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Warnings: Action! Death! And a surprise ending!

"okey so we found out which hotel Madara is staying in tonight. I'll have to make arrangements, but the most likely meeting time will be three AM" Haden said, writing directions down to the hotel before handing it to Deidara. "alright, un"

Sasori read over the blonde's shoulder. "hm..." Deidara looked back up at Sasori, "un?" "that's the bad side of town" he frowned.

Haden shrugged, "can't be helped, he is a drug lord." Sasori sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, "I know" Deidara hugged his lover, "don't worry Danna, I'll be fine."

"alright, since we got the location and everything set up. What do we do now?" Haden asked, sitting Indian style. Sasori and Deidara thought before shrugging. "well I would say me and Deidara could have some fun...but you're here...and that would be awkward on both parties..." the smaller redhead of the two face palmed. "baka..." he muttered under his breath.

Later that day, Haden left to go run some errands and Sasori and Deidara stayed up in the blonde's room. "maybe you could eat dinner...I've been wondering how you've been surviving with out food, un" Sasori laughed, "half puppet remember...and don't you think that is a bit dangerous?"

Deidara shrugged, "we could just give you a fake name and say you're Sakura's cousin." the redhead thought for a moment, "I guess that could work...but what abo- mmph"

Sasori closed his eyes and kissed the blonde back. "sometimes you talk more than me, un" Deidara said against Sasori's lips. The redhead chuckled, "just trying to keep it safe"

"alright, I'm going to go talk to my parents about having you for dinner" he winked and went down stairs.

Sasori blinked, before realizing the blonde's hidden message. "more like, I'll be having you..." he muttered.

Deidara slid down the stair railing straight into Ino. "ah bitch alert!" Ino glared and flipped her hair, "hmph" with that she stuck her nose in the air and walked off. The blonde rolled his eyes and went to find his mother.

"oh hey honey" she said, looking up from her folding of clothes. "hey mom, can I have someone over for dinner." the female hummed, "who is it?" Deidara bit his lip, "Sakura's cousin" the woman raised an eyebrow, "I never knew Sakura had a cousin. Well it's okey then. I'll go get dinner started early" Deidara nodded, "thanks, un"

The blonde raced up to his room and threw himself at Sasori. "she said, yes. Oh but, by the way, you're Sakura's cousin, un" the redhead laughed, "alright"

"now we have to find a way to sneak you out..." Deidara said, looking over at the window. "you serious?" Sasori frowned. "it's the only way out, un" the blonde gave an apologetic smile. Sasori groaned, "be happy I love you" he mumbled and kissed the blonde's cheek, climbing out the window. "fucking war zone" Deidara heard his lover curse. He giggled and ran down the stairs. "I'm going to go get Sakura's cousin now!" "dinner will be done in 20 minutes!"

Deidara nodded to himself and looked around for his lover. "Sasori?" he whispered. He frowned and searched all around the house. "Sas-" "hey sexy" a voice purred grabbing him from behind. The blonde jumped and turned around.

"Sasori, you jackass!" he yelled in a hushed tone. Sasori chuckled, "aw, I'm sorry did I scare you?" Deidara nodded, "You just like attacked me from behind, un" the redhead laughed lightly and snuggled the blonde. "I love you~" Deidara grumbled, "love you too, asshole"

"I'm back, mom!" Deidara yelled, walking inside his home. His mother came into view, "great, dinner is ready" she smiled. "alright, un" the two males walked to the dinning room and took their seats. "oo, Deidara! Who's your cute friend?" Ino winked at the redhead.

Deidara's father stared at the redhead. Could it be? "my name is Hisato. It's a pleasure to meet you all. Sakura has told me nothing but wonderful things about your family, Mrs. Iwa" the blonde woman smiled, "well aren't you a gentleman" Sasori smiled and nodded.

Deidara almost rolled his eyes. His Danna was something else. "it's nice to meet you...Hisato" Kenji said. Sasori nodded at the blonde's father. "you too, sir"

Small chit chat was made and then finally, "So what's your family like, Hisato?" Mrs. Iwa asked. "oh, you mean like my parents?" she nodded. The redhead gave a small sad smile, "they're dead. They died in a car crash when I was three" the two females made sad 'awwwws' and said comforting things. Deidara grabbed Sasori's hand underneath the table and held it lovingly. Even if that wasn't how his parents really died. It was still a touchy subject.

Sasori smiled and rubbed the blonde's hand. "Hisato, was it..." Kenji said, "where are you from?" The redhead swallowed nervously, "I'm from Suna...though I'm currently living in Ame." the older nodded. "why do you ask, sir" Sasori glanced at the male challengingly. Kenji almost stuck his nose in the air, "you just seem familiar"

Deidara fidgeted slightly and squeezed the redhead's hand. Sasori squeezed back, understanding, "so Mrs. Iwa, did you cook this meal? It's quite splendid, I haven't had a meal like this in such a long time." he said in his most smooth voice.

The brunette blushed and giggled, "why yes! How thoughtful for you to notice!" Sasori nodded, "since I live on my own, I usually eat out. I know how to cook, but it'd seem like a waste to make a big meal. And Sakura hardly ever invites me over, though I guess she has been rather busy" he said, looking at Deidara. Mrs. Iwa smiled and nodded, "you heard about the wedding?"

'oh trust me. I've heard and I know it's not gonna happen lady' Sasori smiled back politely and nodded, "I received an invitation." As Sasori and Mrs. Iwa continued their chat, Deidara and Ino were quietly arguing.

"you have a girlfriend! Back off he's mine, un!" Deidra whispered harshly. She snorted, "and? You're suppose to be marrying her! I don't even like Sakura" the elder blonde gapped, "you're such a fucking whore, un. She's saving all his money so you two could run away together" Ino shrugged, "I like Hisato better. Plus dicks are better than chicks" she winked and rubbed Deidara's thigh.

The blonde gave a look of pure disgust and terror, scooting closer to Sasori. "the fuck! I'm your brother, un!" the girl just shrugged and threw him a suggestive look. "and? You still have a dick" Deidara whirled his head around and tried to pay attention to anything but Ino.

After dinner, 'Hisato' said goodbye and left. "well he was quite a well mannered boy. And he was simply adorable!" the brunette laughed and helped her maids clean up dinner. If anything she loved dinner time and would spend any kind of time on it.

Kenji looked over at Deidara, "hey come to my office with me, son" the blonde raised an eyebrow at him but followed. Once in his office Kenji sat down in his chair, "so I heard about what you and Ino were talking about at dinner." he started. Deidara swallowed hard, he was in deep shit now. "what she was doing was highly inappropriate too. I will talk to her later. She knows incest is looked down upon"

The blonde nearly sighed in relief, "un! I was freaked out. You should really put some more restrictions on her." Kenji nodded, "you're dismissed." Deidara stood and bowed, heading towards the door. "and Deidara," the blonde looked back, "you can tell me about Sasori whenever you're ready".

Deidara's breath caught and he pressed his lips in a thin line, just nodding before running out quickly. Kenji just sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "Sasori..." he opened a drawer of his desk and pulled out a small picture. "what are you planning?" he slid the picture into a frame and stared at it. "I have a bad feeling already..."

Deidara ran his fingers through his hair as he walked to his room. 'he knows...he knows...what am I going to do?' when he arrived in his room he was pulled into Sasori's arms. "hey so dinner went well...I think..." Deidara just nodded. "Dei Chan?" "my dad knows, un...he recognized you" the redhead frowned, "damn it...I knew he noticed" the blonde cuddled into his chest, "what are we gonna do, un?"

"the plan still stands" Sasori said, rubbing his lover's back. Deidara nodded, "un..."

Later Cause Haden is Lazy

"you guys ready? I already made arrangements with Madara" Haden asked, waiting half outside the window. The two teens nodded. "un. Let's go" it was approximately 2:20 AM, it would take 30 minutes to get to Ame, and 10 minutes to walk to the meeting place.

Sasori gripped Deidara's backpack tightly, "I really don't like this. Not trying to say you can't handle it, Haden. But it just makes me nervous" Haden shrugged and Deidara smirked, "aw the big bad Sasori is nervous, un?" he teased. The redhead blushed lightly and tugged on Deidara's blonde locks, "shuddup. I'm worried about you" the blonde smiled, "I know. But I'll be fine, Danna"

"can we get a move on. This position is really starting to hurt my crotch, and Izohiko won't be too happy if I'm to sore to have any 'fun' with him" Haden said, with sarcasm and a roll of his eyes. Sasori chuckled, "alright let's go." With that said, the three teens left the house. Deidara left and never looked back.

Once they were at the bus station, Sasori pulled Deidara into his arms, "please be careful" he whispered, kissing the other softly. The blonde kissed back, "I will" he smiled and pulled away. Sasori nodded and watched as his cousin and lover got onto the bus.

The plan was for Sasori to take the blonde's stuff and bring it to a silver Lamborghini Estoque. It was Haden's ally, they were gonna take the trio to the airport. All the while, Haden was to go with Deidara to meet with Madara. The only reason why he wasn't allowed to go was because Madara would immediately call off the deal if he knew Sasori was leaving the Akatsuki. That, and his anger would boil if the bastard laid one finger on his blonde. He didn't trust Madara. However, he did trust Haden, but still felt uneasy because he wasn't there.

On the bus, Haden tapped his foot impatiently. "tsch..." he scoffed to himself. Deidara smirked, "you're like Danna, un. Impatient." Haden just shrugged, "I just don't like waiting. And I really don't care if somebody was waiting on me, I wouldn't wait for them. Sort of like walking. You better walk fast or I'm going to ride your ass and step on the back of your shoes" the blonde laughed, "really now, un?" the redhead nodded, "I never walk slow...unless I'm in front of someone I really hate, and were in a crowded place and there is no way they can get around me, then I walk reallllllyyyy slooooow." he smirked. "just to piss them off" the two laughed and talked casually, as to ease the nervousness of the trip.

"2: 43" Haden muttered, "we should be there soon" Deidara nodded, "I'm glad, this bus is making me sleepy" Haden nodded, "I'm getting a head ache" he sighed. Eventually, their stop came and the two got off the bus. "whelp, now for our adventurous walk" the redhead said with sarcasm. Deidara nodded.

2: 50 AM

Sasori sighed and walked around looking for the allied car. He sighed and walked aimlessly down the side walks of Ame. Eventually he noticed a car coming down his way. It was a McLaren MP4-12C. It was a slick black color and was racing towards...OH FUCK! Sasori immediately starting running. "shit shit shit shit shit!" he said, running into a park. He couldn't out run a fucking car! How the hell was he suppose to get away now? The redhead pushed himself to go faster when he heard the motor roar from behind him.

Where the hell was his ally? Of all the worst scenarios, his had to be a fucking car that could reach 0-60 mph in under four seconds, with top speed of 200 and possibly more!(1)

He ran out of the park and down a side street. Sasori stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He was breathing hard and shaking. "damn it" he muttered breathlessly. The sound of a roaring engine brought him back to his senses as he started running again. 'I can't run forever! I need to find a place to hide!' he thought. Suddenly, the sports car's head lights shined brightly in front of him. "fuck!" he ran in the opposite direction. Thoughts of him not going to make it through this and never seeing his blonde lover, ran through his head for the first time.

Whether it was from the blowing wind or fear of losing his life, tears started to blur his vision. And he had no time to wipe them away, as the car was right behind him. 'I'm really going to die...' he thought to himself. The redhead felt his legs give from all the strain he had put on them. As he went down, the only thoughts he could think was of Deidara's smiling face. The headlights seemed to draw closer...and closer...and closer until...SCREEEEECH.

Sasori looked up in confusion and saw his allied car. The door opened and revealed a blue haired male in the driver's seat. "quickly get in" Sasori nodded and stumbled into the car. Quickly, the door was shut and the Lamborghini took off. "got there just in the nick of time, ey?" the male said. Sasori nodded and tried to calm his breathing, "yeah. Thanks, man" he said, breathlessly.

After the redhead had caught his breath he asked, "so did you know who ever was driving that car?" the blue haired male nodded, "unfortunately. They work under Madara. One of his finest gangs, other than the Akatsuki." Sasori raised an eyebrow in confusion, "how come none of us had heard of this gang" "it was suppose to be a secret" the male said, "oh by the way, you might already know this but, I'm Izohiko. Pleasure to meet you"

Sasori nodded, "I assume you already know my name" Izohiko nodded, "Haden told me all about you" the redhead kept quiet and watched as the male drove. "damn...I was sure we lost them" Izohiko sighed, looking in his rear view mirror. Sasori turned around and noticed, in fact that the gang was following them. "how we gonna lose them?" "we're gonna have to kill them. I'm sure you're no stranger with a gun" he said, reaching under his seat and pulling out a hand gun. The redhead nodded and took the gun.

He checked to see if it was fully loaded, before Izohiko rolled down the window. Sasori unbuckled and stuck half his body out the window. He saw the black car speeding up. "hope the wind don't throw off my aim" he muttered, firing the gun. The car swerved out of the way as the bullet whizzed by its tire. The redhead scoffed and shot again, aiming for the tire, quickly shooting off another one to hit the opposite tire. The car quickly avoided the bullets. "oh shit..." he said as he saw a female with silver hair pulled into piggy tails, appear from the window. "Leader does not like you trying to shoot his car" the girl said.

The redhead narrowed his eyes, "fuck you! You guys tried to run me over!" he shot again, before reloading. This time, the bullet barely hit, just scraping the tire. "hmph..." the silver haired girl said, before shooting her gun. The bullet hit the Lamborghini's tail light. Izohiko frowned as he heard glass shattered, "that better be there car..." he muttered. Sasori gave a muffled "sorry" and shot at the other car.

As the fight continued, they were practically racing down the main streets of Ame. Each car had small indentions from the bullets and the gang's McLaren MP4-12C had a flat tire, but none the less still going at the same speed. "shit we're almost out of gas" Izohiko cursed. Sasori ducked his head in, "we're running low on ammo too" the blue haired male sighed, "we'll have to pull over and take them hand on hand." the redhead nodded, "shoot out another tire?" "if you can" Izohiko said, slowing down a bit so he could get a good aim. "alright" with that Sasori poked his head out again and saw that the other car was racing beside them. "it was nice knowing you" she smiled, aiming her gun. Sasori frowned and aimed his gun at the female before smirking and shooting at their gas tank.

"go!" Izohiko hit the gas. Pieces from the car exploded everywhere. Sasori ducked down and tried to roll up the window. Izohiko ducked the best he could and drove out of the area. Once they were out of the danger zone, Izohiko hit the brake and they stopped to see if anyone was still alive. "I think we got a straggler..." Izohiko said. Sasori was about to say something before the car burst into more flames, engulfing the entire car. "not any more" the redhead stated. The two nodded at each other and took off.

"where the hell is he?" Deidara asked, quietly. Haden shrugged, "don't get your panties in a twist, its 2:57 he'll be here soon" the blonde growled to himself. He couldn't wait for this to all be over. He was shoved into a rather skimpy dress, so skimpy he couldn't wear his boxers, and high heels. Not only that, but it was freezing! Sure he wouldn't mind wearing this for Sasori on occasion, but he is a male.

'two more minutes, Deidara...two more minutes' the blonde thought to himself. "two more mi-" he quickly snapped his jaw shut as he saw a man with raven hair, and roughly 6 ft, approach them. "Hisoka?" the redhead nodded. "Uchiha?" the raven nodded.

Madara smirked, "you look so much like your dear cousin, if I do say so myself" Haden shrugged it off, "I get that a lot. Now let's get this over with" the Uchiha smirked, "ever so impatient as him too, I see" Haden rolled his eyes, "I don't want to get caught, and neither do you. So let's hurry this along" Madara pressed his lips in a firm line. "fine"

The raven grabbed the blonde's wrist and pulled him over to his side. "Tobi. The money please" out from the dark a male with raven hair and an eye patch came out, "h-here you are, sir!" he whispered shoving the money into Haden's hands. "ah is that your son?" Madara smirked, "yup. Just trying to get him to learn the business. But so far he's only been able to handle the money and weapons when trading. He wouldn't even hurt a fly" the eldest sighed. Tobi looked down in shame. "oh well, I still have my nephews."

The redhead nodded. "Well I'll be on my way now" "wait...I want to make sure all the money is there" Madara smirked, "ah you're a smart boy. Just like Sasori. You'd make a valuable asset to the Akatsuki." Haden shook his head and slowly counted the money. 'just one more minute...' he thought. "Deidara get down!" the blonde kicked the older man and dropped to the ground.

Madara let out a glare and held his shoulder. "you little brat! How dare you shoot at me!" Deidara ran over to Haden and took the money. "alright Deidara we have to g-SHIT!" he pushed the blonde to the ground. "get out of here" he picked the blonde up and ran off. "oh I don't think so!" Madara growled, "son, go get Hunter." Tobi nodded shakily and ran off to get his father's ultimate weapon. "teach them to punk with me!"

"we're almost out of gas. I'm going to stop here, but keep an eye out. I still got a feeling someone is following us" Sasori nodded and leaned back in his seat, relaxing his muscles. He looked around and caught a glance in the side mirror. "what the..." he moved closer. "shit! Izo behind you!" he yelled. Izohiko turned around and was hit and knocked out. "damn it!" Sasori got out of the car and charged at the blue haired female.

She was fast. Every time he went to hit her, she dodged. The redhead got a few hits on her, but nothing bad. "who the fuck are you?" he asked, between pants and dodging her own attacks. The girl smirked, "your worst nightmare" with that she kicked him hard in the jaw.

Sasori went flying back, "shit" he muttered, rubbing his jaw. "nice hit. Really strong, huh?" the girl smirked, "yeah" the redhead wiped the blood off his chin and stood back up. "you know with someone as strong as you, one would think you'd be your own boss" the girl flipped her hair, "tsch, don't try all that sappy bullshit with me. I'm a free woman, I can do what I want." Sasori smirked, "that's why you have to listen to your leader and do what he says." she glared. "asshole" the girl charged at him again. Sasori dodged and ducked between her legs and ran up to Izohiko. "worst time to get knocked out" he sighed and picked the blue haired male.

The girl giggled, "right between the thighs. How dirty~" she then pulled out a sword. "such a shame we can't have some fun before you die. You're very sexy~" she charged at him. Sasori grit his teeth and dodged her, still holding on to Izohiko. "damnit!" he cursed, when he felt the blade cut into his arm, deep. He glared at the girl and placed Izohiko in the car and turned to the girl, "at least make it a fair fight." he chuckled. The girl giggled, "maybe~ I don't play by the rules." "well neither do I" he smirked and charged at her.


"shit...Haden are you alright, un?" the blonde whispered, crouching down beside the redhead. Haden panted heavily, "yeah. Just help me get my shirt off please" Deidara nodded and sat the redhead up and helped him get his shirt off. "my strength is wearing off. Can you rip it into a long strip for me?" "un" the blonde took the shirt and ripped it into a strip just as Haden asked. "now wrap it around my side" the blonde nodded and lifted the redhead's tank top up and wrapped it carefully around his waist.

Haden hissed as the cloth touched his wound. "who was that?" Deidara asked. "his name is Hunter. He's a robot." "robot, un?" the redhead nodded, "he's built to kill" the blonde helped him up, "I see where he gets his name, un" Haden smiled some, "come on we gotta get back to Izo and Sasori" "Izo?" "my ally, come on" the two started running again. "are you sure you should be running?" Haden just nodded, "I'll be fine. Here call them" the redhead threw the phone at the blonde.

Deidara caught it just right before it hit the ground, "close one" he whispered and looked through the contacts, his hands shaky. "it's under The Sexiest Guy In Teh World. Stupid Izo" the blonde would of laughed, if he could but he just looked for it and called.

Sasori's and the girl's ears perked at the sound of Justin Timberlake playing. "is that your phone?" Sasori shook his head and went into the car, watching the girl in the mirror. "MyLove~...Must be Haden" he answered it and turned back to the girl. "hello?" "h-hey Danna" the redhead's eyes widened, "Dei?" "un" the blue haired girl pouted lightly and rested against her sword, "uh, we're in a middle of a fight here" she said, annoyed.

"where are you? And why do you sound out of breath?" the redhead completely ignored her. "un...we're uhm...running from a robot killer...un" Sasori's eye brow raised, "robot ki-" he dodged the girls attack. The blade of her sword scratching a long cut through the door. "shit" he cursed. "Danna?" "hey, I'll call you back, I'm a little busy right now. Tell Haden we'll meet him at the spot. Bye, love you!" he hung up the phone quickly and kicked the girl in the stomach. "damn it bitch, couldn't you see I was on the phone?"

The girl glared, "exactly why I'm pissed, asshole!" she thrust her sword forward and made a move to stab him. "f-fuck..." he muttered as the sword went through his stomach. "that was not cool. Not only must I have my internal organs fixed, but I gotta repair my body." the girl laughed, "you think I care? You're going to die anyways" she smiled sweetly and came up to him, running her fingers across his lips. "although, I could give you a small present for at least fighting back."

'Here's my chance' he thought. "alright" he smirked. The girl giggled and leaned in to kiss his lips. "huh? What's with that creepy smi-"

"tsch, stupid bitch" Sasori snarled and ripped his tail out of the girls skull and threw her off himself. "ugh" he heard a grunt from the car and got in. "you alright?" Izohiko rubbed his head, "I think I am...what happened?" he asked. Sasori sighed, "you got knocked out by some bitch and I was left to fight her off. Don't worry I killed her" Izohiko nodded, "anything else?" "Deidara called saying Haden said to meet at the spot" the blue haired male nodded, "let's go before anything else go wrong" Sasori nodded in agreement.

The two teens ran faster and father, "are we al-almost there?" Deidara panted. "y-yeah" Haden wheezed. They were so close. He could almost see Izohiko's car now...wait! That was his car! "finally!" he smiled. Deidara saw his reaction and smiled back. Despite their aching muscles, they kept running.

Sasori and Izohiko were getting out of the car at the time and were excited to be seeing their loved ones.

Deidara nearly burst into tears, but a glimmer caught his eyes. "huh?" he turned his head and saw a harpoon like weapon coming straight for him. Haden noticed the blonde slowing down and went wide eyed also. "Deidara!" the redhead pushed the blonde against the wall. Deidara stared and gaped as the weapon impaled itself into the redhead's chest.

Izohiko and Sasori came running. All the blonde could do was stare at Haden as he fell. The redhead turned his head towards the blonde, "h-heh...stupid blonde...S-S-Sasori would kill me...if I let anything ha-happen to you" he coughed and smiled, "don't look b-be sad, okey?" Izohiko came over to the redhead and gently picked him up and placed his head into his lap. "Haden...damnit..." the redhead smirked, "baka...don't cry, it's not fitting" he lifted his pale hand to Izohiko's cheek and wiped the tears running down his face.

Sasori frowned and walked over to his blonde, "come on, Dei." he held out his hand. The blonde took it and stood shakily. Izohiko turned to the couple, "just take my car, Sasori. I'm going to stay with Haden. You two need to get out of here. Take care" the older redhead pressed his lips in a thin line and nodded. Deidara followed the redhead, hand in hand. They stayed quiet until they got into the car. "where are we going, un?" Deidara whispered. "I don't know, yet. But it'll be a place no one will find us" he grabbed the blonde's hand and kissed it. Deidara smiled small and nodded. "we'll leave and never look back."


1. this car is the shit! Its like 5 seconds faster than the Lamborghini and is amazing! Seriously! Look this car up. I'm not really into cars, but dammmmn I want this car...but the price is around 300,000 dollars ^_^; so expensive...

2. Lol this happened to mai friend's brother...except he wasn't be chased because of the reason in the story. Long story short, he got hi gf prego, they fought, he wants to keep the baby, she says it wasn't even his, he's furious, walks with mai friend around his gf's house, then her parents start chasing down the road with their car...it's funny really XD