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Harry Potter and the New World

Chapter 13

Harry, Hermione, and Ron were in the foyer. They had decided to go back to the other world for a month or so before Harry and Hermione returned to spend the rest of the year with the Potters. It had been discussed by those involved that Harry had responsibilities in his world that couldn't be ignored. Primarily his godson who was, like Harry, an orphan. He would spend as much time as he could with his new family come 'home' at least once a week for dinner and spending all of his holidays there. Halfway through his school holidays he would return to the other world to get Hermione and Ron so he could spend some time with his friends that he had been through so much with.

But this was the part of the journey home that Harry dreaded the most. Saying goodbye to his newly completed family, He looked over at his mother, Father, and little sister. The two women had tears freely rolling down their cheeks and James had them glistening in his eyes. He walked over to his father, and embraced him firmly.

"I'll be home in a month or so, Dad." he said in a whisper.

"I know, son." James said sadly. "Just remember that this is your home, whenever you want it to be."

Harry released his father nodding, turned and picked up Jasmine in a fierce hug, making her giggle. "You behave yourself, and maybe I'll teach you some new things when I get back." he said.

"What kind of things?" she asked excitedly

Harry chuckled and said "The kind of things that will make McGonagall pull her hair out."

She giggled again and nodded. "Deal."

Finally he turned to his mother and looked into eyes that were so much like his. "Thank you." he said before hugging her tighter than he ever hugged anyone.

"Whatever for, Harry?" she asked as she returned the hug with as mush force.

"For being my Mum." he said with tears in his voice.

She pulled from the hug and held his face in her hands, looking into his eyes. "Believe me when I say that the pleasure is all mine."

She let go of Harry so that she could hug Ron and Hermione. She lingered a bit with the brunette witch and whispered something in her ear. Hermione smiled and nodded as she grasped Harry's hand.

Jasmine also hugged them telling Hermione in no uncertain words that if she breaks Harry's Heart then she break Hermione's head. But she said it with a smile. Hermione smiled and promised to be good to Harry, and the Girl seemed satisfied.

Ron, on the other hand was looking a bit out of place. He was used to all the family emotional stuff, but usually it was his mum breaking ribs by hugging everyone within range. He wasn't used to not being one of the kids. He was pulled out of these thoughts by a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to look in the brown eyes of James Potter.

"I would like to thank you and your family for looking after my son for all these years. From what he tells me your mother is just like the Molly Weasley we have here." James said. Ron nodded. "Than I think he was in good hands. Molly and Arthur Weasley are some of the most honorable and loving people I have ever met. Thank them for me, would you?"

Again Ron nodded. "It was a pleasure meeting you, sir." he said. "But, Harry looked after me most of the time. It's Hermione who kept us from doing stupider things than we actually did." he said.

James smiled mirthfully and said "I can see that, but I think Harry can thank her quite thoroughly for us." he said.

Ron paled at the implication. "If it's just the same to you, sir, I don't think I want that image in my head." he said and James laughed loudly.

The trio spent a few more minutes saying their good-byes before finally leaving Potter manor. As they walked a little way Harry decided he needed to talk to Ron about something that was weighing heavy on his mind.

"I'm sorry." he said as he looked over at Ron.

Ron looked confused. "For what, Mate?"

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his long hair. "It's just… That had to been terribly hard for you. Ya know, seeing, Fred. Seeing Ginny." the last part was said quietly.

Ron's face took on a sullen demeanor. "It was Hard at first." he said. "It'll be harder when we get home, though. Not seeing them and stuff. But I think I understand you a little more, now."

Harry cocked his head to the side. "How so?" he asked.

Ron didn't answer right away. He took time to put his meaning into words.

"I was pretty jealous of you when I found out that you were rich." he said. "I also thought you were barmy whenever you said that you'd give it all up at once just to spend a day with your parents or Sirius. I understand what you mean, now. I would give up a lot more than gold for the last couple of weeks I got to spend with my sister and brother again."

Harry nodded his understanding. "So." he said, changing the subject. "How do you like being a hero?"

Ron smiled. "You make it sound cooler than it was." he said

"It usually is." Harry said

Through it all, Hermione listened and smiled. Harry and Ron finally grew up.

Old World. The Burrow.

Molly Weasley was not doing well. In the last two months, two of her children had died, Harry had run off to grieve, and then Ron and Hermione broke up, now they were gone to find Harry. She was worried about her youngest son and the 2 children who were as good as hers. Merlin, what she would do to hear their voices again.

Arthur was at work. He was promoted again. He was now the senior ambassador to the muggle world. She believed that it was a job that Arthur would love, if he wasn't so worried about losing another of his sons. She was worried about Arthur as well. Since the war ended, he had started losing weight. He barely ate, and almost never slept. He spent most of his time working.

Bill and Fleur were spending the week at the Burrow to help with the new wards. Charlie stayed after the battle of Hogwarts, saying he wants to be where he's needed. Percy Spends as much time as Arthur at the ministry, trying to rebuild the connection to his father. George threw himself into his work at the joke shop, saying that he is going to invent a prank in honor of Fred and all the marauders that died in the war.

Molly, Herself, spent most of her time crying and cleaning her already immaculate new home. She was scared for her family. Both of her blood and her heart. She was just wiping down a counter in the kitchen when she heard the most beautiful music a mother could hear.

"Mum, Dad. I'm home."

It was Ron. She dropped her towel and ran to the den to greet her youngest son. When she stepped into the den she saw Ron and Hermione smiling at her. She wrapped Ron, then Hermione in hugs that nearly caused them to lose consciousness. When she released them, she was crying tears of relief. She studied them to make sure they had been eating properly, not saying a word. She didn't trust herself to speak yet.

After a moment to get her bearings she finally said. "Ronald, Hermione, It's so good to see you two!" she hugged them again. Then she remembered why they had left. "So was there any luck in finding Harry?" she asked anxiously.

"Yeah, they found me." Harry said from behind her, causing her to jump.

She turned around and saw him. He looked so different. Broad shouldered and narrow hipped. Long hair pulled into a ponytail like Bill's he wasn't wearing his glasses which caused his green eyes to nearly glow. But it was that same 'Harry Potter' smile that she had grown to love. It was her Harry. She said nothing as she pulled him willingly into one of her famous hugs and silently cried on his shoulder.

"Where have you been, Harry?" she asked without the anger that he usually heard with that question.

I promise to tell you everything as soon as we can talk to everyone that's here, Mrs. Weasley." he said softly.

"Oh, Pish Posh on this Mrs. Weasley nonsense." she said drying her face with a handkerchief. "You are an adult now. You can call me Molly."

Harry shook his head slowly. "I can't do that. I have too much respect for you." he said. "But, since you don't want me to call you Mrs. Weasley, what should I call you?" he asked.

"Well Harry," said Ron in a well rehearsed conversation "She always thought of you as an honorary Weasley." Harry nodded.

"And you do think of her as family." said Hermione smiling.

"That settles it, then." said Harry officially. "I'll call you 'Aunt Molly'. Of course, if it's alright with you."

The moment he said 'Aunt Molly' her defenses were down again and tears welled once more. She nodded her head and said. "That would be lovely, Harry, Dear." she gave him a brief but fierce hug and led them all into the kitchen for some tea.

Later that night, Harry was in Ron's room playing chess. Ron was still wining, but at least Harry was putting up a good fight, this time. They had a bet on the game. If Harry won, than Ron would allow Harry and Hermione to set him up on a blind date. He was willing to agree to this because Harry has never won a game of chess. However Harry said that if Ron won, he would buy the red head a Firebolt when he went to replace his.

As soon as Ron said 'Check mate', Harry heard the telltale popping of apperation. He smiled at Ron who smiled back and got up to greet his family. He waited for them to see Ron And then Hermione, who was helping Aunt Molly with Dinner.

After a few moments of Arthur and Percy greeting and talking with Ron Harry started down the stairs.

"Is dinner ready, cause I'm starving?" he asked on his way down

It was priceless. Arthur and Percy were staring slack jawed at Harry. He noticed that Mr. Weasley had almost drawn his wand. He stood there for a few moments in silence waiting for someone to say something. Surprisingly, it was Percy who made the first move. He walked over to Harry pulled him into a one armed hug.

"You have no idea how good it is to see you again." he said.

Now it was Harry's turn to stare. Percy never showed that he cared for Harry in the past. Oh he was kind enough in Harry's first four years, but never affectionate.

Mr. Weasley put his hands on Harry's shoulders. "Harry!" he said, "I almost cursed you, and you look so different."

Harry smiled broadly. "It's good to see you, too." he said. "I was wondering something." he said.

Mr. Weasley nodded for him to continue.

"I was wondering if I could call you Uncle Arthur. I already asked Aunt Molly. Ya see, when I didn't have anyone who cared, the Weasleys took me in and showed me family. I would like to be a part of that, if you don't mind."

The patriarch grinned and shook his head. "Harry you are already apart of it." he said. "But, it would please me greatly for you to consider me your uncle." with that they moved into the kitchen, where Ron, Hermione, Aunt Molly were greeting Bill, Fleur, and Charlie.

The three new arrivals looked confusedly at Harry for a moment before recognizing the green eyes and lightening shaped scar. Then they were around him, hugging, and in Fleur's case kissing his cheeks. They all seemed happy to see him, but Charlie pulled him to the side for a conversation.

"You look good, Harry." he said, "Does this man that you've forgiven yourself for everything?"

Harry looked up to the slightly taller man. "Mostly, I think." he said. "I mean, I know it's not my fault that they died. I know I couldn't have stopped it, but, it's hard. Hermione says I have a 'saving people thing'."

"Well, that's good to hear." said Charlie. "What's your plan, now?"

Harry gave a small smile "I'm gonna lead a life that they'll be proud of." he said happily, "in the case of my Dad, Fred, Remus, Tonks, and Sirius, that means I'm going to have fun. In the case of Ginny and my Mum, I'm gonna be strong and love completely."

"Good answer, Harry, now come on in the kitchen. Dinner's waiting." he led Harry off to the rest of the family and Hermione. "George is gonna go spare when he see's you."

While they ate, Harry asked about life at the Burrow. He listened as the Weasleys told him of their lives while he was away. Bill told Harry of his new promotion at Gringotts, Proudly stating that he was the first wizard to become leader of a goblin curse breaking team. George told him of his latest inventions each dedicated to a different trouble maker that was taken by the war. Charlie told him about how he decided to take a year off from the reserve to be with his family. Percy told him of Arthur's new position and of becoming his aide. The next subject of conversation was Uncle Arthur telling him about some things happening in the wizarding world.

"Minister Shacklebolt has been asking about you a lot, Harry." he said, "He wishes to present the three of you with the order of Merlin, first class."

Harry rolled his eyes at the thought. "I thought he knew that I didn't want anything like that." he said annoyed. "I only fought Voldemort because I had to. No one else could've beaten him."

Arthur smiled at him. "That, My Boy is exactly why you deserve the honor." he said amicably. "You put yourself in a dangerous situation, one where you knew that you might not live through, because it had to be done. So that the rest of us had a chance at peace. Whether you were a hero before or no, Harry, you proved to the entire wizarding world that you are. Furthermore, Harry, this is mostly for the community. They want to thank you three for all that you have done for them."

Harry returned the smile. "Thanks for making me understand, Uncle Arthur." he said, "However, I still never wanted this. But, since it's so important to shack, I'll do it."

They talked about that for a while and the new 'Harry Potter war relief fund' which benefited families that lost homes and loved ones in the war. 'They finally used my name for something worthwhile' Harry thought. He liked that people are going to remember him for more than a stupid scar on his forehead.

Once dinner was over, they asked him about where he had gone to. He knew that they had been dying to ask all night, but he decided to keep things light for as long as he could. So he began.

"When the battle was over, I was having a hard time coping, as you well know. My talk with Charlie helped a little but, I still couldn't take all of the people celebrating while there was so much death." he said sadly, "Hell, the reason they were celebrating was that I had killed someone.

Then, on the day everyone left Hogwarts, Ron and I had a row." he looked at Ron's face, which was filled with guilt. "I used the things he said as an excuse to get away for a while. To try and find a place where I could be anonymous. I need a place where nobody ever heard of Harry Bloody Potter.

"So I locked myself up in the room of requirement hoping that I could find a place to go. What I got there, was a wizard who decided to teach me dimensional magic. I jumped at the opportunity to get myself away from the world. Everything was bad here. I had no real family left. Ron Hated me, Hermione was worried about how you all were coping. I guess she figured that your needs were greater than mine. And she was right. Then there's also the fact that I had filled my purpose. The wizarding world didn't need me anymore, so why stick around. No one wanted or needed me, so I decided to leave."

He looked around at everyone. The men looked morose at his words, while Hermione was crying silently. Aunt molly wasn't so silent in her tears.

"You must remember that I was grieving at the time and thinking straight." he said, "So while I was there, my teacher performed a ritual that would return all of the magic and physical health that I lost through the years due to Voldemort and the Dursleys." he accentuated this point by gesturing his new physique. "This allowed me to have the power required to create the doorway I needed. I trained in several subjects and was trained to use weapons and battle magic while I was there. I did this for 16 hours a day for three months.

After I left the Room of requirement, I went to Grimmauld place and did everything I needed to do for the jump to the other world. A week later, I performed the spell."

From there he explained about finding Sirius and his Parents, about his younger sister and about finding a new war with Voldemort being waged. He told them of his rescue of the other Hermione and finding out that it was acceptable for purebloods to attack, rape and kill muggle bornes on the street. He told them everything about the order and Gryffindor castle, and Dumbledore leading the war effort. But when it came time to tell them of the final battle with Voldemort, Ron and Hermione took up the story.

"He was Brilliant, Mum." said Ron excitedly. "First he coordinated the Fight with Dumbledore, than he sent a letter that lured him to Hogwarts."

Hermione nodded "He actually killed dementors. His patronus was so powerful, it actually ripped one apart."

"And he shot this spell at Voldemort that I never heard of. Whatever it was it caught him on fire so hot that water didn't even phase it." said Ron excitedly.

Hermione nodded. "The incantation was Ignus Graecus. Greek fire." she said.

The Weasleys listened in rapt attention as Ron and Hermione told of Harry's battle prowess. They especially liked the part where Harry taunted and laughed at Voldemort. Ron laughed through the telling of how Harry appeared behind Voldemort, said 'Hi tom, and threw him into a wall. Hermione ended it with how Harry stabbed Voldemort and sliced vertically through his torso and neck.

Everyone was silent for a full 5 minutes. The story was completely unbelievable, yet they could look at Harry and see the truth to at least part of it. Finally, it was Bill that said, "That's quite a story, Harry." it was all he could think to say.

Arthur looked at him thoughtfully. "Dimensional magic?" Harry nodded so Arthur continued. "I thought that art was lost with Merlin."

"Actually, you've been using dimensional magic for ages." he said.

"What are you talking about, Mate?" asked Ron. "We don't know any. How can we use it if we don't know how?"

Harry looked over at Ron like a professor would to a young student. "King's Cross." he said, "Platform 3 ¾. Did you really think that they could put a huge steam locomotive on that track, out of sight of the muggles, without setting it in another dimension? The pillar that leads to it is the door to another dimension. It comes through another door into ours once it enters the highlands."

Hermione was enrapt with Harry explaining something so new to her. He had promised a look into his notes on the subject, but this was so much better than reading. Harry was giving an example of an obscure magical practice. She was just so excited that Harry could teach her something.

Ron looked at Harry as though he had just explained the universe to him in a few short sentences. "I never thought of that." he said with amazement. "That's brilliant, that is."

Harry shrugged. "Really, the theory isn't that had to understand. You just have to calculate the vibrational sequence of the dimension you want to go to, than figure out the best place to place a door. Once that's done, it's just a matter of opening it."

Hermione beamed at Harry. She leaned in and said "Did you know that you are very sexy when you are in teacher mode?"

Harry blushed lightly. "In that case, maybe I'll teach you a few things later." he said challenging her.

"I look forward to it." she replied coolly.

The next day found Harry walking over the hill near the Burrow. After nearly 30 minutes, Harry saw the strange twisted tower that was the home of the Lovegoods. Thinking that he didn't want to walk all the way over there he stepped into a pocket and stepped out on the stoop in front of the Lovegoods' home. He knocked loudly and almost immediately the door opened revealing the dreamy face of his good friend, Luna.

"Good morning, Harry." she said. "I was expecting you."

Harry smiled. "Let me guess. You told you?"

She nodded

"Did you say why I was coming?" he asked.

"No. I assume that you are feeling guilty about blowing up the floor in my room." she said noncommittally. "You really shouldn't. I understand and so does Father."

Harry's face reddened a bit. "Yeah. That was part of it. Sorry about that." he said. "But I actually have a gift for you."

She looked mildly interested. "Really? Why would you do something like that?" she asked.

Harry shook his head. "You really don't get that I am your friend." he said. "Sometimes friends do things for each other just they want to make each other happy."

She smiled at that. "That's nice, Harry." she said. "I guess I'm still getting used to having friends."

Harry smiled, "So, do you want your present?"

She nodded and answered without much enthusiasm, "Very much, thank you."

Harry's smile never wavered as he pulled a large box from a dimensional pocket and handed it to her. She took it and sat down on the stoop and sat it next to her. He leaned onto the wall and watched. She opened the box to see another box. This one made of glass. Inside the glass box were a number of large beetles with zigzagging horns jutting from where their noses should be. Each was a bluish color that changed to a green or purple depending on how the light hit their exoskeletons.

For the first time since he met her, Harry saw Luna's eyes clear and her smile was dazzling. She stood and hugged him with everything she had. Harry was happy to return the hug. He was glad he could make his friend happy.

"Oh, Harry, thank you so much." she said excitedly. "I've looked for crumple horned snorkaks almost my whole life. How can I thank you enough?" she was literally bouncing.

"You thanked me just fine with that smile and hug." he said laughing, "Just remember that you have friends, now."

She nodded happily. "Wait until father sees these. He'll be so excited."

Harry's expression turned serious. "Luna. I need to tell you something."

"I know, Harry." she said, "I can't tell anyone where you found these. And also that you are going back soon."

Harry sighed in relief. "Yeah that about covers it." he said. "I'll just leave you to show these to your father."

As he turned and started to walk, "Harry," Said Luna. He turned and looked into her clear ice blue eyes as she said, "I'm glad that you found your family. You deserve that kind of happiness."

"Thanks, Luna" said Harry with real gratitude. "Coming from you, I can believe that."

She smiled again as he walked away.

Later Harry and Hermione went to Grimmauld place. Ron stayed at the Burrow to spend time with his mother, who he actually missed. When they stepped through the door they were greeted by Kreatcher. Who bowed to them and asked them politely to remove their shoes as he had just waxed the floor in the den. The couple complied and stepped further into the house.

Both teens were amazed by the changes in the den alone. Kreatcher had done a marvelous job with the decorating and refurbishing. Hermione had told him that he had been working to make the house more comfortable while she was here, but Harry couldn't believe that this was the same house.

The den had solid oak floors that were stained a dark rich brown. The walls were colored a warm soft golden with burgundy sheer curtains and matching textured drapes. It held the same black leather furniture only renewed and cleaned making the room look very homey. The accent table as well as the coffee table was a deep mahogany completing the décor.

"Kreatcher, I can't believe how amazing this place looks." said Harry in awe. "Thank you."

"Master is Kind to Kreatcher." the elf croaked as he bowed.

Harry led Hermione to one of the comfy looking sofas and sat down with her. She seemed excited for some reason. And judging by the fact that she was a bit jittery before they arrived, Harry knew it wasn't because of the new look of the house. But he kind of liked the way she was acting. It was like when she had just found a new book and couldn't wait to start reading it.

"So?" she said expectantly

"So what" Harry said confusedly.

She rolled her eyes "So where are those notes you promised?"

Harry smiled as he realized that she had probably been waiting for them since he said something about them. "Now?" he asked teasing.

She growled at him, but was smiling. "Now, Potter."

He laughed, "Not just yet Granger." he said "first, I have a surprise for you."

She arched her eyebrow and crossed her arms as Harry stood. He reached behind him, into his dimensional storage pocket, and pulled out a white staff with a large emerald at its peak. She looked at the staff like it was a priceless work of art. What she didn't know is how right she was. He brought the emerald tip to his face and whispered "Merlin" into it. He pulled it away from his lips as a thick green smoke billowed out of it. Slowly the smoke took on the shape of a man and began to solidify until an elder, long bearded man stood before the teens.

"Harry, my boy, what can I do for you today." said Merlin.

"Actually," Said Harry, "I would like to introduce you to someone."

Merlin looked to Hermione whose eyes had gone large and round. "Is this the studious young lady we had talked about?" he asked

"Yes, sir." said Harry happily. "Merlin, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Hermione Granger." he looked to the awestruck woman in question, "Hermione. This is Maerlin Embrys. Most people just call him Merlin, though."

"Enchanted, my dear." He said as he pulled her hand to meet his lips. "I see Harry was not justifying your beauty."

She could barely find words. Finally she just said, "Thank you, sir."

"Girlfriend, you say." he said as Harry nodded. "Ah, finally you find the love that you had been looking for returned to you. I am sure that the world is a happier place, now that you have found each other in it."

Harry looked shrewdly at the elderly wizard. "You knew this would happen didn't you?" he asked

"Certainly not, Harry." Merlin said, "But I did hold out hope for you, lad."

Finally, Hermione found her voice. "Sir, you taught Harry how to go to other worlds." he nodded. "If you knew that he cared for me like this, why would you help him leave?"

Merlin smiled indulgently. "Because he needed to." he said simply. "He was in a state, to which, he needed to escape and find his own needs. And in doing this, he found not only his love for you to be more than he originally believed; he found the family he had always missed."

She bit her lip in contemplation. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." she said to herself.

"Precisely, My Dear." he said.

"Merlin." Harry said after a moment. The old man looked to him. "Would it be possible for Hermione to talk with you on occasion? I may have learned loads this summer, but she is way smarter than me. I think it would be quite the treat for her to spend some time with one of the most brilliant minds this world has ever seen."

Hermione beamed at Harry. Her smile grew even more when Merlin said, "Why, Harry, I believe that would be quite lovely." he looked back to Hermione. "How refreshing it is to meet a scholar like myself. Just call my name into the gem on Harry's staff, My Dear. I would be happy to converse with you whenever you would like." he Kissed Hermione's hand again and shook Harrys. "If there is nothing else, there is a matter that requires my attention." he bowed to the couple and left in the same manner in which he arrived.

Hermione wrapped Harry in a huge hug. "Thank you for sharing that with me, Harry."

Harry returned the hug. "How could I not introduce the most knowledgeable teacher I have ever had the pleasure to know to the book worm that I love?" He said with a teasing grin.

That night, she took Harry to their bedroom and proceeded to show Harry just exactly how much she appreciated it.

The next three weeks were busy for Harry and Hermione. Harry had decided to grant interviews to both the daily prophet and the quibbler. They all asked about his fight with voldemort (Harry was pleased to notice that no one was afraid to say his name anymore), his feelings before the battle, what he was doing since then, and if he and Hermione were planning on starting a family soon.

Harry answered all their questions without giving too much information. And as for the question regarding his future with Hermione, he simply said that it was too soon in the relationship to think about that just yet.

He didn't mind doing the interviews. His only concession was that Rita Skeeter would not be performing it. Beyond that he had spent an insane amount of time doting on little Teddy Lupin. He picked him up for walks in the park almost daily. He wanted Teddy to know that his godfather was not going to leave him. He even mad plans to come back weekly fro his parents home to spend time with the young metamorphmagus. He even managed to go to Diagon Alley so that he could replace his Firebolt and buy Ron one of his own.

At the beginning of his fourth week, he went to Hogwarts to meet with Headmistress McGonagall. When he walked into the office that was once Dumbledore's, he took in the room. On the walls were tapestries with the emblems of the four houses. The floor was just as he remembered it. It had polished hardwood with no carpet or rugs. But that was where the similarities ended. None of the strange devices that Dumbledore kept around were there. Instead, there were magical photos of students that she had taught in her years at Hogwarts. Harry felt proud when he noticed that on her desk was a framed photo of him, Hermione, and Ron in their first year, just after their exams.

He heard the sounds of snoring and turned to see the portraits of the headmasters in a room off to the side that he hadn't noticed while Dumbledore was alive. He walked over to the doorway and knocked on the stone arch. Hearing not a sound, he entered. He immediately noticed that at least 2 of the headmasters were only feigning sleep.

"Hello, Professor Dumbledore. Professor Snape." he said in a friendly tone.

The 2 in question pretended to wake up and looked at him. "Harry, my boy, I see that you are doing better than you were the last time we spoke." said Dumbledore.

Harry Nodded and smiled. "I am, thank you." he said, "However I was kind of hoping to speak with Headmaster Snape." he looked to the portrait of Snape and notice that the trademark sneer wasn't in place. Instead there was an interested expression.

"Yes, Potter." he said without the disgust usually found in his voice.

Harry cleared his throat, "I would like to show you some work that I have been working on over the summer. I think you might be impressed.

Snape arched an eyebrow. "You want to show me your work? Why is this?"

Harry said "because I can't think of a potions master that I respect more, Sir."

Snape looked startled at Harry's words. "You have been working on a potion?" he said after a moment.

"Yes, Sir." he said as he tool out the rolled parchment. "I have been doing quite a bit of research and I have had some help with it but, I thought that this formula could cure some forms of mental illnesses. I was hoping to be able to help the Longbottoms." he held up the parchment for Snape to read

The former Potions teacher read and reread the formula. After he read it for the third time, he went into deep thought. Finally, after what felt like ages he said to Harry "I never thought I would say this to you, Potter, but the work you had done in such a short time is simply outstanding." Harry smiled broadly at this. Snape continued. "I see that you have included different activating agents for separate illnesses. This work is simply amazing. I do believe that this potion may be able to cure the Longbottoms in time. You should be proud."

To say that Harry was surprised would be like saying the ocean was wet. Snape had never complemented a student. Even the Slytherins rarely got more than an approving nod from him. But to hear him say things like 'amazing' and 'outstanding' was just unheard of. So Harry did the only thing he could do. He blushed and muttered an embarrassed "Thank you, Sir." he rolled up the parchment and put it away so that he could show it to one of the mind healers in St. Mungo's.

"I was told that a student was in my office, but it looks as though you were intending to speak with a different head than myself."

Harry turned and saw Professor McGonagall standing in the entryway of the room. "Sorry, ma'Am." he said sheepishly. "The Gargoyle told me to come up and wait, but I needed to speak with Professor Snape and -"

"It's quite alright, Potter." she said cutting him off. "To what do I owe this visit?"

"I was told you wanted to speak with me about school next term." he said

"I honestly wasn't expecting to hear from you until next year when the school is reopened." she said

"I've decided that if it were important, it shouldn't wait." Harry said. "However, if you're busy, Ma'am, I could come back another time."

"No, Potter. I'm not busy." she said. "Only a bit surprised to see you."

"Yeah," Harry said embarrassed. "I've been getting that a lot lately."

"I expect so." she said with one of her rare smiles. "As for why I wished to speak with you, I wanted to give you your school letter early." she rummaged in her desk and pulled out an envelope. "It contains your courses as well as your head boy badge," she said.

"Head boy? But I wasn't a prefect." he said in amazement.

"Neither was your father." she said matter-of-factly "Also, I know that you are up to the task. I know of how you lead a group of students in your 5th year in order to learn practical defense. I know that you will be an adequate head boy."

"Thank you, Headmistress." he said. "Is this all you wanted to see me for?"

"Actually, Potter, there is one more thing." she said puling out another parchment from her desk. "I was hoping that you would take on a part time teaching position."

Harry's eyes went wide in shock. "Teaching?" he asked.

She nodded. "The post is for the first second and third years." she informed him. "It seems that our other defense professor is a bit… intense for the younger students."

"But what about my classes and my head duties." he asked.

"I do not believe that the position will hinder you duties as head boy." she said. "And as for your classes I can arrange you schedule so that you can keep up with them easily enough. For instance, you will not need to take defense against the dark arts. The board of governors has opted to consider your work against Voldemort as your NEWT. And from what I've heard in the portrait room, you have been greatly improving your potion making skills."

Harry blushed at the praise. "I've been working pretty hard at it, Ma'am."

"Continue to work like that, Professor Potter, and you will have nothing to worry about." she said as she handed Harry the contract.

Hermione was in the kitchen at Grimmauld place, Helping Kreatcher with dinner, when she felt Harry's arm wrap around her waist and hug her. She smiled and leaned into his embrace. She loved it when he tried to surprise her. He always did with a loving embrace. He will never know how happy he makes her. Just a simple touch from him sends her blood pressure through the roof.

"How did your meeting with McGonagall do, Harry?" she asked.

"Interesting." he answered. "Ms. Granger I would like to congratulate you on becoming head girl."

Hermione squealed as she turned around and hugged Harry enthusiastically. "Oh, Harry this is so exciting! I've been wanting this since I was 11 years old!" she said without letting go of Harry's neck.

"It get's better." he commented

She pulled away with bright eyes. "Are you head boy?" she asked excitedly. "Please tell me you're head boy."

He nodded with a smile. And she squealed again, while he laughed.

"There's one more thing I should tell you, Mione." he said seriously.

She looked at him excitedly but the smile wavered.

"I won't be taking as many classes with you as I usually do." he said.

"What? Harry, I was looking forward to studying with you this year." she said

"Well, I guess you'll have to make due helping me prepare lessons, I'm afraid." he said smiling, "McGonagall Hired me to teach defense to the first second and third years."

Hermione's eyes went wide with shock and excitement. "Are you joking? Harry, I'm so excited for you, I know how much you like teaching. This is excellent news. Wait till we tell the Weasleys. Mrs. Weasley is going to be so proud." then a thought occurred to her, "Wait till we tell your parents. Your mother is going to just be ecstatic."

Harry watched as she bounced and tried to get all of her thoughts into words at the same time. He couldn't believe that he had found someone so right for him. He lived for moments like this. She was proud of him. The fact that his parents will be proud of him just made the news even sweeter for him.

2 weeks after his meeting with the headmistress, prepared the door to the other world in his room. He redid his calculations for the trip to make sure that they were going to the same dimension. All was well. Hermione had spent the last week with her parents to celebrate the goof new of becoming head girl so that Harry could concentrate on his work. When she came home that Friday, Harry opened the door and the couple stepped through.

Ron decided to stay with his family while the couple was away. Though Harry believes that it may have been because of the date that George had set him up on with Susan Bones. Harry remembered the glazed expression that Ron had when he returned to the Burrow afterwards. He smiled as he thought that Ron's love life was looking up.

When Hermione came home that Friday, Harry opened the door and the couple stepped through. They stepped out of the portal to look directly into Sirius's wand. The marauder's hard face softened when he was who was standing before him.

"Harry." he said playfully, "You really should send some kind alert. I almost hexed you. Again."

Harry smiled. "What's life without a bit of adventure?" he said as he hugged his godfather.

When they broke apart Sirius gave Hermione a quick hug and said. "I suppose that you'll want to see your parents, now."

"Well, if they're available." said Harry.

"They are." answered Sirius. "But you may want to see Jasmine. She's been going spare." with that he led the way to his fireplace.

Lily was the first person he saw when he stepped out of the Floo. She quickly walked over to him and hugged him almost as urgently as she did the first time. They stayed in their embrace for a few moments until Harry insisted that she let him breathe. She released him and hugged Hermione firmly as well.

Only seconds after being released by his mother a black haired missile hit him in the chest, knocking him to the floor.

"Hi, Harry." she said sheepishly as she let hi up.

"Hey, Jasmine." said Harry chuckling. "Have you been behaving yourself?"

She smiled mischievously "I've been behaving as a marauder's daughter."

Harry smiled proudly at his sister. "Than I have some lessons planned that you will enjoy." he said

Her eyes lit up and her smile turned to an excited grin. "I can't wait!"

"Tonight, then." he said. He then turned to his parents. "You won't believe how much I've missed you."

James put his hand on Harry's shoulder and grinned, "I think I have some idea."

Hermione couldn't take it anymore. "Tell them, Harry." she said ecstatically.

"Tell us what?" Lily asked raising her eyebrow accusingly.

Harry pretended to think for a moment, "Oh, yeah!" he said, "Hermione made Head Girl."

Lily smiled brightly and hugged the bushy haired witch. "Oh, that's wonderful." she exclaimed. "We should celebrate."

Hermione put her hand on her hip and stared at Harry. "What else, Harry?" she said with authority.

Harry blushed as he mumbled something.

"What was that, Son?" asked James.

Harry shrugged his shoulders "I'm Head Boy."

With a congratulatory laugh and a smack on his shoulder James said "Good on you, Son. We have two reasons to party!"

"There's something else, Mr. Potter." Hermione said smiling.

Harry's blushed deepened.

"What other good news is there?"

Hermione started bouncing in place. Harry rolled his eyes dramatically "Go on and tell them."

The excitement shone in every feature when she said, "Harry was signed on as defense teacher to the underclassmen."

Lily turned bright eyes and a huge smile to her son. "Really?" she asked

James's smile was just as large. "We've got to get Moony and Padfoot here." he said. "They'll go spare when you tell them this."

The rest of the evening was spent with visiting and playing games and such. Harry danced with his mother while James, Sirius, and Remus took turns dancing with Hermione. Each telling her that they were happy for the couple, but if she hurt him, no one would ever find the body.

Right before she went to bed, Harry gave Jasmine a short lesson on dimensional teleportation. She listened in rapt attention and took Hermione style notes as he explained the theory. He demonstrated a couple of times by moving the two of them around her bedroom and then promised her another lesson the next day.

As Harry and Hermione lay in his bed that night, Harry thought of everything that had happened that summer. He had fought and defeated his most reared enemy. Twice. He had lost someone else that he loved. He found another world, a new family, regained his godfather and unofficial uncle. But perhaps the most impact thing about this summer was that he had found true love in Hermione. He looked down to the sleeping beauty in his arms and realized while he may have found another home in this dimension, he found a new world in her heart.


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