Deidara ordered sausage scrambled eggs for lunch but when he got his food he refused to eat anything other than the egg. Sasori tried telling him that he would still be hungry if he did not eat the rest as well. But that didn't change the boy's mind at all. Once more Kichi came to the rescue.

"Deidei, do you like chocolate?" she said.

"Yes I do."

"Then if you taste the other things I will give you a spoon of my chocolatecake and if you finish it all you can have your own piece OK?"

Deidara gave this a little thought and eventually dug in to his food. After Hana had been promised the same deal she did as well.

As soon as they had finished their food the children ran off to neighbouring room where the museum had set up a table where they could make their own sculptures. Sasori and Kichi stayed at their table and had a cup of tea and talked about nothing. At least Kichi had a cup of tea, what Sasori did was cleverly moving the cup around so it looked like he might be drinking tea.

After a few minutes of this however the quiet time was over. They heard the screech of a chair scraping across the floor followed by girl screaming. Then it was like the whole world froze for Sasori.



Before the people around him had even noticed the explosion Sasori was running towards it. The fact that he was running over tables, stepping in somebody's fish did not seem important at the time. When he got to the door he saw a boy at the table. He had brown hair and probably he used to have eyebrows. What had once been his eyebrows were now two darker lines in his sooty face. He was staring blankly in front of him in shock.

Where the hell is Itachi when you need him? Sasori thought as he surveyed the scene. Simply putting a genjutsu on everyone would have made his life so much easier. The best he could do at the moment was put a light daze on the kids while he wiped the boy's face clean, using more then ten wet wipes at once.

"Deida…Deidei what the hell do you think your doing." he growled.

"I… I… He started it."

Sasori took a firm hold of Deidara's arm and pulled him closer.

"I don't care Deidara. I don't care who started it. You are… used to be a grown… almost grown man. You know what you're doing, you are responsible for your own actions." he whispered angrily.

"But… but… Dana…. I… I'm sorry." Deidara said before breaking down in tears.

Sasori immediately regretted being so hard on him. He let go of his arm and instead put his hand on his shoulder. He looked into the blue eyes and wiped away a tear from the boy's cheek.

"OK. Tell me what happened."

Deidara wiped his nose and nodded.

"Well that guy was really mean. First he took my clay and then he called Hana a stupid bimbobitch. And he said that his art was much better than ours and that we would never be any good and then he pulled Hana's hair so I blew up his sculpture."

"But why was the clay even explosive? Why aren't you wearing your gloves?"

Deidara did not have time to answer the questions however because at that moment a woman entered the room and began demanding to know what had happened to her sweet little boy. The boy looked up at her with a slightly confused look.

"I… I… He… Ehm…"

Seeing that his little genjustu seemed to have made the boy forget exactly what happened Sasori seized his chance.

"Deidei here told me that they got into a fight over some clay and who's a better artist." he said.

"Are you telling me that that boy attacked my dear Daiki over something as silly as that? What a terrible child! You should teach him to not start fights just because he's jealous of someone else's talent for art." the woman said and looked at Deidara with an almost disgusted look in her eyes.

"My dear lady it was not Deidei who started the fight, he was just defending his friend. And I find it very hard to believe that your son is enough of an artistic genius to make Deidei even the least bit jealous of him."

"Are you saying that your kid is a better sculptor than mine?"

"I have no doubt about it."

"You wanna bet?"

"No, you got the wrong guy. I have a colleague at work that would have taken you up on your offer hands down but I have better things to do." Sasori said .

"You are just afraid your child will loose. You're coward."

Sasori looked from the woman to Deidara and then over at the other boy. He smiled.

"Fine then. Deidei you wanna do some sculptures?"

Deidara smiled too and nodded. Sasori looked back up at the woman.

"So what should they do? People, animals, ninjas"

"How about birds" the woman said with a confident glance at her son. Deidara's smile grew even wider.

"Any particular species you want Dana?" he said looking up at Sasori. When the puppetmaster shook his head Deidara instead directed a questioning look at the woman.

"Does it matter? As long as it's possible to tell that it's a bird it can be whatever species you want."

"OK. I'm gonna make an owl." Deidara said with a smile.

"Fine. Let's begin. You both have a piece of clay, let the best bird win." the woman said and bent down to give her son a quick kiss on the head.

Sasori bent down as well, not to kiss Deidara however but to whisper in his ear.

"I know you can make a bird sculpture in a matter of seconds but please take your time. Make it look like you are doing it the usual old-fashioned way, without kinjutsu. OK?"

Deidara blinked and gave a single affirmative nod.

Around fifteen minutes later Daiki announced that he was done. He held out his sculpture. It looked like a toy Sasori used to have when he was younger, one of those clay pigeons with holes that you can play music on. To be honest Sasori was impressed by it, you could clearly tell that it was pigeon. The woman looked at him with a smile that clearly said that she was absolute confident that Deidara would not be able to beat that.

"I decided to do a Barn Owl, but I'm not sure if you can tell. What do you think Dana?" the blond boy said. On the table in front of him was a 10 cm high clay owl with a smooth round head and deep laying eyes. The only thing that kept it from being an almost perfect replica was the lack of colouring and feathers. Sasori smiled again.

"It's good Deidei. I think you won honey." he said, laying on the sweet talk just to annoy the woman. "Let's get this burned so we can take it home."

They turned their backs on the astonished woman and after dropping the owl off with a museum employee they left the room together with Hana and Kichi.

Once again the kids ran off as soon as they entered the exhibition but this time Sasori didn't feel like correcting them. He just pulled his fingers through his hair and hoped that they wouldn't cause any trouble.

Kichi and Sasori spent the following twenty minutes looking at paintings. When they occasionally caught glimpses of the children they seemed happy so Sasori was not prepared when he felt someone take his hand and he looked down to see Deidara looking back at him looking almost scared.

"What's the matter Deidei?" He said and pulled the boy's hair behind his ears in order to see his face properly.


Sasori stood up and followed his partner over to a big oil painting. Deidara stopped and pointed at a figure at the back of the picture.

"Dana. Is that you?" he asked.

Sasori looked at the painting. In the foreground was people running away from the dark hooded figure Deidara had pointed at. The figure seemed to be the commander of the group of attacking soldiers. At first Sasori could not figure out why Deidara would think that it was him in the picture, it didn't really look like him, but then he saw the brass plaque attached to the wall next to it. "In honour of those who fell victim to Akasuna no Sasori and the one hundred puppets army". He knelt down and nodded.

"Yes Deidara, I think that's supposed to be me." he whispered.

"What did you do?" the boy questioned.

"Do you remember what I said when you asked me why I killed those two people guarding the box we were sent to take?"

"Ehm… That he was going to kill me."

"Yes. I said that they were our enemies, they were trying to kill us as well. This is the same, but on a much bigger scale. There was a war you see and I had to do this in order to protect my village and my people."

"But some of them are just kids and they all look so scared. The man in the house didn't look scared, he looked angry and scary."

"Well there are children in Suna as well and they are just as scared when their village is under attack." Sasori answered. He hoped that Deidara wouldn't push the matter since honestly sending Sasori in against these fighters was like fighting peashooters with flame-throwers.

"You look… you look scary Dana." Deidara said with a hint of tears in his eyes.

"Well you're lucky I'm on your side then." Sasori said and pulled his fingers through the boys hair. Deidara put his head on his partners shoulder and Sasori thought that he heard some soft sobs. He decided that probably the best thing to do was to not comment on it and let the boy cry if he wanted to. He picked the little blond up and carried him with him to look at the rest of the paintings.

"Why is Deidei crying?" a voice behind Sasori suddenly said. The puppetmaster turned around to face Hana.

"He saw a scary painting and he woke up very early this morning, he's probably tired." He said, not wanting to admit that he might have something to do with the boy being sad.

"OK. Does he need a nap?" The girl said, probably mimicking something her mother sometimes said.

Sasori tapped a finger against the boys back and got a nod in return.

"We'll find you later, OK"

Hana agreed and ran back to her mother. Sasori spent another thirty-five minutes walking around the exhibition with his partner half asleep on his shoulder.