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Chapter 1: Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. Tupac Shakur

I stood in the middle of a field….no more like a meadow and I felt the warm sun hitting my skin. The smell of the flowers surrounded me the peace of the trees on the edge of this meadow brought me tranquility I closed my eyes and suddenly I hear his voice. In I knew instantly that this peace was a dream. My stomach did that uneasy feeling it does when I am around him.

I open my eyes slowly and I take a deep breath. And I see him standing there with that smirk on his face; I swear I could even smell him. I didn't even realize you could smell in a dream. But like always, he made everything possible. I could reach out and touch him I wanted to reach out but this time he kept on walking closer and his hand lifted to softly caress my cheek, my heart started racing and suddenly I was thinking 'don't wake up let him kiss you even if it's only in a dream.'

I could see him lean and his green eyes… oh his green eyes that would make me just fall apart where fixated on mine. I could feel his breath on as he spoke, again can you feel someone breathing on you in a dream? Again, he could make anything possible. Slowly I felt his lips hovering over mine. I kept thinking 'don't wake up, please just don't wake up.' Suddenly he spoke ever so softly and in a whisper "don't move" he said the words softly hit my lips and I was ready for the dream kiss… so ready. He slowly was getting closer and it was going to happen, I was finally going to kiss him. The anticipation was unbearable, it was a reality, and this dream was going to be the best one yet….

Realty hit as my alarm clock went off; I officially hated the damn thing. I groaned into my pillow cursing at myself for not setting it for only 10 minutes later. I hit the snooze button to see if I could go back to the best dream ever. Like always it did not happen.

I dragged myself out of bed and decided that it would be the last time I dream about him. It just isn't healthy; not that I had any control of my dreams but I figured if I stop thinking about him during the day it would stop my subconscious at night.

Turning the shower on, I could hear Rose arguing on the phone. Probably with Emmett, for those two fighting is more like foreplay. I don't get it but if they seem to be happy with the constant bickering who am I to judge a relationship that has lasted five years.

Rose is my roommate we went to high school together. Emmett and Rose are what you call high school sweethearts. They're not, however, that couple that makes you nauseated on how in love or sweet they are with each other. No they are constantly making fun and berating each other any way they can. If they embarrass each other at least twice a day it was a good day in their books.

They are the couple I admire, they don't let bullshit get in between them and when there is no one around they can be a couple you want to just shoot because they are very affectionate with each other. I have only seen it since I live with her and I am bound to catch them in their sweet moments.

As I finish getting ready, I walk out to our small hallway the scent off freshly brewed coffee hit my nose already perking me up. I see Rose standing making her lunch.

"Good morning, sunshine" Rose greeted a little too enthusiastically.

Rose obviously sees it's one of those mornings where I wanted to stay in bed. She just doesn't know why.

"It seems like you're ready to face the world today, you seem so chipper" she added in that sarcastic tone of hers.

"Good morning Rosalie, I see you woke up on the right side of the bed or did that argument you had with Emmett get you all hot in bothered already."

"Oh Bella you know me all too well, but I was really mad at him; you know what he did without telling me?" she said, genuinely annoyed

"What did he do; besides putting up with you mood swings?" I said grabbing a cup of much needed coffee.

"Very funny Bella but even you are going to be annoyed at Emmett."

"OK, OK just tell me already what is so bad"

"We are going on a double date…" she said in a disgusted voice

"What's so bad about that? You like people, I think, or is it someone you don't like? Because if it is you could just tell him and he will cancel; you know he will walk to the ends of the earth to make you happy."

"If it were that easy I wouldn't be as annoyed as I am but since it's his family I can't really do anything about it."

"I thought you liked his parents? Is he trying to double with Alice and Jasper but you have doubled with them before." as soon as I spoke the words I realized which family member she was talking about.

"Wait, don't tell me their back?" I said trying to keep my voice out of frantic mode.

"How is it, Bella that you don't know when your big sis is back in the states?" She said emphasizing the big sis part.

"Please she is not my sister, god I hate when you …hell when anybody refers to her as such"

The thought of Tanya being back in town made me almost not want to drink my coffee worrying that I might just throw it up if the idea stayed in my head to long. There are just two things Renee ever did that have me questioning her loyalty to her own child. One the fact that she left my dad without any notice, just a simple letter on the counter saying how she needed time to find herself and rediscover what life is about. She dragged me around for 3 years through questionable states, cities, and around people. The second thing, that even though she finally found joy with Phil, this joy came with a child of his own.

When she first told me she was getting remarried I had already been living back with Charlie for a year. I had to put my foot down when she wanted to join the circus. I respect the carnies but I sure as hell did not want to be one of them. So I told her that I needed stability and I missed him. Letting her continue on her own path of rediscovery.

Life with Charlie was simple and routine much like us both. I think it annoyed my mother that as she ran away from him I was the same as him. When my sophomore year started she called me one late fall day to tell me she had found "the one". She had found "the one" 16 years ago in Charlie but apparently he was only it for the time being. She went on and on about how fun and carefree he was and how he enjoyed all kinds of things that got your heart pumping and blood flowing. I remember thinking I hope she was referring to extreme sports. You never knew with that woman.

A few short months later not only did they have a shot gun wedding in Vegas they were now moving to Forks because Phil got a coaching job at the college for baseball since when he was younger he was in the minors. It was almost comical how she ran away from this place only to come back to it.

When they got settled she invited me to live with them but I couldn't leave Charlie. Whereas he had only me, my mom got an instant family within a few months.

I initially had nothing against the girl, we had talked on the phone a few times and she referred to me as her "lil sis" since she was a whole 9 months older than me. She didn't seem that bad in our occasional phone calls before the big move.

She became the vain of my existence once she started going to high school with me. Not only did she have long blond hair, sky blue eyes and legs that apparently would not end, and a mother and a father in the same home. She also managed to pull off straight A's without any effort, which was a feat because nobody partied as much as Tanya. I didn't care that I had brown hair brown eyes and the height of five foot nothing. I didn't care that my G.P.A was not a 4.0 because of gym. The only thing that I was jealous of her about was that she got the one thing I could never get. That was the man in my dreams.

"Hello earth to Bella, come in Bella" Rose said as she waved her hand in front of my face.

Shook my head coming out my thoughts "yea, what?"

"Well as I was telling you before you transported yourself to another place, Edward and Tanya are back and Emmett wants to make them a homecoming dinner. That is why I get stuck dealing with her and you have not seen her in like a year, while she is your sister." Rose huffed as she explained.

"That's because I avoid things that are bad for me and she is on top of that list." I rolled my eyes and took a big gulp of the deliciousness that is my white mocha coffee

"I get why you don't like her I mean she is so, so, just so…Tanya. I would almost say you prefer a makeover than see her for five minutes." Rose said with an amazed look on her face. Yeah I hate makeovers that much.

"Truer words were never spoken. I would take a makeover any day than to actually have to socialize with her."

"Is this mommy issues because if it is I think you should talk to someone" she said sarcastically

"No there are no mommy issues. There are just issues with Tanya; she always made me feel uglier than I am and other things that I just don't want to get into because if I do I am going to be late."

I rushed to put on my shoes bad day to wear a pencil skirt… too late to change now. I grabbed a to-go granola bar and headed to the door.

"Have fun tonight with your double date!" I shouted running out the door smiling.

"Wait I won't see you after work; where you going?"

"I think I'm going to call Jake and hang out. The thought of Tanya back in such close proximity got me craving something strong with many shots in one cup."