Based on all the positive feedback I received from my readers and reviewers on the last chapter, it seems that everyone loved the ending, so I'm glad you all (hopefully haha) enjoyed it! Normally I find ending things hard, but I was surprised how easily that one came to me.

Before I begin, I do have one big question that I want to put to everyone. I can't decide whether to start with and make a brand new story to post the sequel on (which would make sense), or whether to combine the first and the second story by just continuing to post the chapters of the sequel here (which would be easier in cases if you wanted to check or look up something that was in the first story). Anyway, so let me know whether you think I should post it as a new story or just continue it on this one?

Any hoo, I'm about to get ready for my 2014 Logie Awards date night... Fingers crossed Steve Peacocke will pick up a gold & silver! Getting a hug from the guy and seeing him shirtless in the flesh sorta makes you barrack for him, trust me!

Enjoy the stats, trivia and what's to come!


- Currently, Far From Perfection has had over 25,200 views.

- Currently, the average number of reviews for this story is around 14 per chapter. I thought I would be lucky to GET 14 reviews when I first posted this.

- 4 months (roughly) were spent planning this story, although more detailed planning was an ongoing process while I was writing it.

- If I calculate the number of views and times this story has been read since it was uploaded it is being read roughly 23 times a day... Far out.

- I have written this story in 3 different countries and 4 different states of Australia (NSW, Vic., Qld. & SA).


- This story all actually started with its title, after I thought of it while walking along the beach in a town in southern Sydney.

- Many phrases or quotes have been inspired by remarks from my own friends.

- Most chapters are actually named after Packed to the Rafters episodes.

- Although I do not live in New South Wales, Far From Perfection's concept was born there and I actually finished writing the last chapter there too!

- Allie was originally never going to be Bella or Will's daughter. (Before I changed my mind, there is one REALLY big clue early on that indicates this, so kudos if you worked that out, but I'm not telling what it was...)

- Lewis's GBS plot was only added to the planning about halfway through when I listened to a interview on the radio with a woman whose fiancé had been through it. Originally more work and money related issues were going to play out for Cleo and Lewis.

- About a year into writing Far From Perfection, Indiana Evans starred in a TV series with the actor (Todd Lasance) I had always envisioned as Daniel, and after filming wrapped, I also remember reading rumours that the two were a couple which was a bit coincidental!

- Only about a month ago I realised that Cariba Heine and the actress who is my inspiration for Tam have actually played sisters onscreen before.

- Allie's name came from my friend's 8 year old daughter telling me to name a character after her when I told her I was writing a story. Allie's name was originally going to be Summer.

- The hardest chapter for me to write was chapter 34/35. It was satisfying, but I had to do so much research, capture so much emotion and look into so many different perspectives of the situation. After much time spent in writing the monster of Dan, I had to let a little of the human part of him and his own fragility seep through, while keeping it just and without excusing his actions. Also, chapter 30 was really hard as there is absolutely no dialogue, aside from a few of Cleo's one-sided comments since it was from Lewis's POV while he could not speak yet.

- I mention Reece Mastin (a popular singer in Australia) and mention a song of his in the final chapter and the day after I wrote it I actually saw him out for dinner as he sat on the table next to us with his girlfriend Rhiannon Fish (actress who plays April from Home and Away also) and her family.

- Amy was going to originally be a far nastier character than what she was. I just made her out to become a bit of a creep instead haha.

- Last year, I would sacrifice a sleep-in and go into school earlier than I had to twice a week to be able to have 2 hours of uninterrupted writing time. That's dedication!

- Zella (Zane/Bella) was originally going to happen in this story!

- I am the most proud of chapters 17 (because it was a very different, but welcome change to try and portray each character, their relationships and interactions in the hospital all through Zane's POV) and chapter 19/20 (because there had been so, so much planning, forethought and work in the making that went into that chapter and I am quite happy with how it came across).

- I chose to do my major assignment in my Health class on domestic abuse to be able to do an in-depth investigation on the mental, emotional and physical sides of the issue before writing the heaviest content of Bella and Daniel's abusive relationship.

- My favourite chapters to write were probably the first Will and Zane chapters (2 & 4) as it was such a new beginning in this story and I just really enjoyed establishing those two characters and their interactions with Rikki and Bella as well as making their friendship my own as quite a different spin from the TV show.

The final piece of trivia is...

- When I first thought of the title and the plot, I had no idea whether I would even write this story, let alone if anyone would be favourable to this story! But, as of the posting of this chapter, Far From Perfection is currently the THIRD most reviewed H2O story on FanFiction. I am in disbelief.

So, what's to come in the sequel? (SPOOF)

Honestly, I am living in so many TV fandom worlds, that at this stage, with all my other influences, this is what I believe will happen in the sequel...:

The seven or so main characters will be bumped up to like 30 main characters (courtesy of Home and Away).

Allie will end up dead, Lewis turns out to be her father, and is accused of murdering her (courtesy of Secrets and Lies).

Then the murder case will end up being connected to like four or five other crimes going through thr court at the time (courtesy of Janet King).

Then all the main characters decide to move to a small town where their lives are infiltrated by strange and quirky individuals and Friday night dinners (courtesy of Gilmore Girls).

Then they will enter a cooking competition where a few catty rivalries are born and focused on more than the food is (courtesy of My Kitchen Rules).

This leads every character to have a vendetta and their own agenda against everyone else (courtesy of Revenge).

And finally every character becomes a farmer (courtesy of McLeod's Daughters)!

... So if my current television-watching influences are anything to go by, that is exactly what will happen in the sequel haha! I watch way too much TV.

Seriously though, this is what's to come...

- A man who shows up with a connection to one of the girl's, turns another character's life upside down.

- Everyone is left astounded by the strength of Allie's powers, a nightmare for Bella and Will, as they begin to develop.

- Rikki and Zane are forced to live with the repercussions of an impulsive decision.

- When two characters are put on the path of temptation, who will succumb?

- A threat to a character's health sends them on a downward spiral.

- A forbidden relationship develops.

- Will Rikki, or anyone, discover Tam's dark secret?

- Who's snap decision threatens to jeopardise and destroy his or her relationship?

- When a natural disaster hits the Coast, reckless decisions hit the fan, putting every girl and their shared secret at risk.

- Which five familiar faces return?

- And, a new point of view will be introduced.


(Sorry Clewis lovers, I can't say too much about their plot as it's very difficult to allude to without giving it all away, but rest assured they do have one main storyline, as does everyone else, as well a few secondary storylines.)

Last but not least, thank you.

... Thank you! Thank you my marvellous, cherished and absolutely phenomenal readers and reviewers. I am truly grateful for every word of good and bad advice, feedback and admonition. I hope you've enjoyed reading this journey as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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