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Finn Hudson

They were, in fact, allowed to attend prom together and since Dave was out and proud thanks to the A.V club and Figgins there wasn't anything to hold them back. Not even the few homophobes who watched in confusion all night long. The team and most of the student body had been really accepting – much to everyone's surprise but the boys weren't complaining. More and more people talked to them, mainly because they were nosey little fuckers but Kurt had never been happier.

They had danced and sang all night, enjoying each other's company and the adoring looks from people who wished their relationship was as close as theirs. Everything and everyone came together, just ignoring all the prejudices and issues and just letting go. Finn broke it off with Quinn as her need to be Prom Queen became the only reason they were together and Finn had managed to find a sweet girl from Kurt's French class. Her name was Hebe, like the plant, and Kurt could've sworn he'd never seen Finn smile that brightly before.

Quinn did win Prom Queen as well as Lauren, who got a load of votes because this year was about diversity and Quinn just seemed too typical to be the only Prom Queen. Dave and Kurt had both won Prom King which was amusing in itself because they were too busy feeding each other doughnuts covered in chocolate from the chocolate fountain to even pay attention. They accepted the crown and Dave insisted Kurt could wear it since he saw the sparkle in his eye – Kurt loved sparkly things and the crown was jewelled and twinkling. He was like a magpie, but a magpie that Dave actually liked.

Santana used prom night to come out, telling everyone she was in love with a women, proudly so. Kurt and Dave tackled her as soon as she came off the stage and kept her in their arms for a good part of the night, she had been the backbone to their relationship for the last few months and they couldn't thank her enough. Kurt kissed her sweetly and brushed her hair away from her face, telling her that no matter what anyone would be lucky to have her. Rachel had found herself, her true self, on prom night, realising she didn't need a man to make her happy and danced the night with Mercedes and Kurt and the remaining members of New Directions.

It was only when she stopped looking for someone that Jake Moore, the wide receiver, asked her for a dance and she smiled until her cheeks hurt and carried on smiling. And although they'd all expected the prom to be shit and just plain lame they were surprised and were so happy to have all their expectations proved wrong.

The after party was at Finn and Kurt's since Burt and Carole agreed to leave for the weekend. After begging and pleading from the two boys they went on a weekend break somewhere irrelevant and understood the need to have the house to themselves as to fulfil the experience of prom. If you weren't completely stupid this meant – throwing an after party and (if Finn was lucky enough to find someone) a whole weekend of sex with their respective partners.

Which was why Kurt was naked, on his back, in the centre of his bed – Dave's mouth around his hard cock and three digits breaching his entrance. Kurt was having trouble deciding whether to thrust into the hot, wet cavern of Dave's mouth or continue to fuck himself on Dave's thick fingers. His fingers were tangled and tight in Dave's hair as he took more of Kurt's cock into his never ending mouth. Dave's fingers were lightly and teasingly brushing against his prostate and all Kurt wanted to do was have Dave deep inside him and just stay like that forever.

"Dave," he whined, because right now he'd lost all sense and dignity. "Please, fuck me!"

Dave pulled himself off Kurt's dick with a slow suck at the tip before laughing at Kurt's desperate state. He edged forward to face Kurt and take his lips with his own while his fingers twisted and pumped inside Kurt. The smaller boy gasped into the kiss and shut his eyes tight as Dave kissed and licked down his slender body. Sucking one of Kurt's nipples into his mouth, he played with the little nub – teeth and tongue and revelled in the moans and noises coming from Kurt's mouth.

Kurt's hands braced Dave's skull, pushing him further into his chest and pushing down on the fingers inside him. Dave's cock throbbed helplessly against the sheets below them and almost reached for Kurt's entrance, wanting nothing but the glorious and gallant heat and tight hole. He kissed around Kurt's ribs and sensitive sides taking in every taste that Kurt's body had to offer until Kurt's finger nails trailed up his back and made him arching, resulting in his finger being thrust further into Kurt.

"Please, David," Kurt looked at him with honest and pleading eyes.

"You sure?" It wasn't like he needed to ask, they'd had sex so many times before, but he felt obliged to ask.

"When have I ever been unsure?" Kurt gasped as those thick fingers brushed that magical spot one again. "I love you so much, David."

"I love you, Kurt," Dave kissed Kurt, their tongues intertwining and sucking on each other as Dave slowly pulled his fingers from Kurt's hole.

Dave searched around aimlessly for the lube he'd put somewhere on the bed, never one removing his lips from Kurt's. He ignored Kurt's hand as it made its way down between their two bodies, finding Dave's throbbing cock and began to stroke it teasingly. As much as Dave enjoyed it he couldn't concentrate on finding the God damned lube. He pulled away from Kurt's lips and looked around to find it next to Kurt's head on the pillow; he reached for it excitedly while Kurt kissed at his jaw and collarbone. Dave tasted of cinnamon and salt and Kurt didn't know why he couldn't get enough of it but his mouth just licked and bit at the skin.

Dave smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips before sitting up and pouring the lube onto his hands until Kurt joined him and took the bottle from him. He placed the bottle between his teeth and he took Dave's hands in his and spread the lube from Dave's hands to his own. Dave took the bottle from his mouth and opened the cap to put more on Kurt's hands then watched as Kurt moved his hand – but not his eye sight – to Dave's cock. Lathering it up and covering it in the slick flavoured lube and the pre-come that was there, before lifting one hand to Dave's mouth. Dave smirked and let Kurt's finger in, twirling his tongue around the thin digit that tasted of himself and watermelon.

Dave growled at Kurt's smouldering look and lightly trailed his teeth over Kurt's finger as he removed it from Dave's mouth. They giggled quietly and then passion took over as their lips crashed together and found nothing but each other's tongues.

"Take me," Kurt whispered between the kisses and Dave smiled and kissed down his neck.

"Turn over," Dave smirked at Kurt's determined smile and playful eyes.

Kurt leaned in for one more kiss and turned around, on his hands and knees ready for Dave. He felt it as Dave approached him, as his warm hands settled on Kurt's hips and his lips planted kisses from the bottom of his spine to the curve of his neck. One hand trailed down Kurt's side as the other lined up his desperate cock to Kurt's entrance, only hesitating for a second before pushing in. No matter how many times they had sex, Dave could never ready himself for the tight heat and fucking fuck feeling of being inside Kurt.

Dave moaned into one of Kurt's shoulder blades and dug his fingers into Kurt's hips, stopping himself from thrusting roughly through the tight ring of muscle. Kurt's breathing was jagged and rose Dave's head that rested on the top of his back, it wasn't until one of Kurt's arms reached around and tugged on David's hair that he thrust more confidently. It didn't take long until Kurt was pushing back onto Dave's cock, fucking himself. They moaned and shouted various words whether they were relevant to the hot sex that was going down or not.

"Fuck," Dave groaned into the curve of Kurt's neck as his hips worked at a ferociously fast pace.

"David," Kurt moaned and pushed back further onto Dave. "Fuck me harder, I won't fucking break!"

It was amazing how much Kurt's voice changed during sex, it went from sweet, high and tender to dark, raspy and sexy, he also swore a lot more which only encourage Dave to hear what else could come from his dirty mouth. Dave pulled his body off of Kurt's back and held his hips in both his hands, then pounded into him with no mercy. He couldn't help but listen to Kurt shout and grunt as Dave watched his cock delved deeper into Kurt and nudging his prostate with every thrust.

"Yes!" Kurt fell onto his elbows and cradled his own head as Dave's thrusts got deeper and deeper and more powerful.

Dave reached round and gripped Kurt's begging cock. Kurt yelped in shock, then made an 'ooh' noise to the pleasure he could feel all over his body. Dave teased and lightly stroked Kurt's member only occasionally squeezing or speeding up and spreading the pre-come that was leaking. Dave kissed the centre of Kurt's back as he thrust and stroked and moaned and fuck, he could never get used to this. Not ever.

"Whoa! Dude, are you okay? What the hell are you doing?"

Finn. Fucking. Hudson.

Dave came to a stop, much to Kurt's frustration which caused him to look up at Finn. Finn Hudson who was standing dumbly at his doorway with a bottle of beer in his hand. Finn Hudson who they had told not to come upstairs for the whole night unless he wanted to get laid by that sweet Hebe girl – and even if he did come upstairs for that, they'd told him to stay away from Kurt's room. Finn Hudson who was so dumb that he couldn't realise they were fucking each other.

"Finn, get lost!" Kurt groaned, trying his hardest not to move because Dave was this far away from his prostate and the noises that would follow he'd never be able to live down.

"But, dude –"

"Finn! We're having sex, nothing is wrong apart from you being here!" Kurt shouted moving his head in the direction of Finn, but not looking at him because awkward.

"Oh. Awkward. Really?" Finn asked in disbelief.

"Yes, Finn. This is how gay men have sex and please get the fuck out!" Kurt begged because seriously he really needed to have Dave thrust into him hard and Finn was stopping it and just fuck off Finn!

"Oh. 'Kay, I'm gonna go now," Finn mumbled and Kurt assumed he was blushing; he managed to bump into various furniture before he left.

Kurt groaned in annoyance and Dave chuckled under his breath before shoving himself just that little further inside Kurt and oh, oh. Dave was pretty close to tipping over the edge and as he kept pushing in and pulling out of Kurt the moans he was emitting hinted the same thing. Dave began happily stroking at Kurt's pulsing erection as he moved to rest his head against his boyfriends - their slight height difference came in handy at the most convenient of times.

Kurt titled his head to the side and kissed Dave's cheek, reaching up and running his hands through as much hair as he could gather. Dave pushed in deeper and got to a point where their lips could touch and kissed fiercely as Dave's hand sped up and brought Kurt to the edge.

"David," he moaned and came, hard.

Dave followed almost immediately – his name, his full name, being moaned out like that and the clench around his dick became too much - and as he groaned Kurt's name he filled him up. Kurt sighed blissfully as he felt Dave come, deep inside him, and dipped his head in a boneless fashion. Dave didn't pull out straight away but stayed there and kissed his way down Kurt's back – pulling out as soon as it became too much of a stretch. But he didn't stop, he held Kurt's hips so he didn't flop down onto the bed and licked all the way down to the crease of Kurt's ass.

Kurt's eyes widened when he realised what Dave was about to do and before he chance to ask him if he was sure this was what he wanted to do, a wet and rough texture thrusting shallowly inside and around his entrance. And then Kurt realised – Dave was licking and sucking his own release out of Kurt and Jesus if Kurt wasn't so tired and his cock so spent he'd be hard in an instant. Instead he moaned even louder and gasped out David's name with every thrust of David's tongue entered into him.

Dave didn't know where the urge to this came from, it just seemed right and when he'd licked and sucked most of his own come from Kurt's entrance, he smiled when he pulled away and kissed Kurt's butt cheeks and down his thighs to the bent underside of his knees. Kurt fell in front of him, onto his stomach with his face buried into the pillow. He groaned tiredly and happily and blissfully and Dave flailed inwardly at how adorable this man was.

Kurt rolled over onto his back to look up at the ceiling in that blissful way he did every time they had sex. His smile looked like the ceiling had unicorns and bright blue dinosaurs chasing each other excitedly through yellow and pink grass before sneezing bubbles and confetti that tasted like candy.

Dave collapsed next to him and watched the ceiling as the bubbles and confetti blew away with the wind, the bright green gust of wind and fresh smelling air. He saw Kurt turn next to him and then felt the light weight of his boyfriend's head on his chest. He watched as his own breathing allowed Kurt's head to rise and fall parallel and began to stroke his hand down the smooth contours of Kurt's back.

"Hi," Kurt looked up momentarily to flash a happy, sated smile then moved to snuggle into Dave's slightly hairy chest making sure to plant sweet but tired kisses there.

"Morning," Dace whispered softly as he glanced towards the window where Kurt's giant wall clock hung. He felt Kurt smile across his chest and just pulled him closer and held him tighter.

"That was," Kurt paused and sighed delightedly. "That was more than amazing. I – thank you."

"Anytime babe, seriously – anytime," Dave smiled and reached to kiss Kurt's soft and messy hair. "Thank you," he finished in a small whisper.

"No offence dude, but you totally just licked his ass."

Finn. Fucking. Hudson.

Kurt looked up instantly like a dog being called while Dave just chuckled from his naked, sprawled out position. It wasn't until Kurt crawled over him with a pillow to chase Finn out of the room that he realised the party was still going on downstairs and they were extremely lucky it was just Finn who had walked in.