Hermione stood looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She couldn't believe this was happening. She was happy of course but….worried. They had never talked about this before. And she'd never forgotten it a day in her life. But she had been for stressed the past month with work that apparently she had. She needed to make an appointment at St. Mungo's. Though, she needed to tell him first. She heard the front door click. Now was as good a time as any. Walking out to the living room she saw him hanging his coat up. He turned to see her and smiled. "I'm pregnant." The shocked on his face was apparent. She wanted to cry. Hanging her head she turned and started to apologize but she felt him turning her back around. Kissing her softly he said, "I'm so happy. I'd love nothing more than to have children with you. I was just shocked, love." She was so excited she jumped into his arms as they fell together on the couch. "What should we name him?"