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Deidara sighed as he tried to pay attention to his teacher. "Iwa!" his teacher snapped, smacking a ruler on his desk. "hm...oh yeah what?" Deidara said snapping out of his daziness. The teacher sighed and rolled her eyes, "pay attention. I don't care if you're richer than everyone here! You're the same as us" the blonde nodded.

She went back to teaching and Deidara went back to dazing. He had a lot on his mind. Being the son of the famous Iwa Kenji, he had no real friends or did he have a choice on who to date. As of right now he was dating, the almost as rich as him, Haruno Sakura. His parents thought it would be a good idea.

No matter how many times he told his parents he didn't like her and that he was gay. They wouldn't give up. So he finally just stopped and did what his parents told him. Plus he had to play all this off. Deidara was going to runaway. Somewhere where his parents wouldn't find him. "that is all for now class you are dismissed" everyone stood and begin to leave. Deidara followed behind, "except you Iwa" his teacher purred. The blonde frowned and knew what was about to happen.

"yes Sensei?" she took off her glasses. "you have been dazing in class lately" she started. Deidara sighed, 'maybe if you weren't so boring I wouldn't, hm' he thought. "mind telling me why?" the blonde huffed slightly, "I have a lot on my mind, hm" his teacher sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "I expect to see more progress, Iwa" the blonde nodded and got ready to leave. Usually his teacher tried to suduce him but, she didn't. He shrugged and left it that.

"Dei-kun!" a pig like squeal was heard from down the hall. Deidara groaned, "Sakura, hm" he mumbled. She hugged him, "I thought we could eat lunch together" the pinkette stated. "ah, sure" Deidara said, mentally choking her to death. She grabbed his hand and walked them to the courtyard. He really hated her. "so I was thinking we could go on a date tomorrow! Could we?" Deidara shook his head, "sorry Sakura, I have important business for tomorrow, hm" Sakura giggled, "a working man" Deidara gave a hesistated laugh. Tomorrow he was actually running away.

"hey guys! Look at this!" some boy said as he approached the couple. "hm? What is it Jack?" (1) the boy held out his phone out. It showed a holigraphic news report. "Welcome back to Konoha News, I'm Sarutobi Asuma. Todays news reports to the Demon of the Red Sand." people who were watching gasped, Sakura being one of them. "ANBU has reported five families dead in Amegakure. Those familes linking to the famous Haruno's" Sakura's eyes widened and she began to sob. Deidara feeling some pity towards her, wrapped his arms around her.

"I think that's en-" "wait, keep listening" Deidara sighed, "hm" "in other news, tomorrow Iwa Kenji's eldest son, Iwa Deidara, will be taking over. " the blonde's eyes widened. "I'm happy for you" Sakura sniffed and huggled the blonde. "er...thanks. Sakura, how bout I walk you home, hm?" she nodded. "please"

Deidara ran a hand through his hair. This had to be the worst day in history. "Mother, Father...I'm home" his mother came running up to him. "oh I'm so proud of you son! And I'm dearly sorry to hear about Sakura Dear's family. We told them living in Amegakure was dangerous, with that big of a city!" she shook her head, "and not to mention that Demon of the Red Sand!" Deidara licked his lips, "right...I'm going to take a shower, hm" his mother nodded, "I call you when dinner is done" she kissed his forehead. Deidara sighed and ran up stairs.

When he reached his room he squealed. "I now know where to go to" he whispered to himself. He was so excited. As he told his mother, he made way to the shower. "finally, I'll be free, hm"

"Deidara! Dinner is done!" his mother spoke into an intercom. Deidara pressed the button back, "okey, be there in a minute, hm" drying the rest of his hair he redid his eyeliner and slid down the rail of his stairs. His mother giggled, "oh Deidara, remember to becareful" the blonde grinned, 'I remember to becareful in Amegakure!' he thought happily. Once everyone was downstairs they began to eat. "I'm happy for you bro!" Deidara's little sister, Ino, squealed. Deidara smiled back at the 15 year old, "thanks Ino" their parents cooed. When they turned their heads the blonde siblings glared at each other. "so, uhm, Father...might I ask why I'm being given the Inc.?" his father smiled, "you deserved it son!" he blonde nodded, "thanks, hm" he almost felt bad for leaving them but, he was sick and tired of their crap...especially Ino's.

That night Deidara began to pack. He already decided he was leaving now. If he wasted another day here he would be hunted down easilier. Nervousness and excitement filled his stomach. "tonight is the night, hm" he whispered. He looked over the stuff he was bringing: about twenty dollars, hair brush, and clay. He was good to go. The blonde knew all his electronics and credit card were trackable so, he'd have to deal with it. "okey, hm" he said before sliding down a rope out his window.

Their was no looking back now. And to make sure non FBI or CSI could find him. He hooked up a trap that set off, if his door was opened. It would fill his room with flames also setting off many of his clay creations. Story short, his house would need a bomb squad and a whole lot of firemen to put his room out. The blonde ran all the way to the bus station in the next town. He couldn't risk riding the bus here. Too risky. So he went to Kirigakure, not to far but, long enough to tire him out. When he reached the train station he was panting and tired as hell. "bus pass?" the grouchy bus driver asked. Deidara handed him his card. He looked over it and handed the card back. The blonde huffed and made his way to the back.

He sat down next to an old lady. She had a look of desperation on her face. On the other side of him was a girl with black hair. She was very flat chested and Deidara had a feeling it was actually a he. The raven got off at the first stop. So he was left sitting next to the old woman. Suddenly, they went over a big bump and the old lady's purse fell and spilt on the ground. She sighed before picking up her contents. "oh, here let me help" Deidara said politely, as he began to help her. He stopped when he came across a picture of a small redhead. The blonde looked up at her, she almost seemed familiar. "thank you" her voice croaked as she stood and began to exit the bus. "huh? W-what? Hey wait! You forgot this, hm!" but it was too late. He sighed qnd shrugged before putting it with his stuff.

After a few more stops, it was his he was half alseep but, knew he would need his strength if he wanted to make it throuh the city. Fear imbedded itself in his chest when he tepped off the bus. It was dark, the only lights coming from passing cars and some street lights. Deidara wasn't in the part of the city he wanted to be in yet. This was the 'ghetto' he had heard. So with every step he took, he made sure to keep his senses focued on his surroundings.

He looked around and saw people sitting around a trash can that had fire in it. He frowned and quickened his pace. The blonde was in a charity that envolved people like that before. They were unpredictable and violent. Well some were.

Finally after his long walk, he was in the heart of the city. Cars honked, animals sounds came from every alley way, people were still out and talking on cellphones, and it was lit up. He sort of liked it. It was different from his town. Now he needed to go somewhere cheap and where no one would recognize him. So, he carried himself through a park, or at least what he thought it was. Of course, the blonde never let his guard down. Or so he thought.

Deidara gasped as something pressed against his neck. "well, well, well. Lookie what I found" his captor said in a deep voice. The blonde held his breath, "w-what do you want...if its m-money I don't have much, hm" "shame" the other chuckled. "ya know, for a girl you don't have much going on up here" the person said as he let one hand rub at Deidara's chest. That was it.

Deidara growled and stomped on the other's foot, then twisted their legs together so the other would fall. What he didn't expect was to be tripped himself. "you got guts girly" Deidara sighed agitatted, "okey look, you can rape me, sell me, or even kill me. But for the love of Kami, please stop calling me a girl, hm" the captor raised an eyebrow. "you're a dude?" Deidara nodded, "I swear" "got any proof?" the other said getting off the blonde. Deidara rolled his eyes and pulled his shirt up, "one, I have no breast" he blushed slightly as he pulled down his pants and boxers, "two, I have this" the other chuckled and the blonde pulled his pants back up.

"fine I believe you. You got a name?" the blonde licked his lips, "Deidara, hm" "Well Deidara," the other rolled his name, "it seems that you have caught me in a good mood. You can come stay with me, well if you're willing to help me anyways." the blonde nodded and the other started to walk off, Deidara following behind. "w-wait, hm!" the other turned, "yeah?" "I don't even no your name" their was a soft chuckle. "Akasuna Sasori"

(1) I was listening to Captain Jack! Dream a Dream~