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Chapter eight- lunch time escapades.

"Kurosaki-saaaan! Ohio!" Urahara cut himself off when he saw the state that I was in,. I clutched Grimmjow's arm and grinned sheepishly at Sensei's shocked gaze.

"Ohio, Urahara sensei! Lovely weather, Dontcha think?" i tried my hardest to make small talk, avoiding the obvious inevitable. He inspected me, looking me up and down looking worried and shocked. Noticing that there were other people around, he smiled warmly at me.

"We'll talk later... Ichigo.," He nodded at Grimmjow whom in turn acknowledged him and accompanied me to my seat.

Several shocked gasps penetrated the room.

"Did you hear that?"

"He called her by her first name!"

"Sensei never calls anyone by their name!"

"Who... who is Ichigo to sensei?"

Whispers ran through the room and I ducked my head in sheer embarrassment.

"I ducked my head in sheer embarrassment as Urahara nodded at Grimmjow whom acknowledged him in turn and accompanied me to my seat.

"OKAY! SILENCE IN THE CLASSROOM, MY LOVELIES!" Urahara Sensei had seemed to collected himself and was back to his usual joking selfpersona. I did, however, notice that he kept on sending me troubled glances surreptitiously. I shook my head, chuckling slightly., Ssome things just never changed did they? After the lesson, the class slowly filed out of the room, hoping they could catch a glimpse of the curious conversation which was sure to take place soon.

"Everyone, exit the classroom, quickly!" Urahara gently shoved everybody out and closed shutthe door softly.

I closed my eyes, waiting.

"Ichigo... w-what happened to you?" His broken whisper forced me to open my eyes,. Tthey widened as I saw the pain of his soul projected onto his face.

"O-oji-san...a-re you okay?" I reached out and stroked his hair soothingly. He caught me by surprise when he tugged on my arm and pulled me into a warm hug. He nuzzled my neck and spoke, his voice hollow and pained.

"Ururu-chan... you remind me so much of Ururu-chan..." Ii felt something wet trickling down my neck and i unconsciously tightened my grip on him. "I don't want you to be hurt, you're like my daughter. W-who did this to you?" He whispered.


"Ichi, please! I want to help you! I don't want things to turn out for you like they did for... like they did for Ururu-chan." More tears were added to the never ending stream as painful memories of a time that had been forgotten flickered through his fragile mind. (A/N- What a sentence!)

"Ururu-chan... i miss her so much –-" a chocked sob caught itself in Urahara's throat as he tried to hide them..

I detected a restraint and lifted my shaking hand slightly to rub his back soothingly,. Mmy heart cracked breaking as i repeated his own words.

"Oji-san, i-it's okayOK... You c-can-Yyou can cry too..." He stiffened, his eyes widening. He opened and let out a silent scream as the memories flowed through his mind.

His mouth opened and let out a silent scream as the memories rushed back through his mind, His the sobs reboundinged off the walls, and i could feel his remorse leaking out of throug his cries. Tears flowed from my eyes like a river as i joinedto join my uncle in remembering Ururu. She was his beautifully daughter who, just at the age of just 10, died of cancer. She had promised her dad father that she would get better but, at in the end, she was too far gone. She had been the apple of his eye;. Hhe would take her everywhere, showing her what life was like. And now that she was gone, he felt like he didn't had not shown her enough.

"WhyWHY?" Urahara screamed suddenly, "Why must did my precious daughter leave me?" His sobs increased in sound volume, and that only seemed to triggertriggering something inside me that made me sob even louder.

"I-it's okayOK! I-iitsit's okay, O-Oji san..." I murmeredmurmured after my sobs had settled down.

He clung onto me like Ii was a his lifeguard and for once, Ii let him have his way. After his cries had subsidedwhat seemed like hours, he sniffled one last time, and wipeding his eyes.

"Thank you, Ichigo,. I feel a lot more better now..." He smiled softly at me as. I ran my hands through his golden locks and sighed.

"ThatsThat's good... I have to get going,." I looked around for my bag and hung it on over my shoulder. "I'll see you later, Oji-san." I pecked him on the cheek and walked out after giving him one last, knowing smile, just hearing his last whisper.

"Ururu Chan…just like Ururu-Chan."

I really loved my uncle…

I limped over to the cafeteria with Ggrimmjow by my side. I loved him so much! He had been so amazing to me ever since the accident., Wwhenever Ii needed someone, he was always there with a warm hug and a gentle kiss in store. And when i needed space, he would leave the room with a kiss to my forehead. He was perfect in every single way, and iI really do feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world!.

I noticed something unnerving and sighed.: Tto get to our table, we had to go past Rukia's. Noticing the same thing as Ii just did, Grimmjow sighed in aggravation. I limped hobbled past the offending table and stuck my head high,. I could feel Rukia sneering at me, and I grinned in accomplishment. All of a sudden, a petite foot obstructed my path and tripped me over on my injured leg. I began falling and waited braced myself for the impact, but it never came, Grimmjow had managed to save my fall. I sucked in a sharp breath in shock,. Tthe whole thing had happened so fast... somebody snickered.

"Rukia, what the hell! What is wrong with you?" Grimmjow demanded loudly, gaining attention from all of the neighbouring tables,. I clung ontoclutching me close to him since my crutches fell from arms reach.

"What do you mean, Grimmy?" a sickly sweet voice invaded (LOVE THAT VERB!) my ears, and iI looked up and glowered at Rukia who smiled in return.

"You tripped someone with a broken leg! YourYou're sick!" He spat harshly, looking angrier than Ii have had ever seen him.

"No i didn't... she got in my way,." Rukia said, letting out a peal of laughter.

She waited for everyone to join in but no laughs followed,. Aall was silent in the cafeteria. Rukia turned to look at her 'friends' who all stared at her with uncertainty evident in their eyes.

"Why aren't you laughing?" her petit small frame was stiff in with embarrassment and shame.

"That was uncalled for, Rukia,. What if she got hurt more than she already is?" one of the her friends stood up, followed by another, and another, until the whole table, excluding Rukia, were standing.

"What is the meaning of this?" Rukia said, glaring daggers, trying to belittle the girls, but they stood their ground.

"We've decided, we don't want to be friends with the likes of you, you evil, conniving, man-stealer!" snarled one of them, towering over the trembling rukia and She sniggered,. "What comes around goes around, bitch!"

"Let's go!" she commanded and all of the other girls followed her to the double cafeteria doors.

Before they got there, Rukia stood on top of the table and cupped her hands over her mouth,.



Nnoitra and Tesla roared simultaneously, getting up from the table where they were had been listening to everything.

"YOU DID WHAT? YOU HURT ICHI! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" Nnoitra charged for the group of terrified girls in rage but. Tesla held him back, restraining him from what we were all sure he would regret doing later.

"Yeah, that's right! You did that to poor Ichigo!" Rukia laughed at them., and

Ii felt myself boiling with anger, and all i sawall I could see was red,. Tthat was when Ii decided to intervene.

"Liar!." Everybody Everyone looked at me and Ii blushed at the attention, still just managing to keep kept a straight face.

"You're the one who did this to me and the person that stabbed me doesn't even come to this school!. After you left me, they, " I pointed at to the girls who were cowering by the door, " helped me by bandaging most of my cuts and they also said that if you knew that they did that, you would kill them. I'm not going to let you do that, though." I finished, limping over to our table with Grimmjow's help. Starrk grabbed Nnoitra who was ready to kill and dragged him back to the table;

Tesla glared heavily at Rukia.

"Don't think you can get away with this,." He he spat in her food and walked away.

Rukia blinked incredulously, before bursting into tears., She ran out the room, clutching her face pathetically in her hands. I grimaced. I hated it when things like these finished unhappily...

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