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Narrator's POV

Whit loved it here. He didn't get back often enough these days. They hadn't stopped at the house first but he knew Embry and the others would understand his need to come here first, especially them. This was their place, and now his place and he was ready to finally share everything with the man sitting next to him.

This was his favorite time of year too and he knew Jasper and Edward had loved seeing their meadow this way. It didn't matter how old they had grown or frail one of their bodies became, every November they came. They only missed one when Edward was in the sanatorium.

Several years had passed after they first discovered the meadow and a gazebo had been erected, a place to come and rest or contemplate life. It was here all the important memories of his life had taken place. This is where Edward and Jasper told him that his parents had not survived the bombing at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1947; he was only eleven years old. There was a memorial stone representing them over in the corner that later became the cemetery. Now there were several stones erected there, among them his Grandpa and Grandma McCarty. He missed them. Gone too soon to see where his career had taken him and the tribute he had made to his family. There were so many memories, sad and good ones, too.

He chuckled to himself remembering the day before his high school graduation when Uncle Edward had caught him in this very gazebo with Tommy Martin. They were doing exactly what two very hormonal teenage boys would do with free time and a hankering for each other. That was a sweet memory, first love with his best friend and understanding from a man he respected.

It was here that Jasper had drug him kicking and screaming when he had gotten himself kicked out of St. Paul's, the very first semester he attended. He had come home rebellious and full of embarrassed pride.

"You are not my father," I shouted at Jasper with my arms thrown over my chest staring at him belligerently. I was mad at the way he was reacting to what had happened. I thought he and Uncle Edward would understand. "You cannot tell me what to do!" From out of nowhere, Uncle EJ spoke up. He'd been waiting for Jasper to bring me to the meadow.

"No, he isn't your father but you are old enough and have been raised better than to speak to anyone that way, especially Jasper or Edward," EJ shouted at me staring me down. Sternly he added, "Sit down, boy. We need to talk."

After my folks were killed, Uncle EJ and Aunt Kate had taken me in as one of their own. They had offered me the same love and acceptance that gave their own children. I'd never lacked for love between them and his grandparents and his Uncles. I had been raised better and I knew it. I was just angry at the world at the moment. Because when little Lord full of himself had made a crude and cruel joke about the famous faggots of St. Paul's, I had lost it. It had taken two students and two professors to pull me off the little shit. The Head Master had apologized to me and my Uncles but he had no choice but to suspend me for attacking the other young man.

Now his Uncle EJ stood glaring at him. Whit remembered his ass hurt like hell when he sat himself down rather roughly on the wooden seats of the gazebo that day.

"It's time," Jasper said to EJ as I watched. "I can tell him if you like." I had no idea what they were going to tell me but instinct said it wasn't going to be easy or good to hear.

"No, I think he needs to hear it from me," EJ said suddenly looking…afraid. "But stay, if you don't mind?" Uncle Jasper nodded and sat down beside me. I'd never seen the big hulk of a man, my uncle, look afraid of anything but he was.

"Whit, please, let me get this all out before you start asking questions or…yelling. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to say it again," EJ said looking straight at me, his eyes shining with tears.

"A long time ago, you dad and I were in love with the same girl, your mom," the big man's shoulders shuddered. "You already know that Lily and your dad married and I went away to medical school for a few years," he continued then stopped again looking out across the meadow as if he were seeing the past.

"When I returned, it was to find Lily distraught and Masen miserable. They had wanted nothing more than to have a family and it appeared that Lily was not able to conceive and when she did the pregnancy terminated early. You mom God bless her, got it in her head that maybe she could have what she so desperately wanted with…someone else," he put his hand up and added firmly. "Wait!" when he saw my reaction to his words.

"Do not judge her or anyone else until you've heard it all. Yes, she was wrong but it wasn't until after she had spent the night with another man that she realized just how wrong she was. And this other man, he loved her too much to say no as wrong as he knew it was. You're a grown man now, Whit, you know what goes on between a man and a woman or two men for that matter. The other man sent her to her husband, never to speak of that one night ever again. He grieved the loss of her and moved on with his life. He was sure he would never love again and completely willing to make the sacrifice to see her happy," EJ sighed deeply bringing his eyes back to mine.

I didn't have to be told who the man was and I honestly didn't know what to think or feel about what he had said. What confused me was what he was trying to tell me.

"Several months later, your mother discovered she was pregnant with you. It was the happiest time of their lives, you dad and mom," he said, a warm smile spreading across his face. "Then it was long after he met his soul mate and everything seemed to fall in place for them all." Lost in thought, he paused for a long moment.

"When we got the news about Masen and Lily being killed, we were all heartbroken. You were just a kid," there were tears in his eyes again. Jasper stood and went to wrap my EJ in a fierce hug.

"We all decided that it was for the best to keep everything as it was and wait until you were old enough to understand," Uncle Jasper had said. "You're a man now, Whit. You understand that humans are…well human. They love, they grieve and they make mistakes along life's way. Lots of mistakes but it doesn't make them any less loving parents, partners or family members."

"So was I a mistake? Is that what you are trying to tell me by saying all this," I asked, not knowing whether I was more hurt or angry.

"Hell no!" EJ yelled. "There was never a baby more wanted than you were! I'm trying to tell you that no one could ever take the place of your dad. I didn't want to try but I loved you as if you were mine whether you were or not. I'm here for you now and I'll be here whenever you need me in the future. We just thought you should know."

My Uncle EJ was a big man and it stirred something deep in me to see the tears rolling down his cheeks and the fear in his eyes. I wondered what on earth he could be afraid of then it dawned on me. He thought I would hate him. Reject the open offer of his continued love and support.

I rushed to envelope him in a fierce hug. I could feel the sigh of relief course through him at my show of affection. I saw Uncle Jasper nod his head in approval and knew I had to choose my next words carefully. I released EJ and faced him straight on. I grew up in that moment and I never forgot that another's person feelings were more important than my own, especially when you loved them.

"Masen McCarty is and will always be my father regardless of whether he sired me or not," I saw the light dim in EJ's eyes just a little. "But, I needed you when I was a child, I need you now and I will need you as I age. You will forever hold a special place in my heart…Uncle EJ."

There was instant joy radiating from the man, that I had more respect for than almost anyone I knew. It had taken much for him to tell me of how I came into being and that I was a wanted loved child. None of us ever spoke of it again.

The irony of the situation was that several months later Lord Shithead was caught cheating on exams and was kicked out too. Of course, his shamed family would never allow him to return to the hallowed halls of St. Paul's. I, however, was welcomed back the following fall with open arms and graduated four years later with my journalism degree, first in my class. Uncle Edward, Uncle Jasper and Uncle EJ had made the trip by airplane, their first overseas flight, to stand at my side proudly when I received my diploma.

A huge sigh escaped Whit's body and warm lips pressed against his neck and a soft chuckle filled his ear. Arms tightened around him, making him remember he wasn't alone in the gazebo even if he was alone in his thoughts.

"I can see why you love it here. I've lived here most of my life and I never knew this place existed. Of course, I would never have thought to come onto Whitlock Masen land," he laughed harder when Whit jabbed him in the ribs. "After all, I was just a poor Indian boy from the reservation."

Whit snorted and poked his finger in his ribs this time for good measure. Whit knew he was making fun of him again but that was okay, Whit would have the last laugh later tonight in their room. After all he knew all the man's weak spots and he flushed at the thought of touching him later on, in every single one of them. His cock filled and twitched when he thought about the reaction he would get biting into the tender flesh where his shoulder met his neck. Yea, he was going to enjoy that later.

"You've been too quiet. What has you in such deep thought? The book is finished, both of them. The one for the public has been on the best sellers list for over a week and it's going to go straight to the top and you know it. The other for the family is fabulous. They are going to love it. It's a tribute to the love and compassion of an entire family," he said twisting me to face him in his arms. "Me, they might not be so happy about."

Whit could feel his insecurity and I knew he had nothing to worry about. They were going to love him as much as he did. The realization that Whit did love him and wanted a life with him just like Jasper and Edward had came as a quiet surprise in his soul. It was right. This man was the one, his other half.

It wasn't going to be any easier for them than it had been for Jasper and Edward. The world wasn't any more accepting of their relationship in 1960 than it had been of theirs in 1905. It didn't matter because they would go through it together, just like their mentors.

Whit stood and pulled the other man to his feet. Looking at him was there ever any doubt that he would love this man and build a life with him. His man's shy nervous smile let Whit know it was his job to reassure him that everything was going to be okay. Whit ran his fingers through the soft black silk that hung down to Billy's shoulders, sought the soft sweetness of his lips. His love was such a tender soul. Whit would never let anyone or anything change that about him.

"Let's go," Whit said taking Billy's hand and pulling him back to the car that was parked at the far side of the meadow. It was a brand new fiery red 1960 Chevy Corvette convertible. Bought to celebrate the new books and because Whit just loved to go fast. Laughter lightened both men's hearts and they knew deep down everything was going to be okay.

As they drove away from the meadow, Whit took notice of all the stones one last time. The hardest by far to look on was the mausoleum built of marble. It was only big enough to house two coffins, side by side. Two massive solid oak doors hand carved by local men opened to allow entry to the building. An intricate letter J was inscribed on the right door and a matching E on the left. Above the threshold hung the Whitlock Masen intertwined W and M in a circle. It was beautiful but to think someday the owners would lay there forever side by side saddened him to the very core of his being. He wasn't ready for that day anytime time soon.

Whit's POV

The ride to the main house didn't take long but it was long enough for me to go over the problems we still had ahead of us besides the fact that we were homosexuals. Billy's tribe wasn't going to accept their relationship ever and he was virtually cutting himself off from his family and his heritage. He would have become chief of his tribe eventually after the death of his grandfather Ephraim Black. His father William Black Sr. had died in a tragic accident when Billy was just a boy. He had been raised by his mother to become the next chief. It had been Billy's dream of bringing a school to the reservation and now that would never happen. Looking at the sweet caring man beside him, Whit knew that losing his family had been a huge sacrifice for Billy and he would try the rest of his life to make it up to him.

The second obstacle was his with Whit's own family. Whit knew exactly who Billy looked like and no matter how hard the two men had tried they could find no proof that there was any family connection between the two men. Billy Black may look like the living reincarnation of Jacob Black but in his heart Whit knew they were nothing alike. Convincing his family might not be as easy. There were only a few members alive who had actually ever seen Jacob Black and some of them were in the house they were now approaching.

The house never changed. Every time I pull into its view, I'm struck by the deep feeling of home that comes over me. Just as I can't help the smile that crosses my face, no matter who walks out the door to greet me. Today that person is Aunt Kate.

"Whit," she smiled hugely wiping her hands on her apron. Her striking red hair was still just as fiery even though there were several more gray strands than the last time he had seen her.

"Aunt Kate," I returned wrapping my arms around her waist and twirling her on the porch where we stood.

"Put me down, you fool. I be too old for such nonsense," she laughed and kissed my cheek. "Welcome home lad. They're all inside," she said tossing her head towards the door. Then she noticed Billy standing a few steps behind me, "Now who would this be?" She eyed my man up and down with a little smirk on her face.

"I'll introduce him to everyone all at the same time," I answered and led him in beside me.

"Whitlock!" Uncle EJ exclaimed as he descended the main staircase. "It's about time you showed up. I thought you were going to stay in the meadow all day."

"Uncle E, so glad to be home," I said as he offered me his hand to shake. I used it to pull him into a hug. His gentle laughter, so much like Granddad's, warmed my heart.

Then the barrage of family came from everywhere. It seemed like everyone was there. My dad's twin brothers Michael and Liam with their wives and children were there. There was Embry and Riley. One look at Riley as he limped into the circle of family reminded me that my parents were not the only loss or damage to this family during the war.

Riley and Embry joined the navy shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and were assigned to a destroyer in the South Pacific after some very short basic training. The boat took a direct hit during a battle sending most of the crew to the bottom of the ocean. A few, including Embry, were rescued by natives from a nearby island who hid them and cared for them until Allied forces showed up. But there were a few unlucky ones, like Riley who were captured by the Japanese. Riley suffered a broken leg when the boat was hit and his stay in the POW camp was a nightmare he never spoke about. His leg was never treated and he had suffered with it sense. Neither man knew the other was alive until after the war was over and they had made it home. They had never been apart for more than a day since being reunited.

Riley's hand shake was warm and firm, Embry's hug even more so. Their stay was in the book, I wondered how they had liked it.

"So," I asked nervously.

"It was just as we had told you Whit, every word. Stop being so nervous! The entire book was true and full of heart. It was us. This family and we are all glad you wrote it down for the generations to come," Embry said wiping a stray tear. A voice from behind me spoke up.

"Yes, every word was true, the good and the bad. As for me, my favorite part was my home coming," the man's voice held a deep sigh as I turned to face him. "Dad loved that part too," Quinton said as he grasped my shoulder in a tight squeeze. "Welcome home Whit."

Quinton's story had been one of the hardest parts of the story to write. His hatred towards Jasper and Edward was difficult for me to put into words. It was hard for me to understand why he felt the way he did in the beginning. But after hearing him tell me about the months of wondering from village to harm to vineyard, struggling to find work just so the three of them could eat; I began to understand him just a little better.

After Quinton, Alec and Jane ran from the house that day, they didn't know if they were being chased by the authorities or some hired hand of Jacob's. They only knew that they couldn't be caught so they ran and they did what they had to survive. Taking odd jobs here and there they never stayed in one place too long. Nearly a year later they ran into a man who was from the village near the Martin. He recognized Alec and told them what had to their father.

Apparently, Jacob was quite mad at that point and tried to go after them on his own. His man servant stopped him and strangled him. They traveled back to the Martin to find that the manor had been deserted and stripped bare of most of its furnishings. One of Jane's friends from a nearby estate explained what had happened. Jacob's man servant, Charlie Tate, had killed him and after that most of the servants took what they wanted and left. Charlie Tate disappeared also never to be found.

Quinton's return was much like that of the prodigal son. He had learned much while he had been on the run in France and he returned to his father's a different man. A man much changed. He had a new respect for Jasper Whitlock and Edward Masen and he had finally learned what the meaning of love really was. He and Jane had been married in a small chapel in a very tiny village but when they returned home they renewed their vows in front of family and friends. Jasper and Edward watched their son with love and pride once again. Quinton, Jane and Alec became an important part of the family.

Quinton joined Embry in learning the business to carry on after their fathers. Alec, though several years her junior; fell hopelessly and passionately in love with Uncle EJ's younger sister Vicki. They married a year after their return.

A sudden scream shattered the quiet conversations carried on between people scattered throughout the house. My first thought was of Billy and I realized for the first time that he wasn't standing beside me.

As the crowd rushed towards the entry way, I could see Billy with a bewildered look on his face holding Jane where she had apparently fainted in his arms.

Quinton rushed past me to his wife. Billy was looking for me in the crowd but hadn't spotted me yet. He quietly handed the still woman in his arms to the angry man standing in front of him.

"What the fuck is going…it can't be…Jane," Quinton's emotions were both shocked and worried for his wife.

Billy pushed through the crowd to get to me as Quinton sat on the floor with Jane in his arms. Other family members bustled about them trying to help.

"I just needed a restroom. Kate told me where to go," Billy's quiet concern shook his large frame. "She saw me then screamed and I caught her when she fainted. I'm so sorry, Whit. I should never have come here." I could see the watery glaze in his eyes just before he tried to get around me to the door..

"Oh no, you don't," I said grabbing hold of him and pulling him back.

"Let me go, Whit. They're never going to believe us…or trust me. It's not their fault and I don't blame them," his words were cut short by the thumping sound of crutches and Uncle EJ's booking voice.

"What the hell happened here," he asked as he Edward and Jasper came from behind the staircase. They had installed an elevator leading to the upper floors a few years ago.

Jasper had suffered a stroke almost three years ago. The entire family had been shaken by it. To see the once robust fiery man in a wheel chair with the left side of his body drawn and useless had been difficult to say the least. He had worked hard to be able to use crutches, with help from EJ and Edward, on occasion. Seeing him put so much effort into each step and still dragging that left foot broke my heart, yet he was improving and his walking today was proof of that.

They both of them looked much the same as they always had. If not for the stroke, you would have never guessed they were both near eighty now. True there was much more white in the bronze hair than the gray in the blonde both men looked good. Laugh lines and a few worry wrinkles had not detracted from either man's good looks. The left side of Jasper's face was still drawn and the dimples only showed on the right side now but the love in him still shown through the blue to the rest of us.

Everyone always said that I was nearly the spitting image of a much younger Jasper. Secretly I hoped I looked as good when I reached that age and that I still had that much life in me. The right side of his face that had not been affected by the stroke curled up into a smirk. His eyebrow popped up as if to ask, "What trouble have you gotten yourself into now boy?"

I couldn't help but laugh which caused everyone in the room to turn and look at me like I'd lost my mind. Then Edward, who had seen the exchange between Jasper and me, let loose with his rich baritone of laughter and even Jasper's body shook with his own silent chuckles.

Mean while Jane had come around and was standing inside the safety of her husband's arms. Quinton, however, wasn't finding any of this amusing.

"Dad, I don't find any of the funny. Whit should have warned us," he said looking at Jasper and then pointing at me and Billy.

Jasper struggled for a moment to speak and manager a labored, "How?"

"He's right Quinton," Edward offered gently patting his sons arm. "If he would have told us, would any of us believed him? Would we have given this young man a fair chance?"

Edward looked at Jasper waited for a silent word from his other half. When he received it, he walked directly to where Billy and I stood.

"Welcome, Billy. It's wonderful to finally meet you," Edward said as he tried to wrap his arms around Billy's wide shoulders.

Billy looked at me over Edward's head and all I could do was shrug. I had no idea what was going on.

"How did you know? I mean, I never told any of you about meeting him again or us," I asked as Edward stepped to give me the same warm embrace. He chuckled.

"Well that is an interesting story. Let's go into the drawing room so Jasper can sit," he said as he helped Jasper to find a chair. He continued when the other man was comfortable. "Let's just say that Ephraim, Billy's father, came here several weeks ago demanding what you had done to his son," Edward said as he found himself a seat.

Billy and I looked at each other speechless and totally not understanding what Edward was talking about. Edward chuckled then continued his story after drinks were in hand. Most of the men had stayed in the drawing room while the ladies had gone to the kitchen to start the evening meal.

"It seems that during a council meeting Ephraim was reading signs in the smoke and what he saw bothered him. He saw you and Billy as young boys and the close friendship you had back then. Jasper and I remembered that though you never brought him here. Ephraim also saw you at the age you are now and realized you were much closer than just friends. He didn't go into details but what he saw must have been of an intimate nature," Edward finished giving Billy a chance to speak.

"So dad saw us in the smoke," Billy repeated slightly stunned. "I never told him about Whit because I knew it would never be accepted by the tribe. It was okay for us to be friends when we were kids but this…it just isn't done."

"We were so close as kids but back then neither of us understood the draw between us. Then I went to St. Paul's and Billy amazingly got that scholarship to UW. We lost track of each other," I added and grabbed Billy's hand again.

"So how did you reconnect," Embry asked pausing to fill the glasses of those who needed it.

"I was at that writer's convention in Seattle two years ago. You know the one I was speaking at," I offered and Embry nodded. "I was giving the main speech and had just begun when I looked out into the audience and there he sat. He was grinning from ear to ear and I recognized his eyes and knew he was immediately. I couldn't hurry through that speech fast enough. After it was over, we headed straight for each other. He'd filled out some and grew another couple of inches but I could still see my Billy in his eyes. We spent the whole night talking in a bar several streets over from the engagement hall. One thing led to another and well…" I got interrupted by Quinton.

"SO…Edward what did Billy say he saw in the signs after that," Quinton asked trying to change the direction of the conversation.

"He had seen a transgression of years. Like I said before, he saw them in their youth and as they are now, evidentially something he saw then led him to believe you were more than 'friends'," Edward chuckled. "I won't go into any details about that."

"Thank goodness," Quinton said releasing a huge sigh. The entire group broke into a loud chorus of laughter.

"It isn't that I object anymore and you all know that. I just don't want you placing images in my head to float around in there," he exaggerated a shiver causing more laughter. Suddenly my quiet man's voice broke through the laughter.

"You are saying Dad doesn't accept me…us," Billy added talking my hand. "I'm still not welcome in my father's home or in the tribe." Billy's voice shook a little on those last words. "I had hoped that in time after I'd been gone for awhile, he would learn to accept me again."

"Billy, it's going to be okay," I tried to reassure him.

"But my dream, Whit, the school will never get built now. The children need a school on the reservation," Billy's broken heart sang out to me.

"Oh the school is going to happen," Edward answered and then continued. "Ephraim also saw the school and…"

"Tell…them," Jasper's labored to speak shaking his head at Edward.

"There is more," I asked looking to both men.

"Yes. Billy won't become chief but his grandson will," Edward smiled hugely at the shocked looks on the faces of everyone in the room.

"Ephraim says he saw your daughter, Isabella, born with the help of someone called a surrogate. She will grow up and marry inside the tribe and give birth to the next chief. The line will continue, Billy," Edward finished and gave Jasper's hand a tender touch.

The room was silent for all of about sixty seconds then ciaos broke loose. Everyone was talking all at once. Billy gripped my hand drawing my attention solely to him.

"A daughter," he whispered for me alone.

"Our daughter," I answered. "Could it possibly be true?"

"Ephraim believes it so," Edward said to the two of us. "So why not trust in a wise man's visions."

Later after dinner was served and the family had gone to their own homes. I led Billy up the stairs and to a room where I knocked quietly on the door. A hushed 'come in' acknowledged us and we entered. Edward was helping Jasper to sit up straighter in the bed. He tucked the blankets carefully around him. After his partner was comfortable, Edward wrapped his robe around himself tighter and sat beside him on the bed. They both faced Billy and me.

Jasper pulled two books that had been hidden in the blankets onto his lap with his good arm. Grinning, the one sided grin that the stroke had left him he began to speak slowly and with much effort.

"Thank…you for…telling…our…story," he panted from the strain that speaking caused him. "Best…work…you'…..ve done." He shook his head then a lone tear slipped down his cheek. He held up the second book. The one published for the reading public. "Good…too…but…no….kissing," he chuckled softly winking at us.

Edward slapped his covered leg and said, "My God, Jasper, you're almost eighty, that should be the last thing on your mind. You horny old man!"

Billy laughed and asked, "Are they always like this?"

Edward and Jasper answered at the same time, "YES!" Each of them pointing at the other.

Jasper closed his eyes and rested while we continued to talk softly.

"He tires so easily these days but then we aren't young anymore. Before the stroke, we all assumed things would be reversed, him caring for me, not me caring for him. I don't mind really. It's never been a burden, one of us caring for the other. Now we have family, Embry and his Riley and Quinton, Jane and their children. We never dreamed life would lead us to where we are now. Life has been hard but we've walked it side by side no matter that there were those who condemned us or hated us for our choices, for who we loved. I'm afraid that after all this time the world hasn't changed much and things will be just as rough for the two of you. Always remember you have each other and this family," Edward said patting the book on his lap now. "This is the most precious thing in our lives, our family. Continue the story Whit. Pass it down to the generation to come. Let them know that it means little who you love only that you love."

Edward grew silent, stood moving the books to the bedside table. He fussed over Jasper's blankets and then leaned over to place a tender kiss to the sleeping man's drawn cheek.

"What about my resemblance," Billy asked quietly from my side. "Can they really see past it, the family I mean?"

"We've done as much research as we can, Uncle Edward. And just like with the original Jacob Black, there is nothing conclusive. No proof one way or the other that Jacob is a distant relative of Billy's," I said. A soft raspy voice spoke.

"Doesn't…matter…not…same," Jasper whispered, eyes still closed.

"He's right. We talked about it at length before you came home today. You aren't the same kind of man Jacob Black was, Billy. If he and I can see that, the others will too," Edward said smiling softly. "Now off with the both of you. I'm old and it's way past my bedtime," Edward said offering his hand to both Billy and me.

"Bout time," Jasper chuckled again.

As we closed the door behind us, we clearly heard Jaspers chuckle again and Edward squeaked out, "Stop it you old fool!"

We didn't mean to overhear but the rest of the conversation was enough to send Billy and me to our rooms in a hurry.


Time passed and I did write more books. The Adventures of Inspector Whitlock and Professor Masen charmed people worldwide through all twenty volumes. The final book of the series ended with the two main characters sharing a brief tender kiss. The book was on the New York Times best sellers list for six months. It also held the following dedication:

To my family, without whom these stories could have never been shared. To my husband, Billy, who has shared my life and made me a better person. To my daughter, Isabella, who has brought more joy into my life than I ever thought possible. To my beloved Uncles Jasper and Edward, may you walk hand in hand in the afterlife as you walked in this life.

The End

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