in understanding.

"Ms. Granger, thank you for helping Professor McGonagall escort Harry here, but I'll have to ask you to return to class now," she said, gently guiding the girl to the door. "You can visit him later at dinner. I'll probably keep him here for the rest of the day, considering the amount of blunt trauma his body has gone through today."

Thinking that she was referring to Harry's alleged 'trip down the stairs' that morning, Hermione nodded and left, but not before apologizing profusely and thanking him several times for what he'd done for her. When she had gone, Madam Pomfrey returned to Harry's side and tugged off shirt. McGonagall, who had stayed behind to speak with Harry, gave a loud gasp at the many scars that littered his back. Harry, who had easily heard her, turned and gave her a small smile.

"It all comes with the package," he said jokingly.

"I shall leave you in Madam Pomfrey's good care," she said, stepping back. "However, I'd like you to stop by my office the next chance you get; I wish to discuss something that might be of great interest to you."

"Yes Professor," he replied. After she'd left, he turned back to his healer and awaited his treatment.

Several hours later, Harry lay in his infirmary bed and stared bored at the ceiling. He could hear students beginning to walk around the halls, and the smell of ham filled his nostrils, letting him know just what time it was. Hearing a knock on the door he looked over, expecting to see Hermione and Neville, only to find a shy-looking Malfoy instead.

"Can I help you?" asked Madam Pomfrey, getting up from her desk.

"Actually, I…I was wondering if I could speak to Harry Potter," he asked quietly.

Madam Pomfrey looked at him and he shrugged, waving his hand to let her know that he could come over. "He'll see you," she told Malfoy. "But I know what you did earlier, and if you do anything to upset my patient it'll be another week of detention with me, on top of what McGonagall gave you."

Malfoy gave a scared nod and hurried over, wishing to get away from her stern glare. "Hi," he said, rather timidly as he came to stand next to Harry's bed.

"Hello," Harry replied curtly.

"Look…I-I know what I did earlier was…wrong. I never meant…for anyone to get hurt," he stuttered, avoiding Harry's eyes. "I know you think I'm a jerk, I just…wanted to let you know, I didn't really mean anything by it…"

"You shouldn't be apologizing to me," said Harry, crossing his arms. "Aside from a bruised back, I'm perfectly fine. But you really traumatized Hermione. She was almost crying when she left me here, and you heard what she said about being terrified of heights."

Malfoy winced at Harry's harsh tone and nodded his head. "I was going to try and find her next…" he admitted.

"You can probably find her at dinner, or at the library."

"Right…thanks. Well, I should go. I'm…I'm really sorry again about getting you injured." With a hurried goodbye, Malfoy turned and quickly walked out of the room.

Harry unfolded his arms and settled back against his pillow, contemplating what had just happened. He'd known the boy for less than a week, and as far as he knew, Malfoy was a spoiled rotten brat, who held little regard for others' thoughts or feelings. Was it all an act? Had he been forced to apologize by Snape or the Slytherins? Or was he truly sorry and repentant for what he'd done. Harry was very perceptive of other people, and could usually tell if someone was lying or not. Malfoy had really seemed sincere. So what happened in the few short hours he'd been gone. What had changed in Malfoy? He didn't know, but he swore to find out.


dennisud: As stated, when Harry transforms he's able to control himself and his urges (for the most part that is). Certainly, when he's using it as an animagus form, he has no problems, but as you can see in this chapter he looses control of himself quite a bit during the full moon. Harry has never bit anyone, so as of this moment it's unsure of what would happen to them.

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