Title: Love Letter

Anime: Kuroshitsuji AU

Pairing: slight Alois x Ciel x Lizzy

Summary: drabble ….on the piece of paper, he wrote his feelings of "I Love You."

The teacher stood in front of the class as he lectured today's lesson. Students' ears were alert as they watched the teacher or took notes that may be on the next test. His voice went on deaf ears to a certain boy in the back…. Alois Trancy.

The blonde's blue-eyes averted to the dark teal haired boy a few seats in front of him. Whenever he sets his eyes on the boy named Ciel Phantomhive, he couldn't help his heart flutter when he sees his grin. A part of him thinks that Ciel is his "other half", the "one" just for him. Ciel's existence as a whole meant the world to him…

And yet, month after month, he had not admitted his feelings towards the other boy.

A thought popped into the blonde's mind. He took out a piece of paper and scribbled on it before folding it. He tapped on his classmate's shoulder. He whispered to the boy in front of him to pass it on to Ciel as he handed the boy the folded note. Alois watched with anticipation as the note was being passed on until it reached to the girl sitting beside his crush.

The girl tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a letter. He looked at her with a questioning look with her shrugging. She went back to taking notes in her notebook.

The teal-haired boy unfolded the paper and read its contents only to find out it was a love letter from Alois Trancy.

Ciel glanced back at Alois who gave him a loving smile and wave. The boy scribbled on the piece of paper before folding it into an airplane. The teacher turned his back to the class to write a math problem on the board. Ciel threw the airplane towards Alois desk landing in the blonde's hands.

Alois's heart beat with anxiety as he unfolded the paper, then he felt it stopped as he read the three letters….

"I love Lizzy."

Ciel glanced at the blonde girl in pigtails in the front row. Alois blankly stared at her before glancing at Ciel's response. Just those three letters…

His heart sank and filled with envy.