A/N: This progressed from a discussion my brother and I had. Further proof that insanity is genetic.

Also, I must point out that yelling at cashiers/store workers is not nice. Don't do it. Yelling at idiots who don't know what they're talking about and try to force their parenting views on others, on the other hand…


"So how was the shopping trip?" Sam asked as Dean and Castiel entered the motel room. He'd been watching Robin Hood with Teddy while they were out, and was extremely pleased to have adults back.

"Cas made a lady at the supermarket cry," Dean informed his brother gleefully.

"What?" Sam gaped, unable to quite believe it.

"She was being stupid," Castiel growled as he started putting the things he'd bought away. He quickly picked up Teddy and gave the child a hug before replacing him in on the bed. "People like that shouldn't be allowed to breed."


"I dunno, dude," Dean shrugged as he looked at the wall of baby food. "Can't we just give him a cheese burger?"

"No. But you are partly correct, he's mostly too old for this." Castiel turned away after grabbing a couple of jars filled with mushed-up fruit. While Teddy was eating proper food now, he still liked some of the softer things.

"Oh honey, you don't want that stuff," a woman grabbed the jar out of Castiel's hand and offered a different brand. "You should be feeding your child this – it's organic!"

Castiel blinked and looked from the new jar to the old one.

"What's the difference? They're both made from cooked apples, yes?"

"But this one's organic," the woman gushed. "It's so much better for the little ones."

"Why?" Cas tilted his head in what Dean referred to as his 'Patented Confusion Pose' – which had just gotten another head-tilt when Cas found out.

"Because it's organic."

"And what does that mean?"

"Well, you know, it's organic. It's better."

"Organic," Castiel was starting to get annoyed. "Since I'll be feeding it to my son, who happens to be a carbon-based life-form, I suppose I should be glad that this is also made from carbon-based life forms. Now what exactly is the difference between this brand and the other?"

"Well," the woman was spluttering a little at the anger from what had appeared to be a confused father. Dean could tell that Cas was slipping and some of his angelic presence was seeping out, making him seem scarier than if he were human. "Well, this one's natural, so it's better."

"Hemlock's natural as well. Would you suggest I feed that to my son?" At the woman's confused look, Castiel glared, which made the woman back up a step. "You have no idea what you're talking about! So stop trying to tell me what I should feed my son." He proceeded to shove the food she'd handed him back onto the shelf and picked up the jar he'd originally selected, moving onto the next aisle and muttering under his breath.

Dean just followed, trying not to laugh as he caught some of the mutterings – apparently the woman was lucky that Cas wasn't taking the option of 'a good old-fashioned smiting' to knock some sense into her.