Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling as I'd expect anyone reading this to know, if you don't SHAME on YOU. Also this story is in response to the radio static's '30 Drabbles in 30 Days Challenge'.

Authors Note: As stated above, this story is in response to a challenge. Anyway story will center around Snape/Luna pairing, mostly from Snape's POV though the story is third person. I haven't yet decided if this will be one story or a series of One-shots, but most likely every chapter will be the part of the same story. If it changes at any point I will inform you.

Summary: They were so different, but she was just perfect for him. Response to 30 Drabbles 30 days Challenge from 'the radio static'. Snape/Luna centered, mostly post DH. Rated for language and just in case.

Thirty Days of Luna

May 5, 2011's Prompt: Sapphire

I. Doesn't Remind Me

To Severus Snape, life was one long and painful reminder that he was a giant failure. In his yet short life, he had made many blunders. Great blunders, of which he was constantly reminded every second of his adult life that he was paying for dearly.

Absolutely everything was a reminder that inadvertently he killed the woman that he most loved, most especially staring into those emerald eyes that her son damnably inherited. He supposed that it didn't help either that for the most part, he lived in a castle where he had spent a greater part of his acquaintance with her in. Only by walking through the halls, shadows od the past seemed to flash before his eyes, and he could see the red-head girl passing through the hall with a smile on her face and books clutched to her chest.

However, there was one thing that didn't remind him of Lily and all that her death entailed. There was one thing, or rather person, that didn't remind him of absolutely anything. One person, that he could almost look on with relief, because she was like nothing he had ever seen before or would ever see. Blissfully, she had eyes like Sapphires, instead of Emeralds. Her name, is Luna Lovegood.

The first time he set his eyes on Luna Lovegood, was during her first Potions lesson, being as he had missed that years sorting as he had been dealing with Potter at the time. However, nothing would have prepared him fro that first meeting. Though it was not quite as memorable, as far as Luna incidents went, Severus could still well remembered that day, even many years later.

As usual, he'd started the class with roll call, a usually boring and tedious task, but a necessary one nonetheless. When he got to her name on e the list and looked up, he was rather annoyed to find that no one had raised their hands. "Lovegood, Luna," he called a second time, his eyes dating through the many first years before him. Once more, he got nothing.

He was getting prepared to move on, when he noted that many Ravenclaws were looking at the same person. Narrowing his eyes, he saw a pale girl with wispy, pale-blonde hair sitting straight on her stool and staring up at the ceiling.

The girl was a Ravenclaw and he knew that he hadn't called her name yet. Noting that she was oblivious to her surroundings, he strode over to stand before her. Upon coming closer, he realized that she was humming what had to be the most inharmonious melody he'd ever heard. "You! Girl, what's your name," he barked at her from where he stood before her.

Her eyes snapped to him and Severus wasn't sure if he had shocked the hello out of her, or if that was her permanent expression. However, the color of her eyes shocked him. Even in the dungeons, they looked like twinkling sapphires.

"Luna," she replied in a sing-songy voice, that somehow managed to come off impatient at that particular moment. Before Severus even realized she had answered him and became extremely vexed by finding she had been who he had been calling for previous, she was talking once more. "Professor, are you aware there is a strong possibility that mimblykites, like dark and dank dwellings because they dwell in the shadows?"

"Mimbly- what?" he asked confused and wondering if she was having him on.

"I Inform you of this because the only way to counteract them is with cacophonous humming," she stated sagely, nodding her head very seriously. Many of her neighbors near by snickered while others were just looking on perplexed as Severus felt.

"Miss Lovegood... why are you not wearing shoes!" Severus said. He'd meant to tell her off for speaking such nonsense and wasting his time, when he looked down and became distracted by the fact that she was not wearing any shoes.

In response, Luna momentarily swung her feet and looked down at them. Being as she was eleven and a bit petite at that, her feet did not reach the floor and had previously been resting on one of the rungs of the stool. "I couldn't find them this morning."

"Did you misplace them? Where did you leave them last?"

"My feet," she replied, to which a few snickered and Severus just glared at her wondering if she was simply being a smart-ass. However, she rather seriously went on, "I sleep with my shoes on, when I go to sleep. I sleepwalk."

At that point, Severus had pinched the bridge of his nose, wondering what to do. He wasn't sure why, but at the time, he had simply decided to walk away and continue with roll call. He had already wasted too much time with the Lovegood girl and he'd felt he had more than enough of dealing with her already to last a lifetime.

From that point on, every second that somehow or other involved Luna Lovegood, only served to prove that she was extremely strange. However, he found her oddly refreshing. Though she appeared insane and the things she said were often stupid to him, she took him out of the mundane and provided vast moments of relief from his own head.

It took him a long time to see past her appearance, and akwardness, and the often times absurd things she said and believed to see that she was rather a beautiful person.

She was innocent, but not at all naïve. While she was young, he found she was also wise. There was a kindness he saw in her, that many others seemed to overlook because she was so bizarre. He soon found she was not only strong, but brave and that she was worth more than all the sapphires in the world put together.