Ch 1

He sat staring at her. She was the only woman since Lily that he had really thought about. He didn't really love Lily anymore. Time had taken that away. He never thought he would start to like anyone else at this point in this life though. Then she came back.

She never really loved him. She was just caught up in the moment and the time. After the war calmed down she realized who she really wanted, him. She hds always wanted him. So she decided to take up the position of the Arithmancy professor. And now she couldn't stop thinking about him. He really was handsome when you really looked at him. His long black hair wasn't greasy as everyone thought. It was more like silk. She wanted so much to just run her fingers through it. And his nose. It really wasn't ugly at all. It simply fit his face. She loved looking at him. Everything about him was perfect to her.

She had always fascinated him. Everything about her was amazing. She was smart, talented, beautiful. Everything he couldn't have. She would never want a man like him. Old, hated, ugly. No one had every really loved him. Even his own parents. Hence why he had joined the dark side. A family of sorts. A very murderous family...but a family none the less. But her. She was his shinning light. She was the symbol of everything true and good in his life. Even his she was never to be his, as long as she was in his life, he was satisfied.

As breakfast was excused she got up and headed to her classroom thinking about what do to with her two free hours. Then she felt his presence. She could smell him. She loved his scent. And his presence never scared her. Instead it always made her feel safe. "Miss Granger." She smiled. She also loved his voice. In fact many girls liked his voice she thought, laughing a little at this. "Why are you smiling? He asked. This only made her smile more. "Oh nothing really..." she answered smirking.

He loved her smile. It always made his day. The way her eyes lit up and her whole face changed. "How are you today professor?" She asked trying to change the subject. He would have to get it out of her later. "Good so far. Though I am about to grade first year papers." "I'll be more than happy to help if you'd like. I have to first two hours off with nothing to do." He stopped short. She wanted to spend time with him?

When she realized he had stopped walking beside her she turned. Maybe she had said something wrong? He was a very private person. "Oh I'm sorry...I didn't mean you couldn't do them yourself was a stupid suggestion." She flushed a little and started to walk away a fast as she could without running. Why in the world would he want to spend time with her? She was just the insufferable know-it-all.

When she starting walking off he realized he hadn't said anything. He easily caught up with her and grabbed her by her arm as softly as he could. Turning her around he told her "Miss Granger...I...would love the help. I was just surprised at the offer." "I didn't know you could be surprised." She said. "You always surprise me Miss Granger." he answered making both of them blush just a little. "Well we should get started then professor." Turning away she headed toward the dungeons.

This is my first time writing ANY story honestly. My chapters will probably be kinda sort from what I've seen people write on here but hopefully they will get longer! lol. Any comments and advice will be VERY welcome! Thanks!