AN: I keep receiving emails of people asking me to finish this story. I guess I didn't give you closure eh? Well you have been heard….So here is a small epilogue.

Nine years later:

I was so proud watching Sidney my wife walking the stage to take the microphone. She was officially becoming a doctor today and graduating top of her class… Not that I had any doubt.

"Mom is so pretty" Whispered Duncan, our five years old son.

I pulled him to my knees for him, I just loved having him in my arms. Sidney and Duncan were my life, the most precious things I ever had. I never thought god loved me that much but he gave me them. When our boy was born my heart filled with so much love that I thought it might burst, I never imagined myself as a father but now I couldn't imagine myself any other way. I was a father, the father of Sidney's child….This perfect human being had wanted a child with me and he turned out even more perfect than I could have imagined.

Sydney looked down to us from the stage, and I was sure she could see all the pride and love in our eyes. She winked to us before starting her speech.

She was talking about the adversities in life how nothing came easy….I held Duncan tighter, our life has not been easy….It has been days we thought we would not make it, that our love might not be worth it after all. We had been banished for each side with no contact with our families. Sidney had always wanted to be a doctor and I had always been a good for nothing. I had wanted her to become what she wanted to be, she had sacrificed way enough for me already and letting her give up on that one last dream would have been just too much to bear.

I sold princess as soon as we were home from our wedding. I took a part time job as she did and we started saving. Someday we were so overworked and tired we just wanted to quit.

But Sydney kept saying "we never said it would be, we only said it would be worth it" and I had to admit that sometimes, in some dark corner of my mind I wondered if it really was but then Duncan came along and there was no place for doubt anymore it was all meant to be.

I have been an Art teacher at the community college for the past 6 years and I loved it. Who would have thought that me; Adrian Ivashkov would ever love teaching? We sold the fancy apartment we had a couple of years ago and bought a little house in the stubborn with some money to spare.

I looked around and thanks to my Moroi vision I could scan the faces hoping to see her…hoping that my emailed changed things.

When Sydney and I got married and we came back to LA there was hell to pay. They couldn't do anything about our union but everything else could have happened. Sydney has been destituted of her Alchemist title, her tattoo was turned inefficient and she was forbidden to come in contact from anybody from the alchemist world under ANY circumstances.

The same happened to me, I was not recognized as Moroi anymore, I was stripped of my title, money, name and protection and I couldn't have any contact with anybody from the Moroi, Dhampir community.

I wouldn't say it hadn't been hard on me because it has, but it was not the money or titled that I missed the most, it was my friend….even the stupid Russian warlord I missed sometimes but I knew being cut off from her family….of her sister has been excruciating for Sydney especially when Duncan was born, she would have need her mother help but we managed, did it on our own.

I always thought the saying "Love can conquer all" was just the cheesiest most stupid things but seeing what her and I have been through. We had been broke, overworked, underfed, sleep deprived and yet here we were at her med school graduation and I was pretty sure that I loved her more today more than I did on our wedding day.

I was still looking at the back when a refection stopped me I smiled brightly seeing the golden lily tattoo. I don't think I had ever been happier to see an alchemist in my life…Well Sydney excluded.

Sydney had been forbidden to ever communicate with her family just as I was forbidden to communicate with mine but they never said that I couldn't communicate with her family. So, just before graduation I sent her sister an email using an old email address Sydney had in one of her notebook. I knew it was a long shot, her sister might have change address or she would maybe simply delete the mail but I wrote it anyways. I told her about our life, about Duncal and Sydney upcoming graduation hoping that she might write a note or maybe even come and here she was! Her sister Zoe was there and she stood proud looking at her big sister becoming a doctor. I smiled turning back to look at Sydney again and kissed the top of Duncan head….it was a step in the right direction…maybe one day things would be different and we would all be a family again.

But for now it was Sydney, Duncan and I and as far as I was concerned it was all I would ever need to live a happy life.