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April 2011
Prisoner report #273
Marvin Anderson
On multiple charges of Battery, Aggravated Assault, and Threats to Kill.
Attempted Murder charge pending investigation.
Court date: n/a
Status: Deceased

Prisoner #273, Marvin Anderson, had been taken into custody at 5:57pm 27/April/2011, with a blood alcohol level of 0.245.

He was questioned upon arrest, however was too aggravated and disorientated for the questioning to continue.

At 10:17am 28/April/2011 he was deemed compos mentis, and questioning resumed.

Upon his wife, Marie Anderson, waking up after sustaining traumatic injuries, her statement was collected at 10:34am 23/April/2011 from Lima General Hospital. Marvin Anderson was charged on multiple counts of battery, aggravated assault, and threats to kill, regarding the long-term domestic abuse of his wife and only son.

A charge of attempted murder was also under investigation, pending the official statement of his son, Blaine Anderson, who at the time was in surgery.

At 11:21am 28/April/2011 he pleaded guilty to all current charges laid against him.

At 12:13pm 28/April/201, on standard rounds, the accused was found dead in his cell. He appeared to have hanged himself with his belt. Upon arrest he was not deemed to be a threat to himself, however let the records show a psych evaluation never took place.

It is believed he took his own life after assuming his son was dead.

Let the records also show there had be no confirmation of his son's medical situation by any officer during questioning, due to Blaine Anderson's condition being too unpredictable.

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