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David's little brother

It had taken awhile before David Karofsky gained forgiveness and reconciliation from the members of the glee club. After his time showing his true colours during the Championship game and subsequently the half-time show, he felt like he was almost there – almost free. But that all came crashing down when Finn tried to make him face his worst fear, the one thing he'd one day hope to forget – his first love. Kurt Hummel.

It took months until Finn, Puck, Sam and Mercedes combined with the rest of the glee club got him to man up and face Kurt – whether it be because he hated Kurt or if it was quite the opposite.

Kurt had returned to McKinley due to the incredibly high tuition fees at Dalton and his slightly traumatic break-up from a certain Blaine Anderson. He tried his best to convince everyone it was the former reason, not the latter. But sure enough, they were his best friends and could easily see through him, even though they just nodded happily.

It had taken three months of Kurt being back before Dave asked to speak to him. His apology was planned but when it came to moment it was far from what he expected. Dave stuttered and cried and hit things and cried a little more, Kurt simply hugged him. What he had done to Kurt and his reasoning behind it wasn't an excuse for his behaviour because all he had to do was talk to him. Instead of lashing out and throwing him about, if he just asked to talk, all the pain would've been avoided. But they both knew, although it sounded practical – it really wasn't.

Their friendship started with nods in the hall way to greeting each other in the morning to walking to class together. It then changed into exchanging numbers, having lunch together (well, the glee club – Dave claimed it was just to get his biology project planned with Finn to his teammates), then that changed to meeting up with Kurt outside of school. They'd meet up after one of Kurt's shopping trips or after a football practice when Kurt came 'to pick up Finn, because he can't drive for shit.'

However, everything had taken a back seat when Finn might've possibly blurted out over dinner with the family that Dave had been in love with Kurt for well over a year – which if Kurt took time to calculate was way before the kiss in the locker room and his apology. It wasn't that Kurt was put off or disgusted by Dave; he was actually inwardly celebrating when he found out the news. Kurt spent hours, no weeks, convincing himself that the internal warm feeling was just because someone was in love with him.

Dave had then distanced himself from Kurt, shying back into his closeted, scared and old self. Although the bullying didn't reoccur, having Dave ignore Kurt or just nod at him in the halls again hurt him a lot more. Kurt couldn't understand why Dave was acting that way, he was willing to try and get through it with him – whatever 'it' was. No, he didn't want a relationship, no, he'd just got out of one and what good would it be if he got it on with his ex-bully. No.

David had changed though...

Which was what brought Kurt to Dave's locker just as the bell rang to signal for the end of the day.

"David, you're just the man I wanted to see!"

"Oh, um. Hi."

"What're you doing tonight?" Kurt mused, bouncing on his feet with a far from sad smile on his face.

"Nothing much, I should probably get this Chemistry project finish though," Dave shrugged.

"Well, how about you put it off for just a little bit longer and join me for coffee?"

"As much as I'd like too, I'm really busy," Dave insisted, really – could Kurt not flaunt himself in front of him like that?

"I'll help you with the work you missed?" Kurt pleaded.

Dave stopped and thought. Letting Kurt back in, even though he knew. It seemed stupid to ignore him and frankly it was hurting Dave more than when he would trail around after him hoping he'd just turn around one time and kiss him.

"As long as you wipe that smile off your face," Dave smiled and shut his locker, hunching his bag further up on his shoulder.

"Am I too charming for my own good?" Kurt smirked.

"Go, now," Dave laughed and pointed towards the doors that lead outside, "or you'll be having coffee by yourself."

"Oh, David, please don't cancel on me! I've planned this for so long! How could you be so insensitive?" Kurt paraded down the hall, begging David in a bouncy manner and shouting overdramatically with a smirk on his face.

Dave shook his head and pushed Kurt out of the doors by the small of his back. "You're impossible."

"Nothing is impossible, David," Kurt's tone change was sudden and Dave had to do a double take, Kurt just smiled at him.

"I have to go and pick up my baby brother, you wanna come with?" David asked once he'd drawn his eyes away from Kurt's beautiful smile and scent.

"Oh! You have a brother, that's adorable. Yeah, I'll come with," Kurt smiled and followed Dave to his car, explaining how Finn took him to school so it wouldn't matter if he got a ride home with David.

The car journey was quiet Kurt occasionally giggling at something Dave would say about something on the radio or one of his rants about Mrs Fernandez and how annoying she was.

"She just shouts, fucking shouting in my ear explaining about how it wasn't funny that I wrote 'orgasm' instead of 'organism' on purpose! She needs to pop a pill and calm the hell down."

Kurt laughed and nodded in approval at how very much like Dave that was. When they pulled up to the elementary school Kurt smiled at all the parents picking up their kids and how in a few years time they'd be locking themselves up in their bedrooms all night playing video games or jerking off. He let out a giggle which got him a strange look from Dave.

They got out of the car and Kurt trailed behind Dave as he waved to various parents who smiled back and glanced towards Kurt before smiling again.


David's little brother launched himself at the slightly taller boy, curling his arms around Dave's neck and laughing as he was span around and thrown into the air a little. Kurt flinched, his motherly instincts coming into play – even though he wasn't a woman, or a mother and didn't even know this boy existed until about twenty minutes ago.

"Oh, God. You're getting heavy, Raynor," Dave grunted and put him down almost immediately.

"Am not! It's you and your lack of muscles!" Raynor argued back.

"Raynor," a teacher called, "you're not leaving until you've finished this piece of work!" The women came into view and smiled at Dave and Kurt. "He'll just be a minute; you can wait in there if you like. Sorry for keeping you," she pointed to a small nursery, playroom like room which they entered hesitantly.

"I think we're a little big for these chairs," Kurt commented as he sat down on the chairs the 1st graders used.

"I honestly hadn't noticed Kurt, thanks for telling me," Dave replied, smirking.

"Oh shut up."

A silence fell, even the parents and screaming kids outside on the grounds became mute. Dave could feel Kurt's gaze burning into his skin as he tried his best to look like he was deep in thought about the work presented on the display boards around the playroom. Dave knew what was coming, he could sense it. He'd been far too used to this silence, it was all too familiar. When Kurt spoke, he took a deep breath and readied himself for the whole speech about how Dave was a really nice guy but Kurt just wasn't interested.

"Dave, can I ask you something?"

"I knew it wasn't just a spontaneous invite out to get some coffee," Dave muttered and slumped against one of the desks, eyeing the chalk board.

"But you still said yes," Kurt noted. "I need to talk to you abo –"

"Let's play a game," Dave interrupted, not wanting to hear the rest of that sentence.


"A game, let's play one," Dave smiled and reached for the chalk in the tray at the bottom of the chalk board.

"Dave, really? This is important," Kurt whined.

"So is this, trust me," Dave turned back to glance at Kurt over his shoulder before writing down the words 'likes' and 'dislikes' on the chalk board.

"Are we, like, five?" Kurt asked, confused.

"Apparently so," Dave shrugged pointing around the room as evidence.

He took the chalk and wrote in the columns as Kurt watched and edged forward on the tiny chair.

The list of dislikes consisted of: - Puck's attitude towards women, Puck's attitude towards sex, Dancing with the Stars, Miley Cyrus, sand, Finn's ability to be completely stupid and right at the same time, magpies, chairs with no arms, soft apples, his mom's cooking, missing his sister, being afraid, being gay, being afraid of being gay, having a large build, most of the football team, blue felt tips, incorrect grammar, Facebook chat, his father and last but not least the words 'you'.

The list of likes consisted of: - Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, reading, singing, dancing, playing the piano, playing the guitar, writing, laughing, Raynor, Wiet (his sister), his mom, playing cards, watching the glee club perform, playing football, playing hockey, orchids, skinny jeans on men, being gay, people who speak French, Canada, doughnuts and ice cream, marshmallows, cheese, brie, midnight walks, the play park, slides and swings, the shore line, natural beauty, Finn's stupidity, Rachel Berry's voice, the taste of slushies, Regina Spektor, Chicago and last but not least the words 'you'.

Dave stepped back, turning to look at Kurt and realise he wasn't there. He sighed and threw the piece of chalk back into the tray, he was about to walk out when a hand gripped on his arm pulling him back. Kurt was sat on the desk, swinging his legs and reading over the lists.

"He never ever saw it coming at all," Kurt whispered in a sombre tune as Dave's eyes met his.

"It's alright," Dave continued, knowing the song so well.

"Hey, open wide, here comes original sin," Kurt smiled and blushed when he felt the heat of Dave's hands on his thighs.

"I'm sorry, so sorry."

"You shouldn't be afraid," Kurt whispered as his face inched closer to Dave's. "Nothing to be afraid about."

"Getting hurt," Dave was becoming a little incoherent being this close to Kurt and for Kurt to actually allow it made his heart flutter a little.

"Have to learn. Have to learn to keep it safe," Kurt was suffering from the same problems, his shaky hand rising to be placed on Dave's chest, right over his heart. It beat fast against his hand – the beat reaching through the skin and bones of Dave's body out through his chest and through his clothes to reach Kurt's hand.

"Only beats for you."

"I know," Kurt's eyes joined Dave's again, feeling warm and safe as he took Dave's hand and held it over his own chest. "I know."

Dave's eyes shut when he felt Kurt's heart going just as fast as his, his outlet of breath was shaky and loud and he blushed so hard – feeling completely naked and exposed. Kurt pulled Dave's hand away from his own chest and planted kisses across his fingers. Dave almost recoiled at the action, but resulted in smiling and shuffling closer to Kurt. Once his hand was kissed with delicate kisses it somehow moved on its own to cup Kurt's face softly.

Kurt raised his hands to Dave's chest, resting gently, not pushing like before. Their breaths were short and disjointed and broken and neither of them wanted to do anything but curl up to the other and kiss them until their lips were sore and then carry on kissing.

Their foreheads met, like it was planned, like they were magnets and their breaths mingled together in the space created. Kurt balled his fists, gathering the material of Dave's shirt and clenched it as not to let him go. He inched forward closing the gap from their noses to their lips and then they were kissing. All that they could hear was their simultaneous intake of oxygen through their noses and then the comfortable, happy release of air that followed. It was just a kiss, nothing more than a peck, as they pulled away Dave opened his eyes to find Kurt's still shut.

So much better than the first, Kurt thought.

A smile spread across Kurt's face as his blue eyes reappeared and shined at Dave, they both chuckled in disbelief because neither of them knew that the feeling they were feeling right now could be in result of a simple kiss. Dave leaned back, his foot itching to step back and give Kurt the space he needed because soon he'd realised he'd just kissed David Karofsky and that would be another regret that Dave just wasn't ready to be a part of.

"Where are you going?" Kurt's voice was soft but a little croaky, his throat dry.

"Erm, nowhere?" Dave suggested, in case it was the wrong answer.

"Damn straight," Kurt beamed as Dave returned to the place in between his legs as he sat on the table and edged his face closer to Kurt's.

"Well, not really," Dave smiled and gestured between them; Kurt laughed and dropped his head to blush.

When Kurt brought his head back up he captured Dave's lips in another kiss, fiercer than the first – well second – and his arms wrapped around Dave's neck drawing him in further. Their lips moved with each other, Dave made sure to commit the shape and feel and softness of them to his memory and gripped Kurt by the waist pulling him a little closer. The kiss gained in speed and Kurt's hot and wet mouth was becoming too much for Dave.

As it turned out Kurt was having the same problem and brain wave and just then Dave felt Kurt's tongue prodding at his bottom lip, wanting to get inside. Dave's mind was just... Just that. Completely on overload and just a white space inside his skull, Kurt actually wanted this – actually wanted to deepen the kiss and fuck.

Dave gave Kurt's tongue entrance and the moment it touched his, without being forced and without coming from a violent rage, was amazing. Dave's tongue twined with Kurt's, massaging and revelling in the taste of each other. They couldn't stop, nothing could stop them, and they wanted more and more of each other. Kurt trailed his fingers from the base of Dave's neck up through the short and slight curls of his hair, bringing him in closer as to suck on his tongue. They moaned in unison, neither of them freaking out at the realisation that they were very much enjoying this.

Dave's grip on Kurt's waist tighten and moved to the small of his back, bringing him even closer as their mouths still marvelled at the other's. Kurt groaned and one hand left Dave's neck and settled between them, pulling Dave by his waistband so his hips hit Kurt's. They broke away due the lack of oxygen to their lungs and brains, breathing heavily with their foreheads so tightly pressing against each others.

They planted sweet kisses to each other's lips as Dave brushed the stray hairs from Kurt's face and returned to stroking his back. Yep, Dave was completely and utterly in love with Kurt Hummel. Even if he walked out right now, Dave would still collapse into a melted jelly resembling mess.

Kurt open his mouth to say something, but it took a while to actually come out; "He never ever saw it coming at all."

Dave smiled, his teeth showing and the joy reaching his eyes threatening to burst out of every pore in his body. He backed away keeping his eyes locked on Kurt and headed towards to chalk board. He gestured for Kurt to follow and smiled at the joyful jump off the table; he stood next to Dave and looked up completely confused. Dave smiled knowingly and pulled Kurt by the waist to stand in front of him, he wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist hoping that it wouldn't be the last time he could rest his head on the smaller boys shoulders. He planted a sweet kiss to Kurt's neck and let him go.

Dave stood next to the chalk and blushed, his hand hovered over the list of dislikes and rubbed off 'being gay' and 'being afraid of being gay'; then moved to the list of likes and rubbed off 'you'. Kurt's face dropped thinking it was a sick joke, as 'you' was still on the dislike side, Dave noticed and help up one finger. He reached into the tray and grabbed a piece of chalk, before rubbing off 'you' from the dislikes and drawing a new column. He wrote 'kissing you' into the likes and then gave the third column a title: Loves.

The list only contained two words: Kurt Hummel.

Kurt giggled and dropped his head as he felt himself heat up. He knew he didn't love Dave yet, but he liked him, liked him enough to let himself fall for him. In a way he already had. Kurt inwardly shook his head knowing he was just keeping himself safe, keeping himself from being hurt again. He knew Dave wouldn't hurt him, not in the way he feared. If he let his heart go, it would be both of them letting their hearts go and placing them in someone else's hands.

Kurt walked forward and took Dave's hands in his own and felt Dave's thumb brush the skin of his knuckles, he smiled and looked up at the boy. The passion returned and Kurt pushed him back into the wall and pressed their lips together in a tongue twined kiss. Dave was taken by surprise and giggled into the kiss, both of them smiling and making the kiss as toothy as possible.

"You're everything, everything. I'm sorry for everything, all the past and all the present. I shouldn't have ignored you after I knew you knew, I was just..."

"Afraid?" Kurt glanced at the chalk board and back at Dave.

He laughed and kissed Kurt again, Kurt kissed back straight away and pushed his tongue into Dave's mouth. God, he knew he'd never get over that sensation. They moved around the room, bumping into surfaces and staying there before moving again, blindly groping for something to hold onto on the other's body. Once they'd settled back against the desk Kurt wrapped his legs around Dave's body and brought him closer, smiling as he did so.



Dave pulled away from Kurt's mouth but found it hard to stray away from his body. Kurt peered round David's body as he dropped his legs back to the floor and stood up, subsequently waking Dave up from his trance of just gawping at his little brother.

"Why are you kissing that boy?" Raynor asked sweetly, with his head at a slight cartoonish confused tilt.

"This is Kurt," Dave gestured and held his hand out to help said boy stand up straight.

"Hi Kurt!" Raynor chirped and waved like everything had been forgotten.

"This is my little brother, Raynor," Raynor waved again and watched as Dave crouched in front of him.

"Why were you eating his face Davey?"

Kurt snorted from behind Dave as he blushed and dragged Kurt down to his knees with him.

"I wasn't eating his face, Ray, I was kissing him."

"But only people in love kiss, that's why Wiet and Jon kiss all the time when she comes home. That's why mommy doesn't kiss anyone but us because we're the only ones she loves," Raynor explained and sat on the floor, confused.

"I know," Dave smiled at Kurt and took his hand as he looked back at Raynor. "I love Kurt, you see."

"Really?" Raynor smiled with his teeth full on show.

Dave laughed and Kurt let out a massive breath of relief at how his brother didn't go 'that's gay!' or 'ew!' at the idea.

"Yes, really."

"You have to take care of him," Raynor said, in a tone that resembled something of Rachel Berry.

"I will, Ray, don't worry." Dave replied.

"No, not you, Davey! I was talking to Kurt." Raynor pointed then realised pointing was rude and apologised, Kurt's heart ached at how adorable he was and how sweet their brotherhood was.

"You have to take care of him, because he's broken and needs healing. Mommy says love and time are the world's best healers."

Kurt was gone, he was crying, full on crying. Dave squeezed his hand and reached up to kiss his temple.

"I will," Kurt choked. "I will, I promise." Kurt held out his pinkie and offered it as he promised.

Raynor shook his head and said, "Pinkie promises are for girls! Girls have cooties!" All three of the boys laughed and Kurt shook Raynor's hand instead.

"So? Coffee?" Dave smiled as they left the school ground.

"As long as we get to take Raynor with us, because I think I've fallen in love with him." Kurt smiled and held his hand out.

Dave nodded and took Kurt's hand. They smiled at the fact they were able to do this, since no one from school was around and Kurt knew Dave wasn't ready to come out yet. Sure, Kurt knew and so did his family, which included Finn. A few of the glee clubbers knew, like Mercedes (hello, she was Kurt's best friend), Rachel (because her gaydar was 'exceptionally good'), Sam (who followed Dave's eyes and realised that longing look was aimed at Kurt), Quinn (she knew he changed for some reason and just guessed it was to do with sexuality) and Tina (she was friends with Kurt, Mercedes and Quinn – Dave had no chance).

But for now, they just wanted to enjoy each other without that burden hovering over them. Kurt had Raynor resting on his hip being carried to the car and neither of them would lie that they looked like a family.