England Gets Annoyed By

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Annoyance(s?) no. 13: African Nations

Belgium apologized and promised to come by some other day, without bad feelings. He thought he should go over someday instead.

His garden was finally restored to its former... glory, say. It would take some time before the roses returned to their splendour, but at least there were no ugly gashes. He distinctly remembered the guys didn't add art to his garden though.

With apprehension, he opened his door.

"Welcome back, England!"

Several voices, somewhat sing-song, greeted him. They were quite happily making themselves at home, busy making simple craft and song.

It wasn't annoying per se, but he would really want to come home without seeing nations gather at his place. He sighed and said, "Suit yourselves..."

Kenya emerged from the kitchen with a large plate. "Oh, you're back! I made some food. Want some?"

"... fine."

The meat was delicious, he had to admit. Still doesn't mean they can crash out here.

Everyone there sans himself were busy chatting in their own tongue. Okay, fine, maybe he should open up more. He must reiterate he does not want them to invite themselves. Oh wait, America invited them, but he didn't. . . . . .


He woke up some time later. The nations had cleared up after themselves, as well as leaving some trinkets behind. He fingered a bangle idly. He should take a day off too.