The Dragon's Wrath

Lance was in a temper. None of the Elite Four knew why and none of them, not even Bruno, were brave enough to find out. They had learned by means of painful experience (Will's Pokemon still cringed whenever Lance used hyper beam) that with their champion one just had to wait out the storm. However, when the dragon master found nothing to take out his temper on the bad mood lingered, leaving the Elite Four in a tricky situation.

Karen, the dark type trainer, stared moodily around the room the Elite Four were hiding, er, gathering in. She stroked her Umbreon absentmindedly. Bruno shifted, disliking their inaction. He made to get up but Koga put a firm hand on his shoulder and shook his head. The ninja looked the least disturbed by Lance's temper, in contrast to Will who was curled up on the coach.

A loud ring pierced the tense silence. Karen checked and said, "Some one's trying to get into the building."

Hopefully, Bruno asked, "Is it a robber?"

"I don't know," she said shortly. "But I'm going to check." She left the room, followed by Koga and Bruno. They discovered an angry looking red haired trainer wandering the halls.

"Who are you?" Karen asked, putting her hands on her hips.

He stared at her and said, "I'm Silver, who the heck are you?"

"I'm the person who wants to know what you're doing here," Karen returned, her eyes narrowing.

He glared at her, then finally answered sulkily. "I want to battle Lance. Every time I challenge him he runs away."

Karen's face bgean to grin in a sinister manner as an idea occurred to her. "I can get you your battle. Just follow me." Gleefully she lead him to Lance's training room and called:

"Oh La-ance! I've got a challenger for you who says you're scared of him."

The door swung open. Karen quickly retreated and left Silver to face the irate dragon-master, although not before snickering "Boy, doesn't he look terrified of Silver? Just wetting his pants."

The elite four waited outside as the battle took place.

"You're evil Karen," Koga said fondly.

"He was a brat," she replied dismissively.

Five minutes later the door opened and a very beat up Silver staggered into the room the Elite Four were occupying.

"Have a good battle?" asked Karen. "You sure chose a bad time, I mean when Lance is in those moods of his, every challenger gets obliterated."

"Why you!" Silver growled.

"I even think that boy, Ethan, who won once couldn't do it again with Lance this way. He's a friend of yours isn't he? I should call him and tell him the news."

"No!" shouted Silver. He made to jump for the phone but at that moment Lance stepped in to the room. Silver's eyes widened and he high tailed it out of there. Will looked skittish and Koga was carefully avoiding the champions eye but Karen looked up. It was difficult to ascertain his mood: his face was currently emotionless as an onix.

"Karen," he said.

She gulped. "Yes?"

He gave her a smile and shook his head sheepishly. "Thank you. I needed that."

The elites relaxed.

"Did you see his face?" chuckled Bruno.

Lance frowned. "You shouldn't make fun of challengers who have lost. Loosing gives you the chance to grow with your Pokemon."

Karen smirked. "Now that's the Lance that I know."

"What?" asked the cape wearing trainer indignantly.

Karen just sniggered.