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It was nearly five in the morning when Rachel Berry woke, something shaking her gently. Still half asleep, she figured vaguely that it was time for her to get up for school.

"Five more minutes…" she mumbled, nuzzling her nose against the warmth she was snuggled against.

"Rachel, help," a soft, feminine voice whimpered.

Startled by the worry she heard in the familiar voice, Rachel sat up and found herself straddling a frightened Quinn Fabray. Peering down, she noticed that Quinn's eyes were clenched tight and she was seething in huge gulps of air in giant, panicked breaths. The glare from the television sent a soft beam over Quinn's face, revealing that her cheeks were wet with tears. Watching her toss and turn, Rachel realized that she was having a nightmare and her eyes flooded with concern.

Reaching out, Rachel brushed the blonde locks out of Quinn's face, yet again reveling at the softness of her skin as she softly cupped the trembling girl's cheek. "Quinn, it's just a dream," she spoke carefully, her brown eyes studying the girl closely as she wiped away the tears that continued to flow.

"Don't hurt her," Quinn begged desperately, her back arching with every gasp. A broken whimper was forced out of the blonde and Rachel knew she had to stop this before Quinn had a full blown anxiety attack.

"Wake up, Quinn, please," Rachel pleaded, her voice cracking. She reached out and held the blonde's face gently with both hands. "I'm right here. Everything's okay." She bit her lip in desperation.

Almost immediately, Quinn's hazel eyes flew open, wet and frantic. Frightened, she studied the worried brunette in front of her. "Rachel?" she choked out, "You're okay?"

All Rachel could do was nod softly. Something clicked, and in a flash Quinn took in a huge gasp, almost on the verge of tears again. Before Rachel could react, Quinn was thrown onto her, clinging desperately as she pressed small kisses to Rachel's hair.

Eyes wide with shock and concern, Rachel pulled Quinn closer, wrapping her small arms around her. "Hey, hey, it's okay," she murmured against Quinn's ear, running a soothing hand up and down her back.

Quinn's trembling began to decrease as she melted against Rachel, nodding into the girl's chocolate locks. Sniffling, it took a good minute before Quinn realized how tightly she was holding onto Rachel, making her pull back.

"Sorry, just a really bad dream," Quinn mumbled, embarrassed, wiping her eyes on the back of her hand quietly before looking at her dejectedly.

With Quinn so close to her, blonde tendrils messy, nose pink, looking so broken…Rachel felt something very strong course through her body. She knew, in that instant, that she would go to the ends of the Earth to make sure that Quinn was happy. It was startling, how hard her heart began to beat, how she nearly lost her breath. It took all of her self control not to scoop the blonde up in her arms and kiss the sadness away with everything she could muster.

Instead, Rachel took a deep breath and tucked some of Quinn's hair behind her ear before patting her arm softly. "I have myself to blame. Here I am, inviting you to my home for a good night's rest and I fall asleep on top of you," she stammered nervously at her own words, "I-I promised you a bed, is what I'm saying. And I insist that I stay true to my word," she sat up and offered Quinn her hand, who gladly took it with a thankful smile.


A few minutes later, both girls were situated in Rachel's room, snuggled under the silky duvet of Rachel's bed. Although she wanted to go back to cuddling up against Quinn like a teddy bear, Rachel decided against it, figuring that Quinn wanted some space. Rain patted lightly against the window, reminding them of the fateful day in Quinn's car.

Despite the early hour, they were very awake, questions on the tips of both of their tongues and the two troubled teens stared up at the tiny plastic glow-in-the-dark stars scattered on Rachel's ceiling.

They remained silent until Quinn couldn't hold back anymore.

"Why have you been so nice to me?" Quinn's voice was weak.

Rachel titled her head to the right, letting her eyes fall upon Quinn who was staring adamantly up at the little plastic stars. A nervous jolt shot through her but she decided to be sincere and simple.

"You don't deserve to be alone in this. You're a good person, Quinn."

Quinn let out a watery chuckle and scoffed, "Yeah, right. I, who tortured you most days out of the school year and cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend," she shook her head softly, "I'm a real saint."

Brown eyes sad, they traced the elegant profile of Quinn's face, over her perfect nose and down to the curve of her lips. The sun was beginning to rise and it gave Quinn an unearthly, beautiful glow.

"You've been through well enough to make up for any minor bullying," Rachel told her gently, "The insults and the slushies, they stung. But it wasn't long before I noticed you were in much greater pain than I." She reached out and placed her hand on top of Quinn's softly, an action that conveyed much more than general sympathy.

Quinn was silent but she looked much more relaxed, her eyes fluttering shut as she held Rachel's hand.

"May I ask what your dream was about?" Rachel asked nervously, "You don't have to tell me, but I heard you mention my name in your sleep. Maybe I could help." Though her true intent was to help Quinn, she was nearly bursting with curiosity. She simply had to know why Quinn would dream about her.

Quinn stiffened a little bit but didn't retract her hand. Her body sunk further into the mattress as she heaved a sigh. "It was my father," she began faintly, "He was angry at me. I told him that I…" Quinn's voice trailed away for a moment.

Now that Quinn thought about it, her dream wasn't something she was ready to verbalize.

It hadn't started off as a nightmare. She had fallen asleep with her mind swirling with Rachel, so her vulnerable, newly developed feelings leaked easily into her dreams.

In the dream, they were sharing an intimate embrace on the Fabray doorstep. Rachel had walked her to the door, and it was assumed that they had gone out on a date. The idea of this seemed natural and carefree, however, and Quinn was leaning in to kiss Rachel goodnight when her front door flew open.

A loud clap of thunder strangled the happy dream and compressed it into darkness. There in the doorway stood her outraged father, looking at the two of them with horrified disgust.

"How dare you!" her father had shouted, "Disgracing our family by spending time with this homosexual Jew, are you completely set against me?" It was then, in her nightmare, that Russell Fabray had grabbed a hold of Quinn's arm, steadying her for the whip like smack that crashed onto her cheek.

The rest of the dream was a horrible blur of yelling and pain, in which she remembers vividly grabbing out for Rachel who was dragged away by her father.

"Don't hurt her," she had screamed, body wracking with sobs. Rachel's soothing voice had then broken the dream and brought Quinn back to reality.

Now, lying very still in Rachel's bed, she gripped Rachel's hand tightly, at a loss of words.

Rachel brushed her thumb over the back of Quinn's hand, "You don't have to tell me any more," she affirmed softly, and Quinn nodded, letting out a breath.

The startling protective feeling from before wracked Rachel's body and a flurry of thoughts ran through the diva's mind.

"You wanna know what I've got planned for tomorrow?" Rachel spouted excitedly.

Quinn couldn't help but smile a little, "What, Rachel?"

"Three words: Lima County Fair."


"You have got to be kidding me," Rachel's fiery gaze whipped to Quinn and she pointed a threatening finger at her, "And this is so not funny, Quinn Fabray."

Quinn bit her lip as to not break out into a wider grin and nodded, "You're right; it's not funny at all. It's hilarious."

Rachel glared at her before whirling around to sneer at a man who was comically taller than she. "I'm seventeen," she argued, exasperated as the man pointed firmly to the sign next to them.

"Again, you must be this tall to ride Death Lagoon. I'm sorry, sweetheart." His voice was monotonous but you could hear the amusement lying somewhere beneath it. The rollercoaster beside them whirred to life, the excited screams mocking them.

Rachel huffed, fuming as she gaped at him. Quinn decided to step in, putting an arm around Rachel's shoulders as she steered her away.

"Come on, Rachel. I'm winning you a teddy bear."

The brunette looked up at her, a shy smile spreading over her lips.

As they reached one of the colorful booths, Rachel giggled as Quinn slammed a five dollar bill down on the counter, startling the teenage boy behind it. At the far end of the booth were several bottles on a rotating conveyer belt. Beside them stood buckets full of tennis balls which would be thrown to knock over said bottles.

"Four in a row and you have your choice at any of the prizes," instructed the gawky boy, "No refunds. Good luck!"

Quinn was already winding back, a green tennis ball in her fist, making the boy yelp and jump out of the way as it zoomed past his head. The ball crashed into one of the bottles immediately, the blonde's aim perfect.

"Wow, Quinn!" gasped Rachel, but her breath was taken away as Quinn rapidly knocked down two more bottles. Letting out a breath, the smaller girl looked up at Quinn in amazement.

Quinn's eyes were narrowed, very serious, glared at the moving bottles. Weapon clenched tightly in her hand, she took a deep breath before launching the ball forward, knocking down the remaining bottle.

Rachel squealed in delight, clapping as she jumped up and down.

The blonde looked very pleased with herself, smirking as she held her hands behind her back, nodding her head in the direction of the plush toys.

"Your pick, Tinkerbell."

The nickname rolled off Quinn's tongue as it had the past few days, and she could tell by the cheeky grin on Rachel's face that she liked it. Happily, Rachel pointed to one of the beanie babies on the higher shelf, picking out a bright pink bear.

Previous grumpiness forgotten, Rachel was beside herself with glee as she threw her arms around Quinn's neck in a warm hug. Smiling fondly, the Quinn wrapped her arms securely around the girl's waist.


Little did they know, a shocked Kurt Hummel was sitting not too far away with his boyfriend, sipping casually on his pink lemonade. When he caught a glimpse of the girls embracing, he nearly choked, coughing squeaks into his fist.

Munching on an ice cream sandwhich, Blaine looked up at his sputtering partner in concern.

"Is it a bee again? I'll kill it this time, I swear," he piped, dark eyes darting around. The two boys had an incident last weekend at the park, otherwise known as the Saturday Blaine became acquainted with Kurt's giant phobia of flying insects.

Kurt shook his head quickly, a tight grip on his drink. "No, Blaine," he wheezed, clearing his throat, "But something equally as terrifying." He pointed a dainty finger over Blaine's shoulder, his blue eyes wide.

Eyebrows furrowed, Blaine turned around, finally catching a glimpse of the two girls. Quinn was now spinning Rachel in circles as the brunette giggled into her shoulder.

"Aw, would you look at that," Blaine murmured affectionately, resting his cheek in his palm as he watched the two.

Kurt leaned forward, blinking rapidly. "Are you insane?" he exclaimed, his voice hushed, "How are you not absolutely floored by this act of mutiny?"

Blaine chuckled, gazing back at Kurt with warm eyes. "What do you mean?"

Kurt scoffed, "They've hated each other for years, Blaine," he explained slowly, his eyes glued to the couple, "Not to mention both have been unreasonably sullen the past week. But here they are, chipper as Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke."

Blaine quirked a smile, shrugging. "I think it's cute."

Suddenly Kurt stiffened and a cheery grin was splashed across his face. He raised his hand and waved, speaking through his grin now. "I made eye contact with Rachel Fairy, they're heading over now," he muttered without moving his lips.

Secretly a hopeless romantic, Blaine was very pleased as he turned again to see the giggling females skipping towards them. He threw them a happy smile and stood, moving around the table to sit next to Kurt.

"Good afternoon, ladies. I see you two are enjoying each other's company," Blaine quipped smoothly with a grin, earning an irritated glance from his boyfriend.

Quinn sat down with a contented smirk and placed her hands in her lap, her yellow dress whispering softly in the warm breeze. Rachel, adorned in jean shorts and a red tank top, plopped down beside Quinn, her brown eyes sparkling.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" Rachel spoke cheerily, titling her to the side in a dreamy fashion.

Beside her, Quinn chuckled. "Rachel can be a handful, but she isn't too bad once you get to know her," she responded lightly, glancing at the brunette who was giving her a playful pout.

Kurt was about to combust as he studied the way they were looking at each other, and he could have sworn that Quinn's tone was flirtatious. Blaine was smiling in a way that only Kurt could decipher, and the two communicated with their eyes.

In a casual manner Kurt stretched, 'accidentally' elbowing his drink off the table and onto the grass.

"Oh, clumsy me," he chirped, laughing coquettishly as he picked up the now empty cup. Blue eyes flicking to Rachel, Kurt stood and gently took her by the elbow. "Escort me to the food cart, Rachel?"

Before she could answer, Rachel was dragged away, and the tiny brunette threw a small wave in Quinn's direction. "Be right back," she giggled, brown eyes glazed over.

Now left alone with Blaine, Quinn smiled politely. "You and Kurt make an adorable couple," she told him, trying to figure out the reason behind the boy's knowing stare.

Blaine scooted forward a bit, his eyes bright. "Nice beanie baby," he murmured lowly, his eyes falling upon the pink plush toy Rachel left on the table.

Quinn fidgeted a little in her seat, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow at the Warbler. "It's Rachel's," she explained nervously, slowly understanding why Kurt was leaving them alone.

"Nice of you to win it for her," Blaine purred devilishly, relishing in the blush that spread daintily over Quinn's cheeks.

"I didn't know you were the stalker type," Quinn responded coolly, having a bit of a stare-off with the boy.

Blaine shrugged, "I wasn't watching you. I only assumed so, Quinn," he chuckled, and Quinn couldn't help but smile under the boy's charm. "I'm not especially close to Rachel, but I've never seen her so happy."

Quinn's hazel eyes lit up a little, and couldn't help but blurt out, "Really?"

Blaine nodded nonchalantly, reaching over to sip on his bottled water. There was a moment of silence as he took his time screwing the cap back on, folding his hands neatly on the table afterward.

"You like her."

Reflexively, Quinn stiffened and looked away, "Berry? Yeah right," she muttered, silently berating herself. She thought she was keeping a tight cap on her feelings for Rachel, the feelings she had been trying to push away.

"It's adorable," Blaine pointed out, his voice slow and mirthful.

Quinn looked up, nervous as she hesitated over her response. Finally, the blonde took a deep breath, and her words came out in hardly a whisper, "Am I that obvious?"

Mentally celebrating his breakthrough, Blaine opened his palm and offered his hand to Quinn. Her smaller hand fell into his and the boy flashed her a charming smile.

"Your secret is safe with me."


In the lady's restroom not too far away, Kurt Hummel awkwardly patted the back of an anxiety ridden Rachel Berry.

"What if she finds out?" Rachel spouted hysterically, "She'd think I'm some giant pervert and never talk to me again! Not to mention the slushie facials that would be coming tenfold—then Quinn might quit Glee Club as to avoid my advances and it would be my entire fault that we're one short for Nationals! Our choreography would be ruined, making our performance mediocre-"

"Take it down a notch, Streisand," Kurt interrupted her rambling, placing his hand on her shoulder, lowering his gaze seriously. He enjoyed drama as much as any other gay man but Rachel was a little too much.

Rachel let out a breath, her body stiff with worry as she looked up expectantly at Kurt.

"I don't think you have to worry about this romance being unrequited," Kurt explained quietly with a mischievous glint in his eye, making Rachel's expression soften with hope. "But, Quinn is delicate, like a flower. If anything is going to, shall we say 'blossom', you'll have be careful."

Rachel nodded and took a deep breath before looking at him with pleading eyes.

"Help me?"

Kurt's grin was immediate, "I thought you'd never ask."

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