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As soon as Santana saw all the 'Lucy Caboosy' posters all over school, she knew what was going on.

A few boys and girls were standing around one of those godforsaken posters, pointing and laughing, and suddenly something within Santana snapped, glaring them all down as best as she could, she ripped the offending piece of paper from the wall.

After a few more posters being ripped off, the Latina spotted Finn staring at the picture on the wall, a dumb smile on his face just like all the others.

"What the hell are you doing?" the brunette snapped at the giant singer.

"Look at this girl," he sniggered, pointing very much amused.

"That's Quinn, you tool!" Santana pointed out, seeing the smile fall from his face like a brick immediately: "Well.. that was Quinn, before..-"

"Before what?" Finn breathed out, still staring at his supposed girlfriend with his jaw hanging way too low.

Santana looked around suspiciously for a moment before pulling Finn into a corner and eyeing the others occupying the hallway: "Quinn had a nose job.." she said silently, further shocking the boy in front of her.

"How- What- When-… you mean she wasn't always this hot?" he babbled, irritating Santana beyond comprehension.

"Alright, Frankenteen! Listen!" she said sharply, effectively silencing him: "Here's what you have to do," she reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out her wallet, motioning Finn to do the same.

He sputtered to comply, making her roll her eyes.

"You have a picture of Quinn in there, right?" she asked, peeping into the worn-out black leather wallet.

"Yeah," Finn nodded, taking out the small piece of paper with his blonde girlfriend, sporting one of best, deceiving Cheerio-smiles.

"Good," the Latina said, more to herself than the boy, and she took the picture from between his fingers, shushing his weak protest before tugging it in her front pocket.

Then she opened her own wallet and her eyes fell upon the same photo, though significantly smaller, which was hanging on every corridor in the halls of McKinley.

"Here, take this," she handed it over reluctantly and continued before Finn could utter a single word: "Place this photo in your wallet; go find Quinn immediately, show her the photo and tell her she is beautiful.." Santana spoke fast and stern, adding She'll believe it from you.. in thought.

Finn looked at her dumbly and she had to use all of the willpower she possessed not to roll her eyes at him right that instant.

"And you better do it convincingly, like you really mean it or .."

Some of the color drained from Finn's face at this statement and he tried to subtly distance himself from her, though his giantness prevented the subtleness.

Suddenly Santana noticed Quinn standing at her locker, head down and shoulders slumped in shame.

Santana gave Finn a firm push: "Go! Now!"

"Hey," he protested: "Why do you have a picture of Quinn in your wallet?"

Now, Santana did roll her eyes, pushing him again: "Go, dumbass, or I'll kick your ass infront of everyone and ruin your reputation."

That did the trick and he set off sprinting off to his girlfriend, engaging in a conversation.

Santana leaned against the locker, staying out of sight, as she watched the interaction; it was going quite well apparently..

The brunette did have to look avert her eyes as Quinn kissed that dumbo because her heart always throbbed when they did that.

Instead she looked at her wall, which was still open, running her thumb over the vacant spot ruefully; it looked so naked without a photo..

When she looked up, the happy couple was gone and a single tear flowed down her cheek.

She reached into the pocket to retrieve the 'fake-smile-picture', sliding it into her wallet while smiling sadly..

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