Written for the Pairing Fic Exchange Challenge at the HPFF Forum.

Prompt: Dancing seemed like such a little thing before tonight. But then, she never thought she'd be sitting on the sidelines.

Pairing: Cedric/Parvati

Thanks to Rosalie's Revenge & Mew for being the best beta ever =D

Dancing had seemed like such a little thing before tonight. But then, she never thought she'd be sitting on the sidelines. She didn't like that - sitting on the sidelines and watching others dance. She was a glorious dancer, had always been. It was in her blood, her soul, her veins. When she danced, people stood around her for hours, mesmerized, dazzled. That was how she had expected tonight to go as well - she had wanted to dazzle, shine, and who better to shine next to than Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived? But things never went her way, did they?

She opened her pink cotton bag, took out her dancing ghungroos and fastened them securely around her feet. She then put a CD inside the Muggle disc player and clicked play. Instrumental music filled the Room of Requirement and soon Parvati was swaying to it. Her body moved of its own accord into the Tribhanga stance, a graceful S-shape bent at the neck, waist and knee. She moved her left foot, mirroring the movement with her right hand, and followed it with a demi-plie. Then her neck twitched sideways, her foot echoing the movements and her anklets creating their own percussive rhythms.

So lost was Parvati in her own world of dance, music and ankle-bells, she remained unobservant to the sound of the door of the Room of Requirement opening, nor did she see Cedric Diggory enter. He stood there, mesmerized by the swaying of the graceful dancer in front of him.

She lifted both her hands forming lovely pictures with them, and struck another pose, playing with her eyes, casting them coyly around. She held out her palm, all her fingers outstretched except the thumb and index finger, which were crooked. Then she raised her left leg and arm backwards, locking them together - Cedric could only stare, hypnotized by the sensual performer who was dancing a few centimetres away from him.

She spun on her heels - once, twice, thrice - circling around him, her head swaying, hair flying, until she lost her balance and he caught her in his arms, steadying her. Her sharp nails dug into shoulders, piercing his robes. Her hand slide down further, ripping the fabric and she fell to her knees on the floor in front of him. Tears streamed from her black, velvet eyes and he let her cry for a few seconds, not understanding the reason for the wetness of her eyes, then bent forward and pulled her up with him.

His hands went to his pockets and he pulled out a handkerchief, offering it to her. She took it hesitantly and wiped away the black eyeliner which had trailed down her face.

"I'm sorry for the..." Parvati began hesitantly, but soon realized she had no words to say.

"It's okay. Who are you?" he asked her, softly pushing a lock away from her eyes softly.

"I-I'm Parvati Patil."

"You're beautiful," he whispered, and she looked up at him, shocked by his words.

"May I have this dance?" he asked, shyly smiling up at her.

Just a note if you didn't understand anything - the dance performed by Parvati is an Indian Classical Dance, and ghungroos means anklets which have ankle bells attached to them.

I hope you all enjoyed it and I could do justice to the pairing and prompt - if you think I did, please review :D