England Gets Annoyed By

Yes, I was extremely bored even though I'm busy trying to study. It's all in alphabetical order, and fortunately, America tops the list. Probably toss in a couple OCs too just because. I call dibs on Malaysia. You may send in OCs. Don't worry if your OC is quiet. Poor guy needs a break sometime. I'm not that cruel too him. Ho, ho. Ah, and I'm not going to reference to recent events. It's too much of a pain, I think. I hope it's er, funny too. I hope I can update faster, since these are just little drabbles. I think I wanted to put something more, but I forgot.

If you're sending OCs, I guess I just need to know: name, personality and relationship with England. I've never tried accepting OCs before, so feel free to add anything else you want.

EDIT 6/5/11: For future OC submissions, please include a brief description of how he/she looks like. That's probably what I forgot?

EDIT 5/6/11: Found an embarrassing typo.

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Annoyance No. 1: America

"Yo, Iggy!"

England was just sighing contentedly over some Earl Grey that today would be a little down time for him. It looks like he spoke too soon.

"What is it, America?" one eyebrow twitched as the delicate china cup was gently replaced on its plate.

"Nothing," his former colony gave him a megawatt smile. "I'm just bored, so I dropped by to bug you!"

"Thank you for being honest," he muttered under his breath. Some... magic should be in order... what should he try casting?

"Oh, yeah, Iggy! Can I call some people using your phone?"

"You can, but you may not."

"Aw, come on!"

"Haven't you got a fancy phone of your own? Use that for Pete's sake!" he growled.

America pouted. "Stingy," he stuck his tongue out and left England's study to, well, call people.

He sighed again, this time resignedly. It was probably too much to hope that America would calm down once in a while. Said nation entered the room a few minutes later. There was a little self-satisfied look on his face. England felt a little unsettled.

"Everyone's kinda bored too. They're coming, separately, so don't worry!" he grinned and gave two thumbs-up.

"THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY BETTER!" rang all over the Sceptered Isle.

One down, who knows how many more to follow?