Chapter 10

1965 was another busy year for Lisa and Oliver. Before the Voting Rights Act was passed, Lisa told her friend's black maids, that if they had relatives down south they could write letters to their representatives and Senators in Congress about why they should vote for the bill. She told them Oliver had written many angry letters before and could send their relatives instruction and information on writing to members of congress, because he had written many angry letters before.

Eunice again was having trouble understanding why Lisa did not stop all this activism. Lisa was also getting tired of explaining it to her. Lisa was not as active in the movement that year. She spent more time with Eunice and talked about subjects that they both enjoyed like fashion and the arts. She still followed news about the bill. She talked to Margret who updated her with the process of the voting rights bill. There was something else going on at home that was worrying Lisa. She decided to talk Eunice about it.

"Motha I'm voried about Olivah.",said Lisa one day while having Eunice over for lunch.

"Why dear has he been ignoring you, is he ill?", asked Eunice with concern.

"Oh no he talks so much about buying a farm. I think he might mean it. I tell myself he can't really mean it.",said Lisa.

"I don't think he'd ever do that to you dear. I hope not." 'said Eunice.

" Vell I'll be very mad if he does.", said Lisa.

"So will I dear.", said Eunice

A few days later, Oliver did buy the farm and Eunice was furious. After Lisa had called and told her she stormed into the penthouse.

"Oliver Douglas!", she exclaimed.

"Motha,",cried Lisa

"I just couldn't believe it! What have you done to this child?",asked Eunice

Eunice sat down on the couch and Lisa laid her head on Eunice's lap.

There, There now Mother's here darling.", said Eunice comforting Lisa

After Eunice had realized that Oliver was very serious about the farm, she tried to persuade Lisa to stay with her in New York City. Lisa had decided that she was going to try living at Green Acres for six months. Eunice seemed so saddened by the decision. She continued to try persuading Lisa to stay with her. Lisa however was reluctantly ready to move to Green Acres.