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Chapter 11

Rory stood alone in one of the castle's many bedrooms. His eyes took a moment, flitting around the room and taking in all of the medieval details – the brickwork, the silk hangings around the bed… the chamberpot. He shuddered at the thought of having to use it in place of a toilet, and wondered if he could sleep in the TARDIS to use its toilet, but the Doctor had said they couldn't refuse the offered bedroom.

Even if there was only one bed.

Not that Rory had any problems with sharing a bed with the Doctor. He was looking forward to it, but all the same, he was nervous. At least tonight, he'd be able to remember sleeping with him – without the help of an alien pill.

He stepped towards the window and pushed it open, looking out over the castle's courtyard, breathing in the air of days gone by. Air which smelled, quite honestly foul, but that was to be expected for an era that didn't have plumbing. But to Rory, the smell of a new place, a new time, was something to be cherished, as were the sights, the conversations. Everything was new to him, and ready to be experienced.

Hearing a knock on the door Rory turned, unsure whether to go answer or not. He settled for calling "Hello?" and felt silly as soon as the word had left his lips. The door opened and a slightly small, dark-skinned woman entered, wearing a light-red tunic and long green skirt. She smiled, her dark curly hair falling just past her shoulders.

"Good afternoon." She said, giving a small curtsey. "I'm Guinevere, servant to the King's ward. He sent me to make sure you were happy with the room." She stopped, looking around the room before back to Rory. "Weren't you with somebody?" she asked politely.

"The Doctor went for a wander about. Told me to stay here and not to get in trouble." He replied, laughing lightly. Guinevere laughed with him. "I'm Rory, by the way." He added.

"Is there anything I can get for you?" she questioned. Almost as if on cue, Rory's stomach gave a soft growl. She laughed again. "It's not long until dinner, but I could get you an apple for now?" Rory smiled appreciatively at the suggestion.

"That would be great, thank you Guinevere." She smiled, giving another curtsey before heading for the door. As she opened it, she turned to look back at Rory.

"Call me Gwen." She smiled softly before leaving. Rory pulled the window to, and moved to the bed, unclipping his breast plate and setting it down on the bed sheets.

"Gwen?" a voice called into the room. The door swung open to reveal a tall, dark-haired lady in a deep green gown. She looked surprised at seeing Rory there, but quickly smiled. "Oh, I'm so sorry." She said, stepping forward. "I was told Gwen was in here. I'm Lady Morgana, the King's ward." Rory gave her a polite bow, looking up at her.

"I'm Rory," he started. "And Gwen was just here. She kindly offered to find me an apple."

"Oh, she won't be long then. Arthur's room always has plenty of apples, and he's only down the hall. I take it you are a knight, bold sir?" she wondered aloud, having taken note of the armour Rory was dressed in.

"Yes, I'm the Doctor's best knight." Rory agreed, knowing he was the best only by default, seeing as he was the only. Morgana seemed to take a shine to that as she smiled.

"Well, if you're the best, its likely Uther will hold a tournament in the coming days." She smiled, relishing the thought of getting to watch Arthur and the other knights in battle. Rory's face changed to one of fear. The only fighting he'd done was for the Roman Army when he was made of plastic, and he didn't fancy thinking back to after he was erased from time. There was also the time he punched Hitler, but that could hardly be called fighting. "I'm sure you're more than up to the challenge." Morgana commented, noticing the change on Rory's face.

"Yeah, I'm totally up for it." He said, his nervous voice betraying him. "I'm Mr. Cool." He swung his arm up to lean on one of the bed posts, but missed hilariously as he fell onto the bed, causing Morgana to giggle.

"Perhaps you can make the other knights laugh themselves into submission." She said jokingly.

"Yeah…" Rory replied, feeling somewhat hurt by the comment, but Morgana didn't notice as Gwen had returned with an apple for Rory.

"Gwen!" Morgana chirped, hugging the girl. "I need your help in choosing a dress for me to wear tonight to dinner."

"Of course, milady, I'll be with you in a minute." Gwen answered, before lightly throwing the apply to Rory, who caught it before it could bruise his chest. "Courtesy of the Prince." She smiled. She turned to Morgana, who linked arms with her before they left. As he watched them leave, Rory wondered if they were as close as he'd seen Arthur and Merlin being. He shook the thoughts away just as the Doctor walked in, beaming away happily.

"You will never guess who I have been talking to!" He grinned, striding over to Rory and taking the apple from him, tossing it between his hands. The human's stomach gave an almost sad grumble as it's snack was taken away and toyed with.

"The Lady Morgana?" he suggested, not expecting it to be right.

"No, but I did just pass her, seems like a lovely girl. Shame about later on." He commented sadly, not giving Rory a chance to question him before he was off again. "I've been down talking to the court physician, and some of the things he's got bottled away are astounding. I'd love to have a read through those books, too. He looks a bit like a chap I met during the Blitz, but it wouldn't be the first time I've met similar looking people in different time zones." He explained, thinking back to Gwyneth and Gwen Cooper, and he was also certain there was someone Merlin reminded him of too. "He was a doctor then too. Some things never change. But anyway, it's great down there, you ha-" He was forced into silence as Rory's lips met his in a gentle kiss, and his eyes closed as he relaxed against Rory. His hands rose to hold Rory's sides, and he could feel the human's hands resting on his shoulders. After a moment that felt too short for either of them, Rory pulled away, smiling at the Doctor.

"I had to get you to stop talking somehow." His smile turned into a smirk, and the Doctor couldn't stop a grin from forming.

"Sorry." He said, planting a soft kiss on Rory's forehead. The human smiled, and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I've been meaning to ask you something." He started, thinking back to when Arthur had shouted Merlin's name after he'd fallen. "You said that there was truth in every legend. So what do you think about the part of Merlin being a sorcerer. Truth or legend?" The Doctor looked puzzled, and tapped his chin as he thought.

"Well, if he does have 'magic' and he's used it, he's been very secretive about it. Before we landed, I did a scan for anything alien that could be around, and it came up clean, so if there really is magic, it's nothing I've come across before."

"In other words, you don't know."

"Pretty much, yeah." He smiled again. "I love not knowing. It means something new." He set the apple down on a nearby table and took a seat next to Rory on the bed, placing his hand over Rory's.

"Morgana mentioned something about a tournament." Rory started, looking down at his lap. He turned his hand over, letting the Doctor's fingers slot between his own. "I don't know the first thing about fighting. I won't last a minute against any of the knights I'd be up against." He frowned, knowing he was right. The Doctor gave the human's hand a squeeze.

"You don't have the fight if you don't want to. We can have left before this tournament can even be arranged." The Doctor mused, hoping to get a smile out of Rory. Which he did, the man comforted by the Doctor's words.

"Thanks, Doctor." Rory said quietly, leaning lightly against the Doctor's side and resting his head on his shoulder. He let out a small yawn as the Doctor's arm moved around his back to rub his side.

"How about a pre-dinner nap?" The Doctor suggested, earning an appreciative look from Rory.

"That'd be nice." He smiled, to which the Doctor responded by moving the breast plate off of the bed and crawling towards the pillows and lying down, patting the space next to him. Rory followed and lay on his side, close to the Doctor so he could put his head on the alien's shoulder, and arm across his chest. They lay still together for a moment, before Rory kissed the Doctor's cheek, then lay back down. The Doctor blushed and smiled before closing his eyes and falling asleep not long after Rory.

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