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Chapter 1:

I groaned hearing the shrieking sound of my alarm clock and closed my eyes tighter. I was not the one to linger in bed, I never was, but today would be the first day of my doom.

I sighed turning around to turn off the alarm and quickly checked the time. We had to leave in two hours….Today was my first day of my senior year in that silly posh private school in California.

I still couldn't believe the punishment my own people imposed on me….forcing me to live with those Moroi for a while and I had to do a senior year even if I was already 18. They told me I took the side of a dhampir instead to side with my 'family', but the worse is that if I was to do it again, I would do exactly the same things. I did what was right, what God would have wanted me to do. Rose was my friend, she needed me…it was as simple as that but still…

"Why are you making everything so hard?" I whispered to God, touching the golden cross around my neck.

I had to spend at least a year here with Jill, her guardian Eddie and the anti-Christ personified….Also known as Adrian Ivashkov, or Lestat as far as I was concerned.

I didn't even know why he bothered to come with us, I didn't want that…I had put my foot down but it was not like I had anything to say in the matter, I was being punished and my vote didn't count.

Lissa had thought it was a good thing for Adrian to come with us, he could be seen by the school as being Jill tutor and big brother since she was still a minor…He even promised to go back to school and was registered to UCLA, I thought it was only pretense…I would believe it when I would actually see him pick up a book that was not a playboy or hustler. But what she decided was law…she was their Queen after all.

We moved in the huge penthouse a couple of weeks ago, it was so big that I could avoid them most of the time but now I couldn't anymore. And the security was top of the line.

I took a quick shower, put on the first pair of dressing pants I found and a yellow button down shirt and tightened my hair in my usual tight bun.

"Do you want something?" asked Eddie, the dhampir guardian, as I walked in the kitchen. He was preparing what looked like an omelet. "It's not poisoned I promise."

I pursed my lips pouring myself a cup of coffee. "I'm not really a morning eater."

"Ah" he said chuckling and I could see he did not really buy what I was saying even if it was true.

"Where is Jill?"

"She just finished her breakfast…you know" he pointed to the empty plate. "Not poisoned food."

"Where is Ivashkov?" I asked reluctantly. It was not that I was craving his presence or anything but we needed him to finish Jill registration.

He shrugged. "Where he always is, sleeping off his liquor."

"He drank last night?" Eddie threw me a 'seriously?' Look. I shook my head. "Yea stupid question….but for once he didn't have to drink himself to sleep."

Eddie simply snorted concentrating on his food again.

I took a deep breath going to Adrian's room. I knew it was pointless to knock based on Eddie banging the previous morning. I walked in directly, grateful I didn't eat anything as the strong smell of stale alcohol would have made me puke.

I didn't even know why we took that dead weight with us but it was not like I had my word to say here….I had to remind myself all the time that I punished and it was already clemency…Clemency? I snorted out loud. Living with Moroi and in particular Adrian Ivashkov? Clemency? Forcing me away from my world, from everything I had ever known?

Adrian was fast asleep across his bed, half clothed. I brought my foot up to nudge him.

He groaned, turned around completely ignoring me.

"Come on vampire wake up" I growled. When he ignored me again I decided to go to the extreme. I walked to the bathroom, filled a glass of cold water and threw it to his face.

He jumped out of his bed looking around apparently confused, once he understood he looked at me through narrow eyes. "Are you fucking mental?"

"Probably, if I agreed to let you move in."

"Like you had the choice bigot! What's your problem?"

My problem is that you are a lazy asshole, a total waste of space and energy! People might think you can be saved but I know you are a lost cause, even God cannot save you now…not that he would want to waste his time on a creature of the night like you! I thought but I knew it wouldn't be productive. "Today is the first day of school and we need your sorry ass to finish Jill's registration."

He looked at me silently.

I threw my hands up in surrender. "I don't care if you kill your liver…whatever is left of it. But for once we need your useless person so make an effort and please take a damn shower you stink." I added and left before adding something that I might regret.

When I made it back in the living room, Jill was there trying to braid her long hair.

"Want some help?" I asked making her jump.

"I…ummm….really?" She asked with a small voice blushing lightly.

I felt bad; I was the only woman in her life for now. Lissa had sent her away pretending it was for her best….which I was not really convinced about. Jill didn't ask for all these changes. I made my choices, I knew that standing by Rose against the alchemists will be hell to pay. I might not have expected to end up in hell for a year but I knew there would be consequences. That poor kid was dealing with the consequences of her bloodline...it was never a choice.

"Yes really, I have long hair too. Turn around" I added with a tentative smile. I was not comfortable with Moroi, but I would have to try harder, I knew she was a good kid. Maybe what the Alchemist council said was true, maybe I had too much kinship toward the dark beings.

She turned around letting me braid her hair. "I know you…you're not very happy to be here but I'm glad you'll be at school with me."

I didn't reply knowing that saying 'me too' would have been a lie. I couldn't believe that I had to retake my senior year in order to graduate which annoyed me to no ends but at least Abe Mazur had been suspiciously nice enough to help me get in the same high rated private school than Jill. I tried to get in all the AP science classes that I wanted. I almost refused his help but he reminded me what I did for his daughter and I thought that, in case the alchemists didn't want me anymore, having a high school diploma from such a famous high school could help me get scholarships for higher education.

"Oh can you braid mine too when you are done?" Asked Ivashkov.

"Get lost Lestat!" I snapped turning around to face him.

He was freshly showered and shaved…if you didn't know him he looked half decent maybe even good looking but once you knew him and his destructive habits….he was a total turn off.

He grinned his unnerving grin. "Why? Would you like to find me?"

I made a gagging sound but ignored him.

Eddie came in playing with the car keys of the dark and luxurious jeep car we had here.

"Ready to go?" He asked looking at us dubiously.

I nodded.

"Let's go over the story once more."

"My name is Jill Ivashkov and this is my brother Adrian." Said Jill, pointing to Adrian. Lisa said it was better to change Jill name even if she was not called Dragomir but apparently there were so many Ivashkov that it wouldn't draw attention. Lisa managed to get Jill brand new identity papers.

I couldn't help but snort reaching for my bag.

Adrian rose an eyebrow at me "What was that all about?"

I shook my head dismissively.

"No please enlighten us." Added Adrian crossing his arms on his chest and I knew he wouldn't budge until I answered.

"I was just thinking…poor kid having to pretend to be related to you that's….an heavy weight to carry."

Jill blushed and I realized she was angry….she was still not over her little crush on him… I truly hope it would fade soon, maybe she would meet a little sophomore like her.

"Anyways…" Said Eddie.

I rolled my eyes straitening my shirt. "I'm Sydney Sage….Alchemist extraordinaire."

"Yeah so 'extraordinarily' a failure they sent you away to live with us" Adrian staged whispered.

"Adrian! Sydney!" Said Eddie with clear exasperation.

"Fine! I'm their second degree cousin and I'm pretty much in hell. I'm living in Azkaban!"

Eddie gave me an exasperate look but ignored my last comment.

"Azka-what?" Asked Adrian.

"You are such a lowbrow…The extent of your lack of culture continues to impress me on a daily basis. "But it's true it was not about the playmate of the month" I spat.

"Better go before they kill each other" said Jill taking a step toward Eddie.

"That's the smarter thing I heard today" said Eddie "and it's not saying much" he added throwing me a look.

I jerked my chin with pride. But it was true I was not proud of me right this moment, that guy was really get under my skin, bringing out the worse part of me.

I started to fidget with my crucifix as we settled in the car. I was sitting in the back with Jill as Eddie and Adrian were in the front,

When we arrived at school I could see all these rich kids and I couldn't help the lump to form in my stomach. I had never been around kids my age, I had been home-schooled for most of my life and the only young people I was around were some rare your alchemists like Ian but it was different it was for work I never…..socialized with anyone really, I was not sure I would know how.

I didn't need to make friend anyways I was here for a year, it was a sentence….I was not supposed to enjoy it anyways. I repeated to myself.

When we got in the administration office, the Principal took Adrian and Jill in his office, but I was only the 'second cousin', they only handed me a schedule and a map of campus.

"They couldn't have made me feel more special if they had tried" I mumbled as Eddie chuckled beside me. "What are you supposed to be anyways?" I asked him.

He shrugged "I'm the bodyguard dropping you off and picking you up every day."

I snorted looking at the schedule. I got into all the AP science classes I wanted … Okay my hell did just get a tiny bit better. I froze seeing the last class on the list. "Umm what is this?" I asked to the secretary.

"Ah yes here at Mount Royal High we proudly encourage personal development, we made art a requirement. You have to choose between acting, music and drawing."

"What if I cannot draw, act, sing or play an instrument?" I asked.

"Well then honey you will have to try hard or fail…" She looked at the clock. "You might want to go now if you don't want to be too late for class."

I glance at Eddie before getting out. "Yes it was official….I was definitely in Inferno, Hell, real deep, dark Hell!"