Chapter 3: I'll stay

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"To where?" he asked softly, mind already going into a slumber-like state.

It took a moment before he got his answer, barely able to catch the soft-spoken words before he fell asleep in the other's grip.

"...Your home, da."


Yao jerked, almost waking up from his dreamless sleep: something- someone was moving him, sitting him down and gradually removing that comfortable warmth he was resting on. His arms, draped over whatever he was sleeping on, were gently moved from hanging loosely to his own sides, one arm still gripped in a warm hand. That arm was lifted, then he felt the warmth, which was already twisting away from his front, move away fully and making the soft...whatever he was sitting on, bounce up a bit.

He really wanted to wake up now, just to see who was holding him up with a hand on his wrist and an arm around his shoulders. Floating around in a half-slumber made him aware of what happened around him, but he'd need to wake up to look around. He grumbled incoherently as he felt the other lower him, the familiar scent of his bed hitting his nose as the pillow poofed a bit from the weight of his head.

The small nation (1) squirmed a bit when he felt that hand gripping his ankle, gently removing his shoe while he tried to open his eyes, rolling his head to where he thought the other was. His eyelids, however, wouldn't comply immediately.

'They feel so damn heavy, aru...'

Finally able to open them to a crack as he felt his other shoe being removed, he had to blink away some crust from his eyelashes. Still not managing to lose it all (2), he tiredly brought a hand up to wipe it away, rubbing his eyes a bit when he still couldn't see that clearly.

'What happened?... They feel so...warm...'

First things first: he wanted to know who was tugging on the blanket he was laying on.

Slowly raising himself on his elbows, he looked down his bed at the moving blur at his feet. Repeatedly blinking his eyes, his vision cleared until he could see a silhouette of a tall, light-haired man tugging the last of his blanket from under his feet, white circled around and dangling from his neck.


While his blanket was slowly draped over his body, his vision cleared more: over his feet, and he could define smaller body parts –nose and fingers and such- again, over his knees, and he could see the slight design on the other's formal shirt. When the blanket reached his tummy, the other's head turned, showing twin pools of violet. He blinked, and they sharpened to two calm, but slightly concerned eyes.

'Definitely Ivan, aru.'

"What..." he spoke, not really surprised when his voice came out slightly croaked; he was still half-asleep, though he didn't usually murmur his words so soft.

The Russian smiled a bit, eyes softening and closing just the slightest. "You fell asleep, da" he said softly, gently pushing on his shoulder to make him lie down again.

'Thanks, Ivan the Obvious, I hadn't noticed yet, aru.' While resisting the urge to roll his eyes –the situation begged for it-, he couldn't keep a small frown from his face, still a bit sleepy. He lied back down at the other's urging, turning on his side a bit while the other finished pulling the blanket over him.

"And before I fell asleep, aru?" he murmured, looking up at Ivan with a face that clearly said the other would not be leaving before he got his answers. It would've looked more convincing if he wasn't so sleepy: it showed on his face, and combined with the frown, it gave him a pouty look.

Still, the tall nation stayed put, smiling softly at the other while making the bed even more comfortable, tucking him in and moving the pillows around a bit.

"You stopped me, and I gave you a piggyback-ride, da."


The other sat down, body half turned to face Yao while they spoke. His eyes softened a little bit more when he looked at the sleepy nation, smile small and honest as he answered. "You were tired, da. And shaking. And you wouldn't let go of me, anyway, da."

Yao blinked. 'Why would I hold onto-'

Everything crashed back into place. His eyes widened as his sleepy mind finally remembered everything that happened after the meeting: the talking, the sad touched, those horribly sad eyes, his blurred vision, the slippery doorknobs, the crash. But most of all he remembered the sharp feeling of loneliness. He could still feel how cold he had been when the other had closed the door behind him, leaving him alone. It had dulled when he had reached the Russian, but he still felt a sharp pain and a wave of cold when he thought back.

"Yao-kun?" a soft voice interrupted, breaking him out of the trance-like state.

Oh great, his vision was blurry again.

Blinking, he looked up in slightly concerned violet eyes, gazing at him while that warm hand was raised to his face, stroking the hair away from his cheeks. It was a soft, caring gesture he hadn't received in a long time. Actually, the Russian had done more things for him than quite a number of others hadn't done lately. It was very comforting, like the other's company in general had been (after the initial squabble Yao himself raised). It kept his home from feeling lonely. The thought almost stopped the tears silently flowing down.

'But he doesn't live here: soon, he'll have to go home as well.'

The thought sent a sharp shot of pain in his chest, that wave of ice washing over him. Tears, which had begun to slow, now streamed over his cheeks again, wetting Ivan's fingers when he stroked his hair away.

'I don't want to be alone. I don't want him to leave.'


He snapped his wide-open eyes back to Ivan's face, gazing at the concerned look. He bit back a small sob, and reached for the hand stroking his cheek, gripping it.

"Don't leave..." he whispered, gazing up with a pleading look. He needed the other's company right now.

Concerned violet eyes turned a bit misty –though still watching him-, the Russian probably thinking about the strange behaviour his friend displayed. Finally, they turned soft again, gazing at the Asian man while Ivan bent forward, planting a light touch of his lips on the other's forehead.

"I'll stay right here, da..." he said softly, pulling back and looking him straight in the eyes to show he was truly honest.

The pain slowly retreated, ice leaving his limbs and exhaustion taking over. "Then lay with me, aru" he whispered, his eyes drooping and tearmarks drying on his cheeks.

Ivan nodded, sitting up to pull his shoes and socks off. That done, he gently removed the scarf from around his neck, folding it and putting it aside as if it was a very precious thing. Then he lay back down, facing Yao. He was on top of the sheets while the other was tucked in, but Yao was too tired to really care. He grabbed one big hand, intertwining their fingers beside their head: though the other said he would stay, he didn't want to take any chances of the other leaving.

Ivan's eyes warmed at the action, smile widening just the smallest bit. He scooted a little bit closer, bunching up the blankets below him before apparently deciding he'd rather lay under them after all and pulled them from beneath him to over him with his free hand. When he had settled back in, he continued gazing at the Asian, eyes falling half-mast with that warm, soft expression still on his face.

Yao sighed. He was in bed, he was warm, and better yet: Ivan wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. With a small smile crawling its way on his face, he closed his eyes, gripping the other's hand firmly before succumbing fully to his exhaustion.

And as sleep fell once again, he felt another feather light kiss on his forehead, his ears barely catching the warmly spoken whisper before slipping in a warm dreamless sleep.

"Sweet dreams, Yao-chan.:

He smiled; he wouldn't be lonely again tomorrow.



(1) With this I meant that Yao himself is small, not his nation. China's big, but Asian people tend to be small (I can tell; I'm half Chinese).
(2) No he isn't losing his mind, he just can't get rid of all that crusty stuff on his eyelashes (I hate it when I wake up and find that stuff on my eyes).

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