QuickNote; Hello there! So this started on my tumblr when the idea decided to eat away at me until I stopped my work and started to write it. It's getting away from the fluff and cute I normally opt for writing, moving into something with maybe a little more substance - I just wanted to try my hand at something different [:
It's T since I really have no idea where this is going to go... If anything changes rating-wise; I'll let you know!
So as always - I hope you enjoy it! This first part is rather short, this is really more of a drabble than it is a story - but the next chapter is longer, I promise! Reviews and loved so so much!
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- Rosy, of the Living Tinted [:

Blaine wrapped his arms tighter around Kurt, taking in everything about his boyfriend. He loved how he could cosy into the lean muscles of his back, snuggle into his hair, forget about his world. It was here, lying with Kurt - who was almost paying no attention to Blaine's spooning while he flicked through a magazine - that he was allowed for feel safe. Kurt moved, to grip Blaine's arms that were pinned to his chest, to remind himself Blaine was still there; and Blaine let himself be happily trapped in the embrace, to remind himself Kurt was still real.

After a little while, the boys fell asleep in this position; still holding onto each other as if they were the only things that were important in each others lives. It was Blaine who greeted consciousness first, and after seeing the last glimpse's of the setting sun outside his boyfriend's window, he reluctantly slipped his arms out of Kurt's grasp. He put on his shoes in silence, left a note next to Kurt telling him he loved him, grabbed his school bag, and left the house.
As he headed home he felt colder than ever without Kurt's body heat to keep warm.

Blaine entered his house quietly, shutting the door with a light click behind him, but his Father must have heard his car pull up since no sooner has Blaine taken his shoes off to place next to the door, there was a yell from the living room.

"That must be my pathetic son home! How nice of you to join us!" slurred the lazy voice.

Blaine bowed his head, wondering which approach to take, but his thoughts were interrupted when his Mother rushed in, suddenly hugging Blaine as if she hadn't seen him in days - even if she'd only seen him this morning.

"Hi Mom, sorry I'm late home… I fell asleep at Kurt's." Blaine whispered in a decrescendo - so by the time he got to the end of the sentence he didn't even let himself speak Kurt's beautiful name out loud, just mouthed it so his Mother knew what he was talking about.

"That's fine honey, that's fine," smiled his Mother in return, "I saved you some dinner in case you haven't eaten… I've left it in the microwave, three minutes should be fine."

"Thank Mom, but I'm not too hungry right now, I'll probably come down later and grab it." He lied, but his Mother just nodded at her son knowingly. Blaine lowered his voice even more. "How is he tonight?"

She looked down her feet, sighed, then put on a brave face again and said: "Not too bad tonight. I reckon if you come down at about… half nine that dinner will be perfectly fine to just eat cold."

Blaine smiled, hugged his Mother, and then softly trod upstairs without another word. He didn't mention how the bruise on her face had evolved from a purplish strike to a broad yellowish patch that lay across her cheekbones. Nor did he mention how her eyes were rimmed red, and still puffy.
But of course he didn't mention it - he never did.