Demonic Maelstrom

Chapter 1: A Pact is Made

By: Terror of the Azure Flame


I don't own Naruto despite how much I really want to Kishimoto does but Ocs and original techniques belong to me or any other author that I may borrow them from. If I did own Naruto then, this is one of my ideas of how it should've gone in the first place with the focus of the story being Naruto actually being strong and smart instead of a clueless weakling.


At an early age Naruto loses his right eye and left arm in an attack by the villagers leaving him with a new outlook on life. In an act of unexpected kindness he is gifted with a demonic arm and eye to replace them by the Kyuubi no Youko as well as a bloodline and Naruto will unleash his rage upon the shinobi world. A storm is approaching the shinobi world and Naruto is at the very center and all will fall before his might. This story shall be a semi/dark, strong, bloodline wielding Naruto harem fic with character bashing.

"Talking" normal talk

'Thinking' normal thinking

"Blah!" Bijuu/summon talking

"Blah!" Bijuu/ summon thinking

Konohagakure was considered the strongest of all of hidden villages of the elemental nations and had proved their strength throughout all three of great Shinobi wars and once again when the Yondaime Hokage had defeated the strongest of the Bijuu, the Kyuubi no Youko. However, the truth of the matter was that no mortal could ever truly defeat any of the Bijuu as they were beings made entirely of chakra that was given a will and a physical form. Kyuubi was the most powerful as the lord of all Bijuu with an infinite supply a chakra and the power to create tsunamis and level entire mountains with but a flick of one of its tails while also being known to be a being of fire as it was the main element it used whenever it appeared. The only way to defeat the Kyuubi was to summon the Shinigami and have the Kyuubi's soul and power sealed away into a living prison which was coincidentally had to be a newborn child since only a child before the age of two could survive the sealing process since they had yet develop chakra coils so as they got older their chakra and that of the Kyuubi's could merge together creating coals that could handle power of the two successfully. The events behind the true reason of the Kyuubi's attack was unknown to many since few had known that the mother of Naruto, Kushina Uzumaki was the previous jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi much like her predecessor Mito Uzumaki had been during the time of the Shodaime Hokage's reign. The two Uzumaki women had been able to survive the process of sealing since Mito was in her twenties at the time of her sealing because of the unique capabilities granted to them by their Uzumaki kekkai genkai which granted the Uzumaki longevity, a higher physical endurance, larger chakra reserves, and in some cases the ability to regenerate body parts or even control their aging. Kushina had also developed a special ability with her kekkai genkai with the ability to create chakra chains which were used to keep the Kyuubi restrained while sealed away within her. However, when Kushina was giving birth to Naruto the seal restraining Kyuubi had been weakened enough for the surprisingly alive Madara Uchiha to be able to break the seal and release Kyuubi before controlling the Bijuu in order to have it attack Konoha. It was only through the efforts a weakened Kushina and Naruto's father, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage that Kyuubi was released from Madara's control and seal it away into their newborn son at the cost of their lives as they had to protect him when Kyuubi attacked Naruto while still under the control of the ancient Uchiha.

The dying wish of the Yondaime Hokage was for the villagers of Konohagakure was to treat his son as its greatest hero for keeping the Kyuubi contained within his body so that it couldn't reek any more destruction on the village. It was also his hope that those that he called friends would help train Naruto even if they didn't know he was his son to become a strong Shinobi with the power of the strongest of the Bijuu to add to his strength. Sadly, his blind faith in his fellow man to do the right was an utterly foolish dream as while they praised him for his deed they went out of their way to disregard his last wish. Upon his reinstatement as Hokage the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi had decided to announce Naruto's status as the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Youko so that they would know the face of the one who would grow up as their greatest protector. It was not to be as the villagers, civilian and Shinobi alike, quickly called for the execution of the Namikaze/Uzumaki heir despite the assurances of the Sandaime that they were completely safe from the Bijuu that had just terrorized their village. They refused to see Naruto as a child that was given the unwilling burden of being the prison of the Kyuubi but as the very Bijuu itself stripped of its power and given a human form by the actions of the Yondaime Hokage.

Hiruzen was angered as well as saddened that his villagers were so caught up in their anger and feelings of loss that they would call for the death of a newborn child while thinking that they were doing a righteous act. Even his Shinobi that were taught at least the basics of fuuinjutsu should've been able to tell that Naruto was just like as sealing scroll with him being the scroll and the Kyuubi being the kunai that was sealed with him but more than enough were also calling for Naruto's death. With Hiruzen being informed of the fuuinjutsu used in the sealing of the Kyuubi no Youko he was aware that since each of the seals were in fact given to Minato by Kushina as they were from her former home of Uzushiogakure and that the power of the seals were dependent of the life-force as well as the will of the container to keep the Bijuu sealed. With the ignorance of his villagers if they succeeded in killing Naruto then, the seals would break and release the Kyuubi right in the center of the village where it would continue its destructive path and take even more lives this time since he wouldn't possess the knowledge to perform the sealing and the only other person who could perform the sealing was Jiriaya, the Gama Sennin but he had already left the village along with Tsunade and her apprentice, Shizune. In their desire to kill Naruto the villagers were actually threatening to come at him in order to get at the child with Hiruzen believed that he would've had to harm some of his villagers in order to protect Naruto if not for the timely appearance of his Anbu squads led by Inu (Kakashi), Neko (Yuugao), and Tora (Tenzo). Inu had already activated his Raikiri (Lightening Blade) while the remaining Anbu had already drawn their Tantos and Katanas in the defense of the Sandaime and Naruto since Inu knew of Naruto's connection to Minato and Kushina and wouldn't allow any harm to befall the last connection to his deceased sensei while the remaining Anbu trusted in the work of the Yondaime and would protect the legacy he left behind.

Once the villagers had departed back to their homes Hiruzen had called a meeting of the advisory, Shinobi, and civilian council to discuss what was to be done with Naruto and once again had to listen to the civilians and even some the minor clans of Konoha calling for his death. After silencing all of the protests by flooding the room with his killing intent Hiruzen made a law that anyone that informed the younger generation of Naruto's burden as the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi would be executed and further enforced it by claiming that any that attempted to harm Naruto would be imprisoned and even executed if any fatal harm befell him. It was his hope that instilling these laws would protect Naruto and give him a chance to grow up normally with friends amongst his generation but he had a feeling his hope would not come to light. Once that was established he was debating what to do with Naruto with Shibi Aburame, Chouza Akimichi, Hiashi Hyuga, Tsume Inuzuka, Shikaku Nara, and Inoichi Yamanaka offering to take Naruto adopt Naruto into their clans and raise him to be a fine Shinobi in honor of Minato's sacrifice. However, the advisory council, the civilian council, the minor clans, and Fugaku Uchiha were against the adoption and Hiruzen couldn't adopt him into the Sarutobi clan since it would cause even more problems. It was decided that Naruto would be placed in an orphanage under his mother's surname of Uzumaki even if the council didn't realize that he was Kushina's son since he told them it was decided by Jiriaya and Tsunade before they left merely to honor Kushina until he was old enough to attend the Konoha Shinobi Academy and later become a Shinobi for the village. Despite his intent for Naruto to have a normal life since the orphanage was run by civilians and with the hate of the village was so strong Naruto would suffer for the first six years until a pact was made with the proverbial devil.

Six years later, Konohagakure had recovered from the aftermath of the attack by the Kyuubi and continued to prove their dominance as the strongest of all the hidden villages of the elemental nations. Hiruzen Sarutobi was still Hokage and ran the village quite effectively has he waited for the time when he could step down once again after a successor was found but none was available and his only two viable options were roaming around the elemental nations with Jiriaya maintaining his spy network to keep the village informed of threats to its safety and Tsunade having left the village after the pain of losing her brother, Nawaki, her lover, Dan, and her prized former apprentice, Kushina had become too much for the Slug Sannin to bear. He had a few problems over the years that tested the patience of the elderly kage and put a strain on his bonds with his family such as his son Asuma growing distant with him after being punished for his handling of a mission before going to join the Twelve Guardians of Fire alongside his brother Tsune and the constant attempts on the life Naruto Uzumaki.

He had placed Naruto in the orphanage as planned but for the first four years of his life the young Uzumaki suffered from neglection from the staff and was often starved with the other children being praised for picking on him with him being punished whenever he stated that it wasn't his fault. It was only thru the actions of Kakashi that this information was brought to his attention after the Inu-masked Anbu had paid his sensei's son a visit only to find Naruto being beaten after a group of children had picked a fight with him then, being praised for it. Needless to say, the caretaker was given a swift execution when Kakashi's tanto pierced his heart from behind before Kakashi used shunshin to take the boy to the hospital for his injuries where he had to threaten the staff after they refused to treat him and leave him under the protection of his squad and Yuugao's before reporting his findings to Hiruzen. The Sarutobi clan head was furious at the treatment of the child he had come to acknowledge as his surrogate grandson since every time the elderly kage visited him his bright personality allowed him to forget that he was leader of the village was simply in an old man since Naruto always called him Jiji. That day almost the entire orphanage staff was executed with the exception of a few who actually helped Naruto even though they were alienated by their peers and replaced with more level-headed individuals. After Naruto had awakened Hiruzen had visited the boy and it broke his heart to see how much fear had grown in the boy when Hiruzen had told him he would be going back so he decided against that action. He decided against his better judgment that he was going to remove Naruto from the orphanage and give Naruto his own apartment but Kakashi who happened to be in the room at the moment since once word got out about it the villagers would just raid his apartment to get to him. Hiruzen realized what Kakashi said was true and though he wanted to have Anbu squads like Kakashi's, Tenzo's, and Yuugao's protect Naruto at all times he couldn't since he needed them to handle the S-rank missions that Konoha received since they were among the best of his Anbu forces.

In an attempt to spare Naruto the hate of the villagers Kakashi removed his mask and announced that he would resign from Anbu Black Ops and make it his duty to watch after his Sensei's son since he considered himself his Godbrother if the Sandaime would allow him. At first Hiruzen denied Kakashi the chance stating that he was still too young to watch over a child and that his skills were much needed as an Anbu officer but Kakashi was quick to argue against him. Kakashi reasoned that he knew that despite the Sandaime's hopes that the village would get over their hate for Naruto being the Kyuubi's prison that wouldn't occur to well in the future when Naruto was truly able to show that he was himself and the not the Kitsune and he already speculated that when he joined the academy in two years that many would try to sabotage him make him a pathetic excuse of a ninja if he was lucky enough to graduate. Kakashi explained that unlike the Sandaime that spent much of his time in his office handling the affairs of the village he was able to walk amongst the populace to hear what they thought of Naruto and how even the Shinobi thought very little of their resident jinchuuriki with plans to harm him always being made if he was ever caught such as during the Kyuubi festival that occurred every year on his birthday. If Kakashi was allowed to raise him then, he would be able to teach him things that Minato had taught him while he was the command of the former kage and give Naruto a solid basis on his path to becoming a great Shinobi. Hiruzen saw that Kakashi did have really good points about what he could do for Naruto but in the end he still had faith in his villagers and decided that Naruto would be given his own apartment with Anbu guard and given a monthly stipend that came from the funds from when the treasury of Uzushiogakure was transferred to Konoha after its destruction by Mito for use by Kushina and herself. Kakashi was angry that Hiruzen denied him the chance to raise Naruto away from the hate of the villagers but kept his emotions in check as he once again donned his mask and excused himself before leaving the office via shunshin. Hiruzen once again thought he was making the correct decision but once again he failed to realize how far the villagers would go to get rid of Naruto while fueled by their hate for the Kyuubi.

Naruto was ecstatic when Hiruzen gave him an apartment of his own even though it was quite illogical to give a four-year old child his own place to live and expect him to be able to live effectively. The young blond quickly found out how hard it was to be once the villagers learned that Naruto was no longer confined to the orphanage and roamed their streets mocking them with his presence by their opinions. Shop owners sold Naruto old and nearly rotted food and clothing at three times the regular price with the only clothing he could obtain was a bright orange tracksuit with blue trimmings and the spiral of Uzushiogakure on the back and shoulders in addition to the several sets of white t-shirts with the spiral of Uzushiogakure on it and blue shorts that he received from the Sandaime Hokage. Whenever he tried to play with any children his age parents would pull their child away or run him off before instructing them to not associate with Naruto as he was a terrible child that would hurt them if he was allowed to get near them forcing the boy to be isolated from those of his generation as well as the older one. His only source of food became ramen after the Sandaime had taken him to Ichiraku's ramen stand to eat with him whenever he visited the child since the owner Teuchi and his eight-year old daughter Ayame where among the few civilians that didn't hate Naruto for his burden and allowed Naruto to eat at their establishment whenever he wanted. Hiruzen was quick to recognize that Naruto tended to hide his pain behind a mask of false happiness and blamed himself for not doing more to help Naruto out but he still believed that things would become better for Naruto as he got older and the villagers began to let go of their hate. However, in two years he would come to realize that his inaction in doing what was truly best for Naruto may end up sealing the fate of Konoha and its people.

It was October 10th and the day of the Kyuubi festival and also the sixth birthday of one Naruto Uzumaki and the boy was currently running for his life from an angry mob comprised of drunken civilians and a few Shinobi. The day had started out well for the young Uzumaki with his jiji giving him a birthday present in the form of six all you can eat ramen coupons from Ichiraku ramen and a pair of green goggles that he said were on his doorstep when he arrived meaning they were from someone else although Hiruzen knew that they were from the Hyuga heiress, Hinata but wouldn't tell the boy of the girls crush on him. He also informed Naruto that he had signed him up to join the Shinobi academy and that he would be attending next week when it started along with the heirs and heiresses of many of the Shinobi and civilian clans of Konoha. Naturally, Naruto was excited that he would finally get the chance to learn to become a ninja after begging Hiruzen to attend for the last year and a half after seeing the ninja of the village go about the village performing acts that simply amazed Naruto and proclaiming to the aged kage that once he graduated he would take his seat and become the youngest Hokage in the history of Konohagakure.

Hiruzen laughed at his proclamation and told Naruto that if he wanted to reach his goal then, he would have to learn everything that was taught in the academy and become a strong Shinobi when he graduated before he could think about giving the Hokage seat to him. Naruto promised him that he would and after the two left Ichiraku Naruto returned to his apartment while the Hokage return to his office since he knew to stay inside on his birthday unless he was with the Hokage or the Inu, Neko, or Tora masked Anbu when in public. He had really wanted to attend the festival ever since he learned of when he turned three but when the head matron at the orphanage had let him outside the orphanage he had been chased and beaten by the villagers before he had rescued by Yuugao's squad and taken to the hospital where he had to remain for two days to recover from his injuries. Even when he had received his apartment he was attacked on this day as well and wondered why the Anbu that were supposed to protect him were never around to stop it not knowing that the Hokage had actually assigned Kakashi's, Tenzo's, or Yuugao's squad to watch him since the twelve members were the only ones that held no animosity against Naruto and made sure he was never harmed on their watch. However, the council members that hated Naruto always made sure these three squads was always assigned missions outside of the village a few days before his birthday and they would only return after October 10th to find Naruto confined to the hospital. Since all Anbu missions were handed out by the head of the Anbu Black Ops division who didn't seem to have a grudge against Naruto Hiruzen couldn't rule it as more than a coincidence not knowing that the council was bribing the commander but made sure that any Anbu that was assigned was punished with imprisonment if Naruto was harmed. Luckily, the Anbu always made sure that Naruto wasn't too seriously harmed but did allow the mobs to rough him up a bit before they intervened and broke up the mob with a few threats to cause them harm.

However, this year would turn out differently and would have a huge impact on Naruto's life as well as granting him a power that would ensure his place in history as powerful Shinobi the likes of the legendary Sannin, Sakumo Hatake, and the Yondaime Hokage. Naruto was running as fast as his legs could carry him as he tried to stay ahead of the angry members of the mob that was calling for his blood. As usual he could hear the cries of 'get the demon brat' and 'we'll finish what the Yondaime started, demon' making the boy cry as he could hear the anger and hate in their words. He had always asked jiji why they called him such names but the Sandaime said that they just couldn't see Naruto for who he really was but they would eventually someday.

'They always call me a demon and claim that I killed their loved ones but I'm only six years old so how could I have killed anybody before and not remember. Jiji said that I'm not a demon like they say but if I'm not a demon then, why do they do this to me every year. So many of the villagers always look at me with those cold eyes, talking about me, and beating me on my birthday and I don't know why. I'm only an orphan and I don't even know who my parents were or what kinda people they were when they were alive since jiji won't tell me anything except that they were well-respected people before they died. If that's the case then, I don't understand why the villagers would hate me if my parents were good people unless they suddenly became traitors and were killed because of it.' Naruto thought as he continued to run away from the mob.

Despite his lack of an education Naruto was quite smart for his age since the Hokage or the Anbu that guarded him would teach him things whenever they visited Naruto with him learning how to read and write and a few social etiquettes so that he wasn't completely socially inept. However, none could ever tell him about his parents or why the villagers seemed to hate him stating that Naruto wasn't old enough to know such things just yet. It wasn't only the knowledge that they would tell him when he got older that allowed him to continue trusting those that he had come to consider his only friends in the village.

Taking a quick glance behind him he saw that the crowd had gotten larger as more people realized what was going on and now he could see Shinobi amongst the crowd that had originally been all civilian. He had already given up waiting for the Anbu to rescue him since the only seemed to arrive after the crowd had beaten him for a while he was determined to get away this year by leaving the village and hiding in the forest outside its walls till the next day. He was ducking into an alley that he could come across as he made his way closer to the north gate that was the closet to him at the moment while running as hard as he could. He knew he could run for a good bit since Inu had once said that he had plenty of stamina for a kid his age but he had been running for almost thirty minutes and the constant dodging and weaving had begun to take its toll on the young blond but he was determined to get away. Cutting the corner of a building he could finally see the large open gates leading to the forest and began to pump his legs even more while subconsciously channeling chakra into his limbs to increase his speed. The Shinobi in the crowd realized that if they didn't do something quickly the Kyuubi brat would get away from them since the chuunin that guard the north gate were sympathetic to Naruto's burden and wouldn't allow them to continue chasing him. With a quick hand sign several Shinobi vanished in a puff of smoke signifying the use of shunshin before reappearing in Naruto's path causing the boy to come to a stop and look around in panic for a way out. Spotting a nearby alley he ran into and prayed that it didn't end in a dead-end but unfortunately it did and Naruto could find no other way out of the alley as he could already hear the mob coming in behind him and quickly turned around while pressing his back to the wall while taking a stance to defend himself that surprised many in the crowd but didn't deter them.

"Why are you doing this when I haven't done anything to you?" Naruto asked, fear evident in his voice.

"Oh, is the little demon afraid? Well, that's good since I want you to feel the same fear you caused when you attacked and killed my sister and brother six years ago." A civilian male sneered as he approached with metal pipe in hand.

"How could I have hurt anyone six years ago when I was just a baby?" Naruto asked, afraid and confused.

"I don't need to explain anything to you, demon brat. All you need to know is that we're doing the village a favor by removing your evil taint and will be praised as villagers once we get rid of you. The Hokage made a grave mistake when he decided to let you live among us polluting the purity of our village with your evil." A male chuunin replied while brandishing two kunais.

"Yeah, we're going to done what he should of done and finish what the Yondaime started by killing you and sending you back to hell where you belong, demon." Another female jounin yelled.

Naruto was confused even more when he heard this and wanted to know what she meant but before he could voice his question a kunai was launched from the crowd and bury deeply in his left shoulder. The young blond cried out in pain and this was the unspoken signal for the mob to descend upon him and began exacting their rightful vengeance upon his being. Naruto tried to curl into a ball to protect his small frame as he tried to weather the blows that were raining down on him but he was suddenly yanked to his feet before being lifted and pressed against the wall with his arms spread wide. A bloodcurdling scream was heard from his lips when two of the Shinobi suddenly pin him to the wall by stabbing their tantos straight through his arms leaving him to hang helplessly as pain exploded in his arms. For what seemed like hours the mob continued to beat the boy as he waned in and out of consciousness while hoping that he assault would end soon.

'Why?' Was Naruto's anguished pain-filled thoughts.

"Die you filthy demon brat!" A civilian woman yelled as she swung her pipe down onto his small form.

'Why do I have to suffer like this?' His thoughts continued to surface.

"You took away everything from me and I will have my revenge." A female chuunin screamed as she stabbed him with a kunai before twisting it and savagely ripping it out.

'I know I never did anything to do them so why are they doing this?' Naruto thought while praying for an answer but none was forthcoming.

"I hope you rot in hell with all of the other demon filth." Another civilian male yelled as he struck.

'Is this how everything going to end for me?' Naruto thought right before he unleashed another pain-filled scream as a male jounin suddenly stabbed Naruto in his right eye with his kunai.

"I take your eye so that when you get to hell you'll remember how foolish for you to attack our home and think you could get away with it." He sneered at the boy.

Some were shocked at the brutality since they did have some reservations for attacking the boy but their anger quickly wiped away any feelings of guilt and the more bloodthirsty continued to beat on the boy. Another Shinobi decided to give him another reminder as he stepped forward with others parting way for him as he drew his katana from the sheath across his back.

"I'll make sure that you feel as much pain as possible before we send you to hell and I'll finally avenge the loss of my wife and daughter, demon." The man proclaimed as he lifted his blade high above his head.

By some miracle Naruto was able to open his left eye and look up at the man that now stood before him causing many to flinch at the look of pain and grief that was shown in his remaining eye. Many took steps back cause at that very moment they could only see a tortured child and not the Kyuubi no Youko in human form any chance of stopping the man from striking the child became for naught as the blade flashed through the night before it tore into the tender flesh of Naruto's body as it separated his left arm from his body caused the boy to scream again as even more pressure was placed on his right arm. The pain was too much for the boy having a kunai embedded in his eye and now having his left arm removed from his body with his scream causing many in the crowd to flinch at the sound and look away before he finally passed out from it all.


The steady dropping of water was the sound that Naruto heard as his consciousness returned to him as he found himself floating atop of it and groaned as he opened his eyes to see a dark ceiling above him before grunting as he sat up to see where he was at. It took a few seconds to realize that he was looking through both eyes and immediately reached for his left arm with his right to assure himself that it was still there but he was confused since he was sure that his right eyed had been stabbed and his left arm had been sliced off but now he was completely whole and wondered how that had happened.

'It's almost like they never hurt me but they still seemed to have dumped me in a sewer by the looks of it.' Naruto thought as he climbed to his feet to stand in what he realized was only ankle deep water.'

He looked around the sewer and noticed that the walls with three different sets of pipes that seemed to run parallel with each other with the largest giving off a red glow, the second in size giving off a blue glow, while the smallest gave off a purplish-white glow. As Naruto wondered what they were for he was suddenly aware of the sound of heavy breathing coming from behind him and whirled around in fright believing one of the villagers had snuck up behind him with the intent to harm him again. Instead he found himself staring at a massive pair of golden gates with a small piece of paper on it with the kanji for seal on it in the very center of it. Curious, he walked closer to gate wanting to know what was causing the breathing that he was hearing when a giant pair of crimson eyes with black slits appeared in the darkness causing him to jump back in fright before a chuckling sound was heard. The darkness of the cage was suddenly illuminated by a red glow as the face of a large fox could now be seen resting on its massive paws as the kitsune gazed at the being before him.

The mouth of the large fox spread to reveal massive teeth as it a rumbling chuckle could be heard. "So my container finally appears before me after six years and thanks to the ignorance of the humans of this village when he is in mortal danger."

"Who are you and where am I?" Naruto asked, fearfully.

"The ignorance and stupidity of the humans once again astounds me to no end as they really believe that by harming you they can harm me. They don't even have the sense to even let you know that you are my container and teach you to how to wield my chakra making you into a strong Shinobi." The giant kitsune rumbled, seemingly ignoring Naruto's question.

"Hey, I don't know who you are you stupid fox but it's rude to ignore people when they ask you a question." Naruto yelled.

The giant kitsune chuckled again. "You have no idea who I am and yet you have quickly quelled your fear enough to make demands of me. You amuse me greatly kit and it is because of that fact I will tell you who I am." The inside of the cage was illuminated further to reveal the entire body of the large kitsune with nine tails flowing behind its body. "I am the Kyuubi no Youko and you are my container or in the words of you human's jinchuuriki or 'human sacrifice' and we are what is called your mindscape which is a mental representation of the seal that binds me to your soul. I have been sealed within you for the last six years and I have become appalled by what I have seen from within this seal."

Naruto found himself becoming even angrier. "What do you mean that you are the Kyuubi? I thought the Yondaime killed you six years ago and what do you mean that you are sealed inside of me? Are you the reason that everyone is calling me a demon and always hurting me on my birthday?"

Kyuubi scoffed. "I will admit that I am partly to blame for the misfortune that has plagued you for the last six years after my defeat but most of the blame can be placed on the villagers. They are the ones that can't see past their anger and hate for my actions that day to realize that you and I are not the same and that you are merely my container and not some misconceived idea that you are me stripped of my power and turned into some weak pathetic human. The Yondaime was unable to kill me since no human can truly defeat a Bijuu since we are merely a mass of chakra and will that have gained a corporeal form that allows us to come into contact with our physical surroundings. The only way that we can be defeated is to be sealed within a person or object depending on how many tails we possess with me being the strongest I can only be sealed into either a human with specially enhanced body or into a newborn child whose chakra coils that have yet to form. That is where you come in as the Yondaime chose you to become my prison by summoning Shinigami-sama and using the Shiki Fujin in combination with the Hakke no Fūin Shiki to seal me and stop my rampage against the village." Kyuubi frowned as she paused for a moment. "After my defeat I was still aware of what was happening outside of the seal and knew that he had asked that the villagers treat you as a hero for containing me. They chose to ignore his dying wish and as I watched from the seal I could hear them crying for your execution and I grew disgusted with how quickly were to come to a decision of to kill you. If not for the Hokage, most of the clan heads, and those Anbu that protect you most of the time you wouldn't have survived for more than a few hours. They are the only ones other than the Yondaime Hokage that I respect in this pathetic village and they are lucky I am confined by this seal or I would finish what I started for the simple reason of removing their taint from this world."

Naruto looked down in confusion as he said in a small voice. "I don't understand everything you said but if what you said is true then, I finally know why everyone hates me and always try to hurt me. However, I don't understand that if everyone says such great things about the Yondaime then, why didn't they do like he asked and treat me like a hero? Don't they realize that if I was really you then, I wouldn't have allowed them to hurt me in the first place and would've hurt them instead or even go as far as finishing what you started six years ago?"

"You are indeed more intelligent than one would assume for such a young kit but I reason that it because you were forced to mature faster than normal because of the harsh hand that fate has dealt you. The humans of this village are so caught in their feelings of loss that they can't see the truth and choose to lash out at you in an attempt to gain an outlet for all the feelings that they are unable to cope with or overcome. They fail to realize that this seal is powered by your will to survive and if you died I would simply return to Makai before returning in ten years since a Bijuu must remain their one year for each of tail plus one more year for their body to be reformed." Kyuubi flashed an evil grin. "Also, I could be free of this seal if you were to decide to release me I could easily return to the real world and destroy them for the crimes they have committed against you. However, that is not why you have been brought before me and I will tell you why you are really here. As I mentioned before I am able to see what goes on outside of the seal since it allows me to connect to your senses and experience what you do and I am quite aware of what has become of you in the past few minutes. You needn't worry about time in here since the mind works faster than the body does so you could be in here for hours and only a few minutes would've passed in the outside world." Kyuubi said.

Naruto gripped his arm in response. "Yeah, I remember them beating me up before one of the ninjas stabbed me in my right eye and another one cut my left arm off but I have both so I thought it was just a dream. Are you saying that I really don't have a right eye or left arm anymore even though I can feel both of them right now as I'm talking to you?"

Kyuubi nodded. "That is exactly what I am telling you kit since whenever you appear in your mindscape you will always appear unharmed despite your physical condition since your mind always retains the image of your body in its healthiest form. Since you have been here only a few seconds have passed in the outside world and I have decided to grace you with an act of kindness that is unbecoming of me. Normally, I could use my chakra to regenerate any wound that is inflicted upon me and that ability has passed onto you to an extent due to my sealing since all jinchuuriki gain certain abilities that they contain. The ones that you have received from me are your enhanced healing and larger than normal chakra reserves as well as a few other things that I will reveal to you later. However, due to the nature of the seal I am unable to regenerate your arm or eye so I have a way of giving you a compensation for this. I am able to give you back your arm and eye but they will be of a demonic nature and I will also give you a bloodline as well that I will help you learn to use."

Naruto looked up at the large kitsune. "I don't mean to sound unappreciative or anything but I want to know why you're willing to do this for me? I mean you're supposed to be a demon so I doubt you would really care what happens to a human like me since you said it yourself that if I died you could come back in ten years while I would remain there for all eternity. I just don't understand why you would want to help me considering that would mean that you would be sealed inside of me longer as long as I'm alive so I wanna know why?"

Kyuubi grinned. "The reason why is because I believe that you are a being that I come to respect if you are given the proper chance to grow and become strong but that can't happen if I allow you to die at such a young age. I have watched you struggle for the last six years but you have never lost your will to live and your desire to prove to everyone that you won't back down is an admirable quality as well. This is why I'm willing to do this for you because I want to see you become strong even if it means that I must stay sealed within you longer but I will not allow you to remain a weak excuse for a Shinobi. In addition to give you these gifts I will also train you in the Shinobi arts that I have learned over the years and since you are the jinchuuriki of the strongest Bijuu I shall make you the most powerful Shinobi that has ever walked the elemental nations."

Naruto allowed a small grin to appear on his face. "You happen to be a giant fox and even though I can see that have thumbs unlike a normal fox I think you can show how to teach me how to do handsigns or teach me how to fight when you're like that."

The Kyuubi's grin widened even more before its entire body was engulfed in a red glow as the tails of chakra wrapped around its form before it began to shrink in size until it began to resemble a vaguely human-sized shape. Naruto watched with rapt fascination as he watched the phenomena before him and it was a few more moments before the glow resided to reveal the new form that Kyuubi had assumed. In the place of the giant kitsune, a young woman appearing to be in her early twenties now stood before Naruto as she grinned at the slack-jawed expression the young Uzumaki before walking closer to the bars of her cage so that he could view her better. She had long red hair that was tied into two braids starting at her lower neck and extended down to her waist with fairly tanned skin and crimson eyes with black slits for pupils. A pair of fangs stuck out from her lower lips as a half-smile played across her lips. She was dressed in a tight short-sleeved crimson top with a black trim around the edges that revealed her abdomen as well as revealed a lot of cleavage of her d-cup breasts with fishnet armor underneath. She also wore a loose crimson skirt with a pair of tight black shorts underneath as well as a pair of black high-heeled Shinobi sandals with metal shin guards as well. She stopped in front the bars and watched the expression on the face of her container with an amused expression on her face.

"So, do you still think that I am unable to teach you anything about how to be a Shinobi?" The now human-sized Kyuubi asked, amused.

Naruto pointed at her as he took a step back. "What the heck you're a freakin girl? What's with the deep evil male sounding voice when you were a giant fox and how am I to know that this isn't some sort of trick?"

Kyuubi frowned for a moment. "I'm not surprised by your actions since everyone always assume that since I'm the strongest of the Bijuu that I'm a male since my voice is quite masculine when I'm in my Bijuu form. All of the Bijuu are able to assume a human form since this is how we have been able to interact with humans over the centuries or did you not realize that the only time a Bijuu was seen was when we wanted be seen in our normal form. After all, it would be hard to move around without some pesky human trying to attack me if I was always a twenty-story tall kitsune wouldn't, you think?"

Naruto blushed as he hadn't thought of that. "So, what's going to happen now?"

Kyuubi smiled. "Now you are going to step inside of this cage with me since I need to be within physical contact with you in order to impart my gifts upon you since I can't leave this seal. Don't worry I won't harm you or anything since those miserable humans have already done more than enough of that I need you to trust me a bit if I'm going to uphold my end of the bargain and train you to become strong."

Naruto was still wary of her since throughout history kitsune were known to be trickster but he really wanted the gifts that she was offering and something in his gut was telling him that he could trust her. Forcing down his nervous fear he made his way inside of the bars that represented the seal until he was standing before the kitsune woman who was still smiling at him. He was shocked when she suddenly knelt down to his level to embrace him and quickly stiffened since most physical contact he had with others usually ended with him being hurt but she only whispered a few assurance into his ear until he had calmed down. Pulling back slightly, she smiled down at the young blond in her embrace before her expression became serious.

"I will need you to brace yourself since what I am about to do is basically rewrite your genetic makeup so that I can make these changes so you will be in pain but it will only last for a moment or two." Kyuubi said.

Naruto was immediately afraid but the gentle embrace of Kyuubi and the assurance of her words quickly washed away any negative emotion and he nodded to her. Kyuubi smiled once again before leaning down to capture his lips with hers as her fangs pierced his lips as a shroud of crimson chakra enveloped both of them. Naruto realized that she was correct when she said it would be painful as it felt like fire was running throughout every cell of his body causing an unbearable agony with the most prominent source being his left arm and right eye. In an attempt to distract his mind from the pain he wrapped his arms around her larger frame as he focused on the sensation of her lips pressed against his as he experienced his first kiss. Kyuubi chuckled as she picked up this thought as her chakra continued to work on his body while removing any impurities that it found while conditioning his body to its peak performance. It was only a few seconds later that the chakra faded away as Kyuubi ended the kiss while breaking the embrace as Naruto stumbled away while gasping for air with only a few more seconds before the pain faded as well.

"Now, I want you to return to the outside world and show those ignorant ants why they should mess with the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Youko." Kyuubi said with a dark grin.

Her grin was quickly matched by Naruto since he could now feel the immense power that was now coursing through his veins and without a word his mental representation vanished from his mind with plans to do as Kyuubi asked. The wall to the left of Kyuubi began to reveal an image as her chakra surrounded her for a moment before taking the form of a simple throne as she was eager to see what her container would do.

As Kyuubi had said only a few seconds had passed in the outside world while he had been conversation with the Queen of the Bijuu and receiving his gifts. After Naruto had passed out from losing his arm they had plucked the kunai from his remaining arm allowing him to collapse in a heap. Two Shinobi stepped forward and flashed through handsigns in preparation for a Katon jutsu to destroy his body but paused when he was suddenly enveloped in a shroud of crimson chakra. The crowd was shock and thought that the demon was suddenly breaking free of its human form despite their belief that it was powerless. The malicious presence created by the chakra caused many of the to break out in a cold sweat as this was the same feeling of hate and anger they felt six years ago when Kyuubi first appeared outside of the village. They were even more shocked when the body of Naruto Uzumaki jerked a few times before slowly made his way back to his feet using his remaining arm to push himself up before standing before the now frightened crowd. Watching with morbid fascination as the chakra covered child reached up with his right arm to pull he kunai from his right eye before tossing it aside before chakra began to take form in his right eye socket while it also formed an arm of solid chakra from the stump of his left arm. Suddenly, the chakra deepen until it was a dark crimson that completely blocked Naruto from their view causing the Shinobi that was present to pull out kunai and whatever weapon they possessed in order to protect themselves from whatever was inside of that dark orb. A moment later the chakra slowly faded in color to reveal Naruto and everyone present gasped when they saw what had become of the boy they had just tried to kill a few moments ago.

Naruto stood before them with all of his wounds healed from their earlier assault on his being with the exception his arm and eye were no longer described as human and was now demonic in nature. His right eye was normal looking except for the fact that it now had a black sclera with a crimson vertically slitted pupil with three rings surrounding the pupil with tree inverted pupils on each ring for a total of nine which slowly rotated around the pupil in a counter clockwise fashion. His arm had taken some truly drastic changes as well with the arm now a mass of red flesh that resembled human skin. His hand ended in wicked claws with a bone like protrusion of flesh that extended back from the end of every second knuckle by a quarter of an inch. From his elbow was also a bone protrusion with a metallic shine to I that extended back extended back to halfway up his upper arm with the rest being able to be seen underneath his flesh all the way up to his wrist. His mind was suddenly flooded with knowledge of what his new gifts were capable and he was more than happy to give them a trial run on the mob before him. With a heavy breath, the small child flexed his new demonic arm as his gaze shifted to it as he tested its responsiveness to his mental commands before a dark grin appeared on his face as he looked back up at the crowd.

"You guys tried to kill me but unfortunately for you Kyuubi isn't ready to be set free just yet and has given me the power to get a little bit of vengeance on you for trying to do so. It's a shame she didn't want to do this herself since I'm sure she would love to wipe this village away for all of your acts of aggression against me but since she has given me the opportunity I will gladly take it." Naruto said, darkly.

"Don't try to talk so tough demon since we have you outnumbered and we took you down once already. Don't think that just because you obtained a little bit of power back means that you're going to be able to get out of here alive." One civilian yelled from the rear of the crowd.

"You talk big considering that you're at the back of the crowd knowing that I would have to go through everyone else to get to you while you use that to your advantage to run away. However, it is just as Kyuubi said with how ignorant you villagers are about the true purpose of a jinchuuriki like myself so let me educate you idiots a little bit before you meet your end and get acquainted with Shinigami-sama. The Kyuubi is actually the Queen of the nine Bijuu making her a girl and since I am a guy that means we are not the same or how guys believed that I am the Kyuubi reincarnated is quite false. Also because of the design of the Shiki Fujin and Hakke no Fūin Shiki that the Yondaime used to seal her within in me in the event of my death she would've been released back into the world to continue what she started six years ago or if my will to live wasn't strong enough then, the seal would also break resulting her being free also. So all of your attempts to kill me would've resulted in your deaths at her hands but fortunately for you I'm not ready to kick the bucket just yet but rest assured that your deaths are guaranteed but by my hands instead of hers." Naruto said with his voice filled with dark mirth.

"You're just lying to use with the hope that we won't kill you, Kyuubi brat. The Yondaime gave his life so that he could seal you away into this human body so that it would be easier for us to kill you." The Shinobi that took his arm proclaimed as he brandished his katana. "My blade has already tasted your flesh once already and I will make sure it does again as I cut you down into tiny little pieces."

Naruto lifted his demonic arm up. "Sorry but that isn't going to happen because I'm going to kill you instead as payback for what you did. From now on you're all going to learn that when you attack me I'm going to hit back twice as hard."

Suddenly, a curved blade made of metallic-bone sprouted from his forearm to that extended about six inches out from its widest part at his elbow and two inches out from where it connected at his wrist. The triangular tomes and rings in his right eye began to spin slightly faster before the boy took a step forward and suddenly vanished from their sight. They looked around in panic before a scream came from the center of the mob several people were suddenly split in half with no sign of their assailant as many quickly tried to get out of the alley. However, as those lucky enough to get close enough to exit from the alley they were suddenly interrupted a strange zapping sound before a bright light appeared before them.

"Raikiri!" Was the voice a civilian heard before a hand covered in lightening pierced his chest and exploded out of his back.

Kakashi and his Anbu squad along with Tenzo's and Yuugao as well as the Sandaime Hokage himself dressed in his battle garb stood at the entrance of the alley with even more Shinobi lining the rooftop that surrounded it. Kakashi pushed the now dead man off of his hand as he glared at the crowd through the eye holes of his Anbu mask while the remaining members of Naruto's primary protectors had drawn their blades as well. The killing intent that permeated the air caused many to fall to their knees in fear with the Sandaime himself seeming to be releasing an ungodly amount as he glared at the assemble mob before him.

"All of you have dared to break my law in regards to Naruto Uzumaki and have attempted to end his life. As I decreed six years ago anyone that attempts to kill him will be executed without mercy. I have given all of you fair warning but you have seen fit to try my patience and as of this moment your lives are forfeit and may Kami have mercy on your souls for I shall not." Hiruzen bellowed.

Many cried out in protest while proclaiming that they should be treated as heroes for doing what he was seemingly incapable of doing by ridding the village of the Kyuubi's taint. Hiruzen grew even angrier at the arrogance of the people before him as Kakashi's Raikiri flared back to life and made to order his Shinobi to execute the lawbreakers when Naruto's sounded from the other end of the mob.

"Wow, I'm still amazed that you think you're so self-righteous even after my little explanation of the difference between me and Kyuubi-chan but you're still as arrogant as before even though he said you're already dead. So since he has already acknowledged your execution I will gladly carry out that order." Naruto said once again in his original spot with his forearm blade free of any blood.

Many stared at the boy in shock for a moment at the cold tone of his voice before a large number of them decided that if they were going to die by the order of the Hokage then, they would take the Kyuubi brat down as well causing Naruto to smirk as he lifted his blade arm again. Once again he took a step forward and vanished before suddenly appearing behind the group that had charged him with blood on his blade before it was seemingly burned away when the blade gained a purplish-white glow.

"Jinton: Mueishō!" Naruto intoned before the group behind him suddenly split in half at the waist. (Swift Release: Shadowless Flight!)

The eyes of the Sandaime Hokage and the rest of those that had come to Naruto's aid widened in shock once they caught sight of Naruto and what he had done. Hiruzen was even more shocked by the fact that Naruto was able to kill them so effortlessly in addition to his use of Jinton which he had only heard legends of as well as his new appearance. he feared that the Kyuubi had been able to somehow overcome the seal and take over Naruto's body so that it could kill those was trying to kill it and was ready to take the possessed body of his surrogate grandson if necessary to ensure the safety of his village. He knew that since Tenzo contained DNA from Hashirama Senju after his former student had experiment on him was capable of using Mokuton he would be able to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra for a bit allowing him to grant the boy a quick end and free him from his torment of being possessed by the Kyuubi. Naruto seem to notice the tenseness of his jiji as well as the Anbu since many were itching to draw their weapons to strike him down if he proved hostile but he kinda figured they were wary of him after seeing him kill so many people in that brief moment so he flashed the elderly kage his trademark foxy grin.

"How are you doing, jiji? Sorry I had to do that but you did say that if they broke your law about the Kyuubi and harmed me they had to die so I decided to give you a hand. If you're worried about Kyuubi-chan taking over my body then, don't be and I can explain the new eye and arm if you want me to." Naruto said.

Sarutobi sighed. "I'm guessing that because of this attack that you learned of the Kyuubi being sealed inside of you." At Naruto's nod he sighed again. "I want the rest of this filth taken away to Anbu headquarters where they are to be held until their public execution. I will use them as an example to any that believe that they can usurp my authority and maybe then they will get the message."

Naruto snorted. "I highly doubt that, jiji but I'm more than to help get the point across. As of this moment I'm no longer going to allow the villagers to attack me and if they do I will cut them down no questions asked."

"I really wished that it didn't come to this Naruto but I hope you don't just start killing people at random because of this." Sarutobi said.

"I'll only kill them if they don't heed my warnings and persist on trying to kill me. I'm not completely without mercy so I will give them a chance to remain alive but if they don't want to live then, who am I to deny them a quick death." Naruto said as the blade retracted back into his forearm.

"Very well come with me to office and we will see if we can come to some sort of agreement on what should happen with you from now on." Hiruzen said.

Naruto nodded and walked forward as the Anbu quickly moved to detain the members of the crowd so they wouldn't die at Naruto's hands before they shunshin'ed away with their captives. Once he was standing before Hiruzen, Kakashi, Tenzo, Yuugao, and the others Kakashi placed his hand on the boys shoulder before they all vanished via shunshin back to the Hokage tower were a conversation that would decide Naruto's path would take place.

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