spin the patterns of life

Because she's so beautiful

And I'm just the proverbial best friend


I'm not the one she'll smile at

So I tease her

Because they can'tcan'tcan't become a-



When he said she kissed him

I wanted to shout

It's wrong

He's got the whole world on his back

I'm his best friend

And sometimes


Have to help carry the load


He's got no time

for a gracefulbeautifulshiny

b/r-o\k-e/n girl


I wish she knew my n a m e


I waved to her once in the halls

She didn't wave back


Sure, there are bigger problems


Just for one momentminutehourlifetime

I want her to be mine


But that's not going to happen

Because I'm just the proverbial best friend

And she's so beautiful