FEMIchigoxGrimmjow. Since she was 7, Ichigo has lived in self denial. She blamed herself for something she didn't do. She moves to Karakura town, and goes to school where she meets Ulquirra, Nnoitra, Tesla, Starrk and Grimmjow. They form a bond, and become very close friends. Together, they help ichigo, and try to heal her. But is it too late for that?

Well, this is new. This is my first Bleach fanfic EVER. So I' m pretty nervous... Anyways, I'm having a lot of fun with this and i hope all of you can enjoy it as much as i did writing it! Please review, and constructive criticism is welcome! Oh, by the way, there is some major OOCness in this story, so please don't comment about the differences in the charecters. I'll just ignore you... Okay, ON WITH THE STORY!

Chapter one – First meetings are unforgettable...

"And if you need anything, just ask dear" The receptionist peered at me behind her thick rimmed half moon spectacles, a warm smile plastered on her face. I mumbled thanks, turned on my heels and walked out. Today was my first day at Karakura High and I was, and still am, nervous. Would I make any friends? Or would I be a total outcast because of my hair? Thanks to my brain being clouded with thoughts I had failed to see where I was going, which resulted in me bumping into someone and landing on my butt with a squeak. Great! I've managed to make myself look like a fool.

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

I looked up and was met with eyes as green as emeralds. He held out his hand, offering me, and I took it gratefully.

"Thank you. I apologize for my rudeness. I should have watched where I was going." I gave him a meek smile and he gave me one back. It looked like it pained him though. He doesn't smile often, does he? Pushing all thoughts aside, i held out my hand, and introduced myself.

"Hi! I'm Kurosaki Ichigo. I'm new here. It's a pleasure to meet you" He looked at my hand, hesitating, before he grasped it. It was strangely warm...

"I'm Ulquirra Schiffer. Nice meeting you." I smiled, but frowned upon remembering something. "Err, Schiffer-kun—"He cut me off.

"Call me Ulquirra." I nodded, understanding. "Ulquirra, could you show me where homeroom is? I don't know my way around and I'm terribly lost" A blush coloured my cheeks. I must sound pathetic. Instead of laughing at me like i expected, he nodded and asked me to follow him.

" I have homeroom, too. What class?" I struggled to get my timetable out from my bag, but he waited patiently.

"Let's see... Aha! Here it is! I mumbled under my breath. I handed him my time table and he read over it once.

"It seems that we have all our classes together" He informed me, the corner of his lips twitching slightly. "PHEW! I thought I wouldn't know anybody in any of my classes!" I laughed.

Ulquirra just chuckled before opening a door i had failed to notice. He walked in and continued to stride to the teachers desk and i followed him, partially hiding behind him. Due to the fact that Ulquirra was in front of the desk, i couldn't see who my teacher was. What was this feeling? Something seemed wrong... very wrong. Maybe if i retreat slowly, no one will notice me leave. Then i could –

"Kurosaki- saaaaaaan! What a surprise!"

I knew that voice. I could recognise it everywhere. O dear Kami, please don't let it be -

"Urahara" I squeaked. Ulquirra shot me a look but I waved him off.

"Lovely! Lovely! I have you for the rest of the year! Ahahaha! "He grinned his creepy smile and i suppressed a shudder lest Ulquirra or anyone else see.

" Uh-hu... It seems so... I'll just go, you know, sit over there... next to Ulquirra... a-away from you...yeah, erm" I slowly backed away. Urahara's smile didn't waver one bit. Creepy... When I take the seat next o Ulquirra he shoots me a quick smile. That's when I notice how quite the class got.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Ulquirra! H-he s-s-m-smiled!" A scream resonated throughout the whole classroom. I turned, only to squeak in shock. A boy was scrutinizing me, analyzing, even...

"You made him smile, didn't you? What are you? No body can make Ulquirra smile! NOBODY! D-did you see that, Tatsuki? I swear, he smiled!" This boy was still staring at me even if he was talking to that girl.

"KEIGO SHUT UP YOU BAKA! You're such an ass-hole! So what if Ulquirra smiled? It's natural. Now sit back down in your seat before i shove my foot so deep in your -"Urahara-sensei, thankfully, interrupted Tatsuki's threat.

"Enough already, my little lovelies! Lets begin, shall we?" I hadn't noticed till now, but Urahara had an evil glint in his eyes. He was scheming... but what exactly was it?.. " Were starting a new topic, everyone!" Out of literally nowhere, Urahara-sensei took out a lollipop and began sucking it, making slurping noises. I swivelled in my chair, trying to find out where that unnerving music was coming from. Was I the only one that noticed? Why's everyone ignoring it?

" He does this al the time. He sucks on his lollipop, and the teacher's assistant, Tessai, plays some music" Ulquirra stayed stoic like as he explained. Nodding, I settled back down. "Guessing time! Keigo, what are we going to do today?" Keigo stood up and said, "Um, well, I think were gonna start –"

" STOP! I WANNA SAY IT!" Urahara interrupted Keigo with a shrill scream. Keigo sat back down, shaking his head at his crazy teacher. " Were going to start... Tessai, if you please" He looked at a large man at the back of the class, who pressed a button. Mere seconds later, a drum roll sounded. I rolled my eyes.

" What the hell are we going to do, old man?" I looked to my left, two seats away from me, and i found a guy with raven hair, and piercing eyes. He was wearing glasses, and it looked like a scowl was forever etched into his face.

"Alright, alright! Calm down, Ishida-saaaaaaan! We're starting... Sex education!"

Nani? I snapped my head up, in time to see Urahara staring at me, his eyes shadowed. Shudder... "Right! To start off with, i'll need two volentee—" He was interrupted by the door slamming open, very forcefully. It bounced of the wall, and flew out of its hinges.

"Ooops! Ahahaha! Remind me to get that fixed" I heard a voice and looked up to see...

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