Now we start with the story from Simba's pov.

Immediately after we retook the Pridelands, everything settled down again. The hyenas fled back to the Elephant Graveyard, and the few lionesses loyal to Scar switched over to us. The only one I was worried about was Zira; she was extremely vengeful, and I wouldn't put it past her to try to kill me. Her cubs were better, though; her twins, Nuka and Vitani. Nuka was a scruffy-looking cub who was shy and unhealthy, while Vitani was healthy and playful. Both had been born the day before I had arrived, thank heavens. Otherwise the drought and lack of food would have killed them. After a few weeks, the grass grew again. Trees were rejuvenated almost instantly, rain came pouring down for days, and the herds returned. All was well.

That accounted for almost everything; now that I was king, I took Nala as my queen. I loved her as much as ever, and she was an invaluable aid to my rule. If it wasn't for her help and Zazu's, I would probably have been overwhelmed in a week. Ruling was a lot of work; I had to make the morning rounds with Nala, keep a constant border patrol, set aside the kills, and repel invaders. We didn't have many invaders, luckily; mostly just rogue lions that drift in from time to time.

My personal life with Nala was going absolutely great; after all we'd been through, we couldn't possibly leave each other. By the end of the first year of my reign, we already had a cub; Kopa. He was a small cub who looked more like Nala than me, but still had my traits; adventurous, curious, and unfortunately, reckless. Luckily he never disobeyed me ( that I knew of, that is). If he got into as much trouble as I did as a cub, I was going to have a lot of worrying to do. He loved to torment Zazu (another trait we shared), but had his mother's soft side. We couldn't be prouder parents.

One morning, when Nala and I were about to go on our morning rounds, we found Kopa sulking in the cave, something he never does. Nala walked up to him, "Kopa, what's wrong?" He looked up at his mother and said sadly, "I don't have any friends, Mommy." This came as a shock to me; who wouldn't want to be his friend? Then again, we had never let him out of the cave for extended periods. Forgive me for being a little overprotective; my father, and Sarafina, Nala's mother, had been murdered years ago, and I didn't want to have the experience of losing another family member. We had to find him a friend. I looked at Nala, who immediately read my mind, "Vitani, maybe?" I shook my head in agreement; Vitani was nothing like her mother, and was not likely to go on suicidal revenge attacks just because a bad king was dead. Besides, he needed a friend. "All right." I told him. "We'll introduce you to Vitani. I'm sure you will get along very well together."

I know it's not much of a start, but I'm writing this on a school computer a few minutes before class starts. I have to keep it short. Stay tuned for Kopa's pov!