Summary: This story is set in India, where the Hogwarts 6th and 7th year students get to go on excursions to different places in the world, India being one of them. Our favourite Hogwarts couple, Dramione, go to India, as per their choice. Was it a mere coincidence or did they meet each other upon someone else's design? POST WAR. Dumbledore and Snape are alive. Ron will not be bashed in my story so the Ron fans can breathe in peace.

Palatial Love

CHAPTER 1 – The News

"Attention students," boomed the very loud and authoritative voice of Professor Dumbledore, "we have a special announcement to make." Pin drop silence filled the Great Hall. He then gestured Professor McGonagall to come forward to make everyone known about what she had to publicize. "This announcement is especially for the 6th and the 7th year students. Before I continue with announcement, I would like to say that those involved are to know that follows next is mandatory for all. No exceptions. Now, as I was mentioning, during the winter break, 6th and 7th year students are to go on an excursion to one of the 5 places that has been chosen by the teachers and approved by the headmaster. The excursion will be to the following places, Bermuda Island in USA, Stonehenge in England (?), Christmas Islands in Australia, Cairo in Egypt and Rajasthan in India." Upon this, the entire hall broke out in excited whispers already planning for the trips.

"Silence!" cried McGonagall. "Each one of you will be a given a form where you will be writing down 3 of the places you would like to visit the most, out of the 5 options. You also have to mention how many people will be in your group. Maximum number of people in a group should be 8 and each group can have students from more than one house as well. You will need to send the attached Parents Notification Form for their approval, which, upon their signatures, will directly go to the headmaster's office. The deadlines for your Options Slip and your Parents' Notification Form is the coming Friday. You should all know that although this is organised to help you get a break from studies, at the same time you will be learning about different types of magic that is used in such places and even the different cultures. The excursion trip has also been organised in lieu of celebrating the victory of Mr Harry Potter in The Final War." At this, Harry blushed and sunk deeper into his seat out of sheer embarrassment while all the houses except for Slytherin laughed at him.

"Now carry on with your work and do not forget to send in your forms on time. Thank you," said McGonagall and went back to take her seat at the teacher's table.

"Harry! Ron! Ginny! Let's go to Egypt! I have been dying to study the forms of magic they use. It is said to be one of the most powerful and difficult forms of magic in the world. It really is amazing! Please?" cried Hermione right after the professor stopped talking.

"But Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the rest of their family have already been to Egypt. It will be a waste of a good trip for them. How about Bermuda Island? I hear there are lots of exciting places to see and lots of exciting stories to hear," reasoned Harry, as both Ron and Ginny nodded their heads in approval.

"Trust me Harry, it isn't as interesting as it seems. I read about it in our first year and it bored me to death. If you want to know about anything in particular I could always tell you what I remember. Nope, let's not go to Bermuda Island," said Hermione.

"Blimey! This is a first! The Hermione Granger, bookworm extraordinaire, got bored of reading a book! Ginny I think we are in a parallel universe. Never have I heard such a thing from Hermione," said Ron while Ginny and Harry smothered their laughter but got serious upon seeing Hermione's face. If looks could kill, they would have been killed a thousand times already.

"Well Ronald, I'm surprised that pea-sized brain of yours even knows about such a thing as a parallel universe. You surprise me," bit back Hermione.

"You underestimate me Hermione," grinned Ron, "I know I'm not as smart as you but I am not THAT dumb. I only used to pretend I was extremely dumb back in those days just to get your attention. And since I don't need that after our break-up, I'm back to my actual self."

"No Ron, even before you met Hermione you were quite thick-headed," sniggered Ginny, along with the rest of the Gryffindor table.

"Hey guys!" interrupted Parvati, "Most of the Gryffindors are planning for Egypt except for Lav, and Seamus and I. How about we go to India? I've heard we will be living in actual royal palaces. They are known for their grandiosity and believe me; you'll fall in love with the place instantly. I've seen photographs of the time when my parents went for their first honeymoon. They're beautiful," gushed Parvati.

"Yeah, it sounds cool. Even I have seen the pictures of the palaces in muggle newspapers. They really do look very grand. So now we have 7 in our group and we need one more. Hey, how about we invite Luna? What say Hermione?" asked Harry.

"Sure, Luna is cool. Can you go ask her now Ginny? But about India as our destination, I don't know much about it. I tried finding books in the Hogwarts library to read up on their ways of magic, but never got it. I really want to know about it so that I can be prepared when we are taught new forms of magic. Maybe it's hidden somewhere behind that row I looked in 4 years ago. Maybe it's in the row behind the Magical Lands section. I think the collection continues beyond that single row. Hmmm," said Hermione thoughtfully.

"Woah, Ginny! This day has to be recorded in history. In one single day, Hermione Granger reveals that a book bored her to death and that SHE DOESN'T KNOW SOMETHING!" cried Ron, anticlimactically.

He got his reply with a heavy latest version of Hogwarts: A History aimed at his head, which he, unluckily, couldn't avoid.

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