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A/N: this takes place about an hour after voldemort's death. There are a few changes in the background but most of it is cannon.

Harry Potter and the new world.

Chapter one

It's done. Voldemort is dead and there's peace in Britain, again. Harry Potter should be celebrating. He should be drinking butter beer with his friends and hugging his family. Just a couple problems: He doesn't have a family and his friends are mourning the loss of Fred and Ginny Weasley. Fred was killed by a curse in one of the corridors while laughing with his twin brother George. Ginny was killed while dueling with Bellatrix LaStrange in the great hall. Harry remembered both deaths vividly in his grieving state. Both were akin to family to him. Fred was like an older brother that he always wished for, while Ginny…

There have been two people In Harry's life that he truly loved. Hermione Granger was one. She was also one of his best friends and his best mate's girlfriend. Ginny Weasley was the other. He was truly happy last year when he and Ginny were together. He could just sit and talk with her about everything they did that day or they could just sit in the Gryffindor common room in his favorite plush chair by the fireplace with her on the floor leaning against his legs in comfortable silence.

But she was dead now. He couldn't save her. He was trying to make his way to voldemort and he couldn't get to her in time. He tried to keep her in the room of requirement, away from the battle. She was headstrong and wouldn't listen. He begged, pleaded, ordered and tried to reason with her, but LaStrange killed her. And it was because he couldn't save her.

Now Harry was looking on as the Weasleys ,minus two, were crying and mourning their lost family members. Fred was almost catatonic. Percy was manic in his guilt. He felt horrible for his betrayal of his family two years ago. Bill was crying silently while trying to console Fleur. Charley was quiet, almost not accepting it. Molly was beside herself. Sobbing and trying to will it not to be while burying her head into Arthur's shoulder. Ron looked furious. He had his arms around Hermione while she cried and glared at the prone body of Bellatrix LaStrange. The Insane witch wasn't dead, but close to it thanks to Molly.

Harry watched it all from a distance, silently wishing he belonged to one of the many groups around the great hall. He watched as the Patil twins hugged, laughed, and cried in relief. He watched as Neville Longbottom sat and slowly drank his butter beer in disbelief of the courage he showed in the face of the most powerful dark wizard of our time. He watched a forlorn Andromeda Tonks held the baby Teddy Lupin and cried silently over her daughter, Nymphadora, and her son-in-law Remus Lupin. He watched the teachers try to help the grieving families and students. He finally looked down at the body of his beloved Ginny.

Slowly, he knelt down next to her and picked up her hand. Only then, when he touched her, did he start to weep. Harry's sobs wracked his body and shook him to his very foundation. He sat down next to her and just cried for his lost love.

Headmistress McGonagall announced that the memorial services would be held the following week and anyone needing a place to stay, be it for lack of a home or in need of council, were welcome to stay at the castle until the next term. Meanwhile Harry never left the side of Ginny, Lupin or Tonks. (they were close to each other). He had stopped crying almost an hour ago but remained by their (her) side.

That is until a familiar hand touched his shoulder. He turned his head to see Arthur Weasley standing there. Behind him was his family.

"Harry, I understand how you feel, but there is nothing more you can do for her, now. You need to eat something and some rest. Charlie will take you to your old dorm and make sure you are not disturbed so you can sleep." he said solemnly.

Harry just nodded, but he didn't let go of Ginny's hand.

"Harry, go on. You've done enough." he said, gently.

Ron huffed at this, but said nothing.

Finally Harry let go of Ginny's limp, cold hand and allowed himself to be led out of the great hall.

Hermione watched him go feeling a hurt for him that she almost couldn't stand. He had lost so much in his seventeen years. Was this the final blow that would end him? Is it possible that she has lost her best friend? Fresh tears came down her cheeks for all of Harry's emotional scars and these new wounds that she didn't know whether or not would heal.

As Harry was led up to Gryffindor tower, he was thinking the same things as Hermione. He honestly didn't know if he could come back from this. He didn't know that it would hurt so much. He looked forward to the freedom of a world without Voldemort, but the price weighed on him. As they neared the portrait to the of the fat lady, Charlie stopped and turned Harry to look at him. He said "On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for all that you have done. Without you…"

He was cut off by Harry's sobs and his broken voice.

"N,n,n,no. Please, d,d,don't th,thank me. I d,d,d,didn't earn it. She … she's d,dead because I couldn't save her. And Fred, too. I f,f,f,failed." he said between sobs.

Charlie looked confused for a moment. This boy just faced the most powerful, evil, dark wizard in of the age, and won. He saved countless lives, and rid the magical world of the repression Voldemort would bring. He did all of this before his eighteenth birthday, and he believes that he failed. How much did he love Ginny? By the way he looks, you'd think he lost his wife. Maybe that was what was hurting him most. Maybe Harry was hoping to marry his little sister. Charlie would've been most glad to have seen Ginny marry someone as devoted as Harry Potter.

He shook those thoughts away for the time being and looked at Harry.

" You haven't failed anything, Harry. Fred and Ginny took their chances, same as you and me. Hell, you even tried to make her stay in that room and away from the fighting. And you know there was no way to keep Fred out of the fight. And though it hurts, I know that Fred died the way he wanted to. He died laughing." He said to Harry, who had calmed enough to let Charlie continue leading him to bed. "no one blames you for anything. Least of all us. You'll see. Everything will get easier in time." he continued as the fat lady swung open without a password.

"Oh and by the way," he added sadly, " thank you for loving my sister. She was happy knowing that you did."