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The Second Beginning

"Otouto-kun, are you even paying attention!"

The voice of my older sister managed to snap me out of my zoning out stage. "Huh, no, sorry. What were you saying?"

Onee-chan sighed fixing one her mega long pigtails and repeated, "I was saying that you're going to be on your own for dinner tonight because Kaito-kun is taking me out to dinner." She grabbed her violin and slung her bag over one shoulder. "Let's get going to school before we're late."

I scarfed down the rest of my eggs and almost tripped over my own feet as I tried to grab my oboe case while continuing to run. "Damn it; that was a fail." I righted myself and bent down to pick up my instrument while standing. "All right now I'm ready to leave." And with that latest fail of mine we headed out the front door and to the school. It was now April, so the showers were expected any day. Big fat rain clouds were crawling along the sky threatening to block out the sunshine that had taken over the sky. I sighed with slight depression at this. The rain always put me in a sleepy and slightly emo mood. "Why does it have to rain so much in April? That isn't fair at all."

Onee-chan giggled. "That's probably just psychological thing. No way that's actually a medical condition you have." Her violin was resting on one shoulder and she was holding her school bag in front of her with both of her hands. "My problem with rain is that I can't hang out the laundry to dry or go outside and just on the porch and read a book or practice my violin outside in the nice air."

"I know what you mean. I like playing my oboe outside better than inside, but especially with my instrument I can't take it out in the rain." Instruments were definitely something we could relate with even though I was in band and she was in orchestra. The idea of an instrument and reading music was fundamentally the same.

When we passed by the Kagamine house I couldn't help but glance over wishing that we had been able to walk to school with the other set of twins. The two of them had to show up early for something or other (not all that sure what it was) so obviously they weren't able to walk with us.

"Oh don't worry you'll see her in class," Onee-chan 'comforted'.

I blushed and looked away after realizing I had been spotted. "I know that; I was just looking over there because I was looking around and my eyes happened to look over there at that particular moment."

"Looks like those people have finally finished moving in. I was getting tired of all that racket they were making." Onee-chan had been commenting on the family that had moved in next door to our house. They were on the side opposite the Kagamine house not that that mattered a ton. The rest of the walk to the boring 'learning' facility was completed in silence.

"Miku-chan, good morning!" Teto was apparently waiting for my sister right outside the front entrance. "And how are you two this morning?"

"Otouto-kun is upset because he didn't get to walk with his girlfriend to school today," Onee-chan pinched my cheek as she was making fun of me. "You've been dating for only three months and you're already this dedicated."

"Three months is a long time by high school standards and what's wrong with being loyal! And I am not that clingy!" I argued my face flushing crimson. "Let's just go to class." I headed off through the front doors not bothering to see if they were following me. It's not like they were my babysitters or anything. I was fifteen and perfectly capable of taking care of myself. It hit me then that I could've easily turned the tables of both of them since they both had been dating someone for three months as well. Damn it; why can't I think of this stuff sooner? With a heavy sigh I stepped into the classroom almost running into my best friend Len. "Whoa, sorry Len. Didn't see you there."

Len shrugged one shoulder. "It doesn't matter; even if you had run into me it would've been an accident and besides, it's impossible to ruin my good looks." He dramatically swept his hand through his blonde bangs and pretended to act like some pretty boy.

"Dude, you're way more of a shota then a guy with good looks," I laughed. "Let me guess you were off to go and find Teto?"

"She disappeared off the face of the earth and as her boyfriend it's my job to go and try to find her."

"Last I saw she was right outside the building with my sister, so unless she's moved in the past minute it shouldn't be too hard to find her for once."

Teto had a tendency to magically disappear and then reappear again later when everyone else was looking for her in different places. With a wave and a 'see you later' Len left the classroom to find his hyper red head girlfriend. The classroom was now empty except for me and…someone else who was taking a nap. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the golden hair spread across one of the desks in the back was none other than Rin's. Her white bow resting on the desk also gave it away that it was her. She was the only person I had ever met in my lifetime that wore a bow on their head that looked like that and was on the bit larger side.

I decided to be nice and go and wake her up instead of letting someone pull some cruel prank on her. Moving around the desks trying my best to not bump into them I managed to make it to the other side of the classroom without creating a lot of noise.

Rin-chan's head was facing the direction of the window and her breathing was deep and even. Her legs were twitching around slightly but not in some weird freaky way.

I started to gently shake her shoulder. "Rin-chan, you need to wake up. Come on, school's gonna start soon." The only thing I accomplished doing this was getting a grunt out of her. I sighed heavily. Grabbing her bow, I pulled on it undoing the knot and folded my arms in front of my chest. "Are you going to wake up now?"

Rin-chan's eyes fluttered open and she sat up sleepily rubbing one of her bright blue eyes. "Where's my bow?" That girl couldn't live without her bow. I was probably the only person in the world who could get away with taking her bow and not end up getting murdered gruesomely.

"I have it because you needed to wake up." When Rin-chan turned around to look at me I held up the white ribbon. "You know it's not a good idea to fall asleep in school."

"You try getting up way earlier than you're used to," Rin-chan grumbled. She sat up (more like slouched down) obviously not happy to be woken up.

I walked around behind her and started to tie her bow back onto her head. Yes I knew how to tie her bow; get over it. That doesn't make me a wimpy guy. Just keep in mind I'll kick your ass if you try to do anything to my girlfriend. "Rin-chan your head feels kind of warm. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine; I'm just a little warm cause I had to run all around the school this morning," Rin-chan assured. The class was now starting to fill up at an amazingly quick rate with the rest of the students since the bell was going to ring in two minutes.

"I'm gonna head to my seat. See you after class." I bent down and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before heading up to my own seat.

It was record time for everyone to get in their seats and ready. I never knew they could move that fast. As soon as Gackupo Sensei walked up to the front of the room everyone instantly hushed up. They were all looking at him with bright eyes and leaning forward like they were expecting a present on Christmas day. What was this all about?

"It looks like a lot of you have heard already, but I'll say it anyway. We have a new student today. Would you please come and introduce yourself," Gackupo Sensei looked at the door and motioned for whoever was outside to step in. Everyone gasped when the kid walked in and it was pretty obvious why.

The guy had dark purple hair and a white eye patch over one his right eye. A white bandage was wrapped around his arm and his shirt (that was unbuttoned at the top) revealed more bandages that appeared to wrap around his torso. He was looking around the room with what looked like a cold and calculating expression. "I'm Taito." That was all the purple haired guy said.

Just about every girl in the classroom had drool spilling out of their mouths their eyes wide in amazement. I also noticed that Rin-chan seemed to be taking a rather big interest in these Taito guy. That made me just a little suspicious.

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