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Chapter One

Rory found it amazing, how time could pass so quickly in a time machine. He and his beautiful wife Amy had been adventuring with the Doctor for almost a year. A year of marital bliss. A year of amazing adventures. A year of... something not being quite right. It was strange, every now and then, something would happen to make Rory think something was upsetting Amy. The time when the two had been forced to hide from a Sontaran in a very small cupboard, Amy didn't look at him once. The time when Amy had almost fallen out of the TARDIS mid-flight, both he and the Doctor went to help her but it was the Doctor's hand she grabbed.

Something was off.

For some reason, Amy didn't want to touch Rory. Whenever he hugged her or kissed her, she was quick to move away, and usually she was the one instigating the hugs, and the kisses, and the... other activities. But ever since they'd stopped for a break on Earth a few months back, Rory knew something was up. He wanted to deny it, he wanted to forget, but he had this niggling feeling in the pit of his stomach.

On the 25th of June, 2011, Rory Pond went to sleep next to his beautiful wife, Amelia.

On the 26th of June, 2011, Rory Williams woke up alone, with a note beside his pillow, that simply read "I'm sorry".

Rory cried. He cried for what felt like days. He locked himself into what was his and Amy's room on the TARDIS, and refused to come out for anything. He stopped eating, he stopped talking, he only lay on the bed and soaked in the memories of what used to be and what never was.

The Doctor couldn't concentrate. It was far too quiet inside the control room of the TARDIS. No one was around to hear him talk clever things and look impressed. Since Amy had departed, it was a lot quieter. Usually, either Amy or Rory was standing around, trying to keep up with what he was explaining, but now... there was silence. When Amy had told him she was going to leave, his first concern was Rory. But she gave some excuse about it all being too familiar, that they were stuck in a rut. The Doctor would land them in trouble, they'd be almost dead, and then they'd be safe again. She said that she regretted getting married too. She thought she was too young to get married, and since the wedding, things had changed between them. She had fallen out of love with the boy who waited. The Doctor couldn't believe that Amy would be so cruel as to reduce Rory to how he was now. All that could be heard was the faint hum and buzz of the TARDIS. Sometimes, it would be louder, more erratic, as if the ship was feeling the pain of its loneliest inhabitant. The Doctor sighed quietly as he walked towards the room Rory had holed himself up in. As he reached the door, he pulled the Sonic out of his pocket, but after a second thought, put it back before knocking lightly on the door. There was a long pause, with no answer, so the Doctor took a deep breath before talking.

"Rory?" he called out softly. "I just wanted to say..." he trailed off, not actually knowing what he wanted to say. He was unsure what sort of things humans did in these situations. His hand brushed softly across the door. He knew he had built a certain reputation for saving the world, but for now, the world could wait. In the year Rory had been aboard the TARDIS, the two had become firm friends, the Doctor often calling him 'Rory the Roman'. He wouldn't be using that name for a while, it wouldn't be fair on the human. He was quiet still for a moment before talking again. "May I come in?" he asked quietly, still receiving no answer from inside. What if he wasn't in there, thought the Doctor. What if they had both left, and now he was doomed to wander the TARDIS corridors alone? He rubbed his forehead, put all thoughts about himself aside, and slowly opened the door, a little surprised it was unlocked.

What he saw broke his hearts.

Rory lay sleeping on the bed, dark bags under his eyes, his hair a mess, his face unshaven, his complexion pale, and he had various tear stains from crying into his clothes. He definitely looked a little skinnier too, but that's what not eating would do to you. The Doctor silently walked to the bed, and knelt beside his sleeping companion. Now he was closer, he could see streaks down Rory's face where he'd been crying. It almost brought the Time Lord to tears. He was amazed at how fragile humans could be, especially the one sleeping in front of him now. He tenderly reached out, fingering through the human's soft hair.

At the Doctor's touch, Rory began to stir. He made several incoherent noises before his eyes fluttered open. His face could only show disappointment. Disappointment at the fact it wasn't Amy who had woken him, but the Doctor. He slowly sat up, hoping to see his beloved Amelia in the room, but the disappointment only sank in further. He met eyes with the Doctor, and for a second, he thought he was going to cry again. But he was determined not to. He'd seen the Doctor in action. The man who could topple civilisations with a single sentence. He was not going to cry in front of him. The Doctor crouched quietly in front of his companion, unsure whether or not to pat the human, or hug him, or whatever humans would do in his position. But he only had to be there.

Amy. All fiery and beautiful, drifted back into Rory's mind. It put all other thoughts aside, and there was only Amy. Only loss. Only Rory Williams. Fresh tears began to trickle from the human's eyes, and he let out a shaky breath before breaking into quiet, pitiful sobs. He had to face another day without Amy. The Doctor rose to hug the human, and Rory leant forwards, their embrace meeting in the middle. It hurt the Doctor to see Rory like this, but all he could do for now was hold him. And that's all he did.