One Shot ficlet to help get my creative stuff going this morning. I said I'd write something involving Jane and coffee. This, I think, will do. If you want to ask me if that's a reference to what you think that's a reference to, the answer is yes. Also, yes, I'm that kind of nerd, so, if you catch it, I'm glad to know there are other nerds of that calibur out there. If you don't know what I'm talking about, message me. ;-)

Characters aren't mine. They belong to TNT, Tess, and the rest.

"I love coffee. There's nothing like it anywhere, and it's the only thing that's been consistent in my life," Jane mused as she poured a cup from Maura's high-end maker. "Its good stuff, you know? It keeps you sharp. I'm pretty sure it was coffee that's gotten me through the past four years or so." She turned, leaning against the counter as she stirred sugar into her coffee. "It's like a… a…"

"Vice." Maura offered as she poured her own cup. "Coffee is your vice, Jane." She opened the fridge to pull out the cream.

"Yeah, I guess so." The detective shrugged. "Better than some other vices I could think of, right?" With a wink, she licked the spoon and tossed it in the sink. "What was it you called it the other night? Suspended organic stuff?" She sipped at the hot liquid.

"Organic suspension." Maura chuckled. "I thought you'd stopped listening to me by the time I came to that part of my explanation."

"Nope, I always listen." At the doctor's look of disbelief, Jane shrugged. "What? I do always listen. Just because I look like I'm bored doesn't mean I'm not paying attention."

"I don't know if I should consider that sweet or something else." Maura replaced the cream and settled on a stool at her island. "Have you considered trying to break your dependence on coffee? The caffeine addiction you seem to have developed isn't healthy, Jane."

"What? No! If I gave up coffee, what would keep me going in the morning? I need coffee for a jump start. It gets the fuzz out of my brain. I mean, you know I have to have two cups in the morning. What could possibly replace coffee for that kind of jolt?" Rolling her eyes, she finished her first cup.

"Well, let me think," Maura set her mug down and slid from the stool. "Adrenaline can be a good way to give yourself a 'jolt'." She leaned into the detective's space. "I can think of a few ways to increase those levels in the morning." She smiled, dimples and all.

"Oh yeah?" The taller woman gave her best smirk. "What did you have in mind?"

"Something I think you wouldn't be opposed to." Wrapping her arms around Jane's neck, Maura pulled her down to give the detective a searing kiss. "We have an hour before we have to leave for work."

"Just enough time." With a quirk of an eyebrow, Jane picked the doctor up, carrying her out of the kitchen.

"What about your second cup of coffee?"

"What coffee?"