Sasori heard the shouts and explosions from the other room where Deidara was fighting the other enemy. From the pained cries that followed it seemed that his partner had managed to hurt his opponent rather badly. No surprise there. It was what happened next that took him by surprise.

"Hengelock no jutsu!"

That was a new one, Sasori thought to himself, I wonder how it works. Suddenly the normal battlenoises where interrupted by a light, childlike voice screaming,

"Oww, Daaaanaaaa!"

What the hell?, Sasori quickly had four puppets grab his opponent at the same time to at least slow him down a bit and then ran into the next room. He froze on the doorstep, unable to take in the scene in front of him.

The enemy was laying on the floor, bleeding. Her lower body was completely destroyed by an explosion and she was breathing in short, ragged breaths indicating that she did not have much more time to live. Next to her stood a blond child dressed in a far too big Akatsuki-robe.

"Dana, she hit me. It hurts, un." the child said with tears running down his cheeks.

Sasori ran up to the dying woman and grabbed her collar pulling her head up from the floor and growled,

"What the hell did you do to Deidara? Change him back right now and I'll consider saving your life."

"I can't. It's a timed jutsu. He will turn back when the time runs out."

"How long will that take then"

The woman coughed, covering Sasori's face in bloodspots. He shook her and screamed,

"I said how long, damn it."

"Impossible to say, depends on how much resistance his body puts up. Probably about a week"

Sasori let go of the woman, letting her head fall back on the floor, when he heard a crashing noise from the room he had been fighting in earlier. He turned around to find her partner standing in the door with part of a puppet's arm still hanging on to his left leg.

The man looked from Sasori to the woman and then back again. He tightened his grip on the two swords in his hands.

"You'll pay for this" he said and ran towards Deidara with the swords raised.

Without even bothering to take his robe off Sasori let the poisonous cable in his stomach shoot out and pierce the man's chest. He then lifted him up in the air just to let him slam back down face first. The man didn't move any more but his furious eyes stared at the puppetmaster for a short while before the light went out in them.

Sasori thought about letting the cable run once through his head as well just to be on the safe side but seeing the terrified look in the little boy's blue eyes made him decide against it. Even if the man somehow managed to survive having his torso pierced the poison would take him out in a matter of minutes.

He let the weapon coil back in his body and turned around to face the crying child. Oh, man he had no idea what to do about this.

"You OK Deidara?" he asked.

"You killed him" the boy managed between sobs.

"He was going to hurt or maybe kill you. I had to do something."

"Now they're dead, un."


"You…You killed them. You're a killer, un"

Well, technically you where the one who killed the woman. Sasori though but instead he said,

"Yes, they were our enemies, they were trying to kill us as well"

"So we won?"


"Yay, we're the winners" Deidara shouted and threw his arms up in the air.

At least his personality seem to be somewhat intact.

"OK, we have to get going before someone else gets here to back them up. Start looking for a box, about this big, with a big blue rock embedded in the lid."

"Why, un?"

Sasori rubbed his finger across his eyes to try to calm himself and said,

"Because the leader wants it. He sent us here to take it."


After a few minutes of searching Sasori heard Deidara call from the other end of the house.

"Dana, there's a loose brick here but I can't reach it"

When he came into the room he found the child standing in the fireplace covered in soot and reaching up the chimney. He turned around and looked at Sasori.

"Dana if you lift me up I can look if the box is there" he said with a smile.

"I can just look myself"

"NO, I wanna look. I found it, un"

Deidara crossed his arms across his chest and squinted his eyes in an attempt to look angry and dangerous. The sight was so humours that Sasori couldn't help but sigh and lift the boy up to check behind the brick.

"Yay. There is a box here. I found it, I found it. I'm the best, right dana?"

"Yea, yea, whatever. Take it out so we can see if it's the right one."

The bundle was taken out of the hole and placed on the floor. Carefully Sasori removed the cloth that had been wrapped around it to reveal a dark wooden box with a rock like half a blue chickens egg on the lid.

"This is it, let's go." He said and wrapped it back up to protect it.

"I wanna see what's inside."

"No. The leader said we should just get it and and call him when we had it, not look inside."

"But I wanna, un!"

"I said no! And don't start crying, it wont help you. Now hurry before we run into more trouble"

Pulling a sobbing Deidara behind him Sasori half walked, half ran away from the house towards a nearby forest where he'd probably be able to find a good place to contact the leader. He knew there was some caves about five kilometres to the east so he headed towards them. If only the brat would stop crying already.