I don't own Law & Order: SVU or any affiliated characters. Had to do it, was a great episode.

He came back home; it had been a long day at work.

The best part of his day was coming back to her.

He called out to his wife, "Honey, I'm back. Where are you?"

"I'm upstairs, Babe."

He smiled; he should have known where she'd be.

He headed upstairs into what was quickly becoming his favorite, well second favorite bedroom in their house.

She was in here often … she was always adding one thing or another.

He understood her excitement, he shared in it. He'd often come home with something himself.

He entered the bright yellow room next to theirs.

She beamed at him. She got more beautiful every time he saw her.

He couldn't believe how blessed he was.

How many men could say they were married to their best friend?

He walked over to her standing in front of the new white crib.

He kissed her savoring the feel of her lips against his, and then he wrapped his arms around her growing waist.

He could not have been prouder.

"How was your day detective?" She asked.

"You know the usual. But I missed you." He replied.

She smiled and said, "I know, I missed you too."

He asked, "So have you thought of any names yet."

She answered, "No, I haven't. I don't even know if it's a boy or girl. I want us to be surprised."

He said, "I hope whoever he or she is, I hope the baby looks like you."

She playfully said, "Well if the baby looked like you, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world."

"I know. Oliver if it's a boy, Livy if it's a girl." He answered decisively.

She giggled, "And you don't have a preference."

He answered, "All I need to know is this kid is ours. Yours and mine together. I love this baby already boy or girl, it's perfect to me."

She kissed him behind her and said, "Good answer. I love you so much El."

"I love you, Liv."

Elliot woke up, after realizing where he was… underneath his breath he murmured, "Damn."