By: Spellcraft Writings

It was over.

Din gazed at the creature giving his final breath and witnessed the terrible phenomenon with unexpected abhorrence. He knew Zim's very survival depended on the metal artifact at the possession of his hands. His raw skin, the one he had always found so sickly looking, was now tainted in a violet substance that could only be blood. The unforeseen realization disgusted him to the point of nausea. His actions had been on the right place. Didn't he seek this for the good of mankind? Everything he had done had been for the safety of the planet.

So why do I felt so vile? Din asked himself over and over again inside his mind as the feelings of regret and fear mercilessly grasped his chest like cold claws.

A cold splash broke his trance from the lifeless figure next to him. The coldness of the pouring rain felt over his open wounds, relieving the physical pain into a momentary numbness. Zim's body decomposed against the acidic substance, filling the air with a burning odor. The aspect was so revolting that Din emptied his stomach, coughing heavily as his knees hit the wet pavement.

His sleeve rubbed against his mouth as he tried to control the excessive shaking. He didn't dare to look at the gruesome image as his unstable limbs carried him far away from the atrocity.

Even without a destination, Dib couldn't stop himself as his lungs and legs screamed arduously. His feet stumbled against a hidden hole on the sidewalk, soaking him as he abruptly fell down. He clenched his hands into fists as his elbows sustained his upper body, his breathing hard and painful.

What's the matter Dib? Giving up already? The teen turned his head desperately meeting an empty space.

Congratulations, it seems you won this time. The voice spoke again making Dib's skin crawl in dread.

"No! I didn't mean it. It was an accident!" Dib yelled to the voice, his mind falling into a state of hysteria.

Mark my words you inferior being! The voice shrieked making the desperate teen shut his eyes as the nausea returned.

"S-stop." He begged as he clutched his ears attempting to extinguish the voice.

You and your entire race will face extinction!

"Shut up." Dib whispered as dread filled his body at the threat.

You will never get rid of me! I will accomplish my mission!

"No…" He couldn't stand it anymore.


"STOP!" Dib yelled as he opened his eyes, the sudden apparition on his line of vision confirming his final state of sanity.

The skies flashed with a blinding light followed by the sound of thunder. Dib remained frozen in terror as he spotted the figure of his nemesis on the end of the street. His body quivered, scarcely managing to hold together. Each of his weak steps burned the sole of his boots. His contacts melted down along with his eye sockets and his clothes turned into plain rags.

Dib closed his eyes as he tried to convince himself that the apparition was nothing more than an illusion. His breathing accelerated into hyperventilation as he grasped Zim's metallic artifact closer to his chest, the tears running desperately though his cheeks.

Why are you crying Dib? He asked, his lips moving with no sound coming out of them. The teen shut his eyes tighter, trying to ignore the voice in his head.

Watch Dib…watch as I bring downfall to the human race.

Lightening struck again followed by the sound of Zim's demented and wicked laugh. Dib sobbed uncontrollably before he was enveloped into a veil of darkness. The alien's dead eyes continued to hunt him into one of his worst nightmares as his consciousness returned.

Dib woke up screaming as the alarm clock on his stand dropped to the floor with a hard noise. His body was drenched in sweat and his heart bluffed to burst out of his chest.

Gaz's voice called him from the kitchen downstairs, threatening him to leave him behind if he was late for school.

The teen turned toward his window glancing at the clear skies. He couldn't help the familiar frustration crawling into his thoughts as he grasped the fabric of his shirt. Perhaps his mission to expose the alien threat would be harder than he had expected.

With a deep sight Dib took his glasses from the stand and made his way to the closet, ready to face a new day at school. Yet, there was a cold grasp at the pit of his stomach. The voice of his nemesis was still fresh on the back of his head and the teen swallowed hard as his hand remained over the cold metal of the handle in his drawer.

Watch Dib…watch as I bring downfall to the human race.

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