By Any Unborn Child

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is not mine and never will be.

There is so much that a reunion can entail.

The normalcy that is encountered just moments before – lost within the boundaries of one's own mind, wading through the to-do lists of life.

The pause in between.


Everything seems to stop, if only for a second.

Within this seemingly small fragment of time, there is so much that goes on.

The flash, a sparse meeting of the eyes – they search for the flicker of remembrance, pupils dilating, simultaneously slow and quick with their movements.

The quickening of the heart beat – the thumping against one's chest feels like that of a drum, pounding and pounding until it almost bursts.

The uncertainty in the steps, the thoughts that run through one's mind – should I go to him? What if he doesn't remember me?

The grasp of familiarity that seems to drift to them, call them, and rush at them with all their might – would she remember me? Is this really happening?

The waiting for a response – stillness envelops. So much had changed. And yet…nothing had changed.

The lines on his face still held the laughter of times past.

The sincerity eyes still held the regrets of her heart.

The questions that they never thought would be answered

Would it…ever be the same?

Would they…be what they were meant to be?

"Chiaki – is that you?"


"…It's been a while…"