A New Life

In a dark cellar in the Komandant's house the concentration camp of MauthausenLisa Gronyitz lay. She was weak and frightened. Komandant Shultz had just left, so he could try to escape the advancing allies. Lisa was hoping that someone would come to her rescue. She was so weak and tired she didn't want to try to get up. She prayed that she would be found. She heard someone come in the house. The cellar door opened.

"Is anyone there?",asked a voice with an American acent

"Help me please!", yelled Lisa with all of her energy.

"I'm coming",said the voice as he ran down the stairs.

What he saw broke his heart. Lisa was so emacieted,but so beautiful. She must have only weighed 80 pounds. Tears fell down her cheek. He could tell by the red triange on her uniform, that she was a political prisoner.

"Hello I'm Lieutenant Douglas. You can call me Oliver. Do you speak English?",asked Oliver kneeling down beside Lisa .

"Yes,please help me get up. ",said Lisa

Oliver did so, but as soon as Lisa was standing she fell.

Oliver caught her.

"I don't know if I can valk up those",said Lisa.

The stairs? I can carry you. What is your name?"

"Lisa Gronyitz.",said Lisa looking at one the most hansomest man she had ever seen. She had a crush. She didn't know if he felt the same way. She hoped his heart was as beautful as his face.

"Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you looked?",asked Oliver.

Just then Lisa fainted. Oliver rushed to the Red Cross Hospital.