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A Fated Meeting

By: Clovergiel

Last Chapter...

The boys were asked by Lucy to join the bonfire night together! Will this be the start of the bond between the two groups of scouts or a chance for more rivalry and competition? Meanwhile, Loke proposed an exchange of vows with Lucy. The rival's vow. And if Lucy loses, she'll be Loke's slave. Now what would be Lucy's reaction to this? And what would be her counter vow? Let's find out on this chapter. . .ENJOY!

Chapter 7: Competition Between the Scouts

"I, Loke Cross, captain of the boy scouts, promise to do my best in every trial or challenge, may it be a physical or a mental challenge, hard or easy. And I vow to win over the girl scout's captain, Lucy Heartfilia. And if at the end of the camp I do win in this competition, as a reward, Lucy Heartfilia must fulfill the consequence of," Loke said, smirking at her, "being my slave."

Lucy's eyes widened at this. She couldn't believe what she just heard! She instantly took back her hand from his grasp. Unfortunately, a finger already had Loke's ring on it. "Y-Your slave? Are you insane? Why would I do that? And how long will that be, huh?" Lucy asked in quick successions.

"Oh, are you implying that you wouldn't stand a chance on winning against me, so. . .you are complaining about my proposed punishment? Are you already admitting defeat, little captain?" Loke teased.

"Of course not! Who would lose to an egomaniac idiot like you? I-I just reacted like that because you're toying with me again. It's too absurd! Even more absurd than asking me to be y-your. . . your girlfriend," Lucy said, her voice lowering as she stated the last words embarrassedly.

"Why, would you rather be my girlfriend than be my slave? I'm cool with both though. Just tell me," Loke said as he drew closer to Lucy and winked.

She pushed him away. "Oh just stop it!" Then she threw both her hands up in defeat. "Okay, okay. I will complain no more. If that is what you want. FINE. You wouldn't win against me and my scouts anyway. Ha!" she proudly told him.

Loke just shrugged. "A'right. Enough said. It's your turn now, little missy."

Lucy almost forgot about their rival's vow since she was too focused on their verbal arguments. She'd love to hurt him physically, but she chose to save that for the competition. Now off to her vow.

She sighed deeply and looked at the ring Loke put on her as the sign of their vow. Hmm, not bad. Not too manly for her either. It is a gold ring with a tiny blue gem on top of it. Suddenly, a silly thought came across her mind.

"Um, wait. I just want to ask, these rings we're exchanging, do we have to wear them until the end of camp?" she asked.

"Hmmm. . . " he thought for it for a second. "I think that'll do," he answered back.

"So we must never take it off then, until these are all finished. Deal?"

"Deal," Loke countered, not knowing what Lucy might be planning.

Lucy tried to hold back her laughter. "There's no turning back on your word! So here's my turn."

In that instant, Loke realized where this was going. "Hey, that's not fair! Dammit, I knew something would be up on your sleeves," Loke cursed.

Lucy smiled victoriously as she took off her pink-with-butterfly-design-which-is-too-girlish-for-Loke ring from her right forefinger.

Loke backed away from her. "I am so not going to wear that! T-That is. . . that is so gay! I would look stupid on that ring. Seriously, butterfly design? And I doubt that would even fit in me. It's too small. Don't you have another one that is more decent?" he complained.

"None. And hey, this is decent enough! This ring's so precious to me. You should be honored I even let you borrow this. Besides, I'm gonna be putting this on your pinky finger. Isn't that cute? A pink ring on your pinky," Lucy giggled at the thought. "And we had a deal. No turning back," Lucy pointed out.

Although hesitantly, Loke finally gave up. He didn't have another choice anyways. "A-Alright, alright. You win. Just put it on me already," he said as he thrusts his hand towards Lucy. "But I will surely find a way out of this."

Lucy smiled as she put the ring on his pinky finger and started her vow. "I, Lucy Heartfilia, captain of the amazing and intelligent girl scouts, promise to do my very best in every trial or challenge, may it be physical or a mental challenge, hard or easy. And I vow to win over the stupid, egomaniac molester boy scout's captain, Loke Cross. And if at the end of the camp, I do win in this competition, a-as a r-reward, I-I. . ." Lucy trailed off.

She thought of it for a moment. If she would make Loke do something, what would be the best thing? She must seize this chance and don't let it go to waste. But honestly, nothing comes to her mind.

She would love having a butler or an errand boy, but it it's gonna be Loke, she will pass. And isn't that just the same as being a slave? Loke would certainly mock her creativity and logic.

What if she makes him step down on his position as the captain? So in that case, she wouldn't have to see him if ever a camp like this would be organized again. Just to be sure.

Ahhh! She really didn't know what to do or say. Loke noticed her struggle, so he held her hand and told her, "Sweetie, it seems like you haven't decided yet on what you wanted me to do. I know you want to do a lot of naughty things to me and couldn't decide which one, so I'll give you ample time to think through it. I bet a day is enough, ne? Before the competition's announcement-or more like our camp's so-called activity. I'll be waiting then. Be wise and. . .dream of me. Goodnight, my little captain."

After saying this, Loke cupped her cheeks with both hands and kissed her in the forehead.

"Ja ne!" Loke said, walking away from the beet red Lucy. She couldn't evade that fast thumping of her heart, no matter how she's annoyed of him. A forehead kiss? That's more special for her than any other kiss there is. All it speaks off is sincerity. Does the same goes for Loke, too?

She couldn't fathom what she's feeling. Normally, she'd be annoyed and would be hitting him for teasing her. But why is it that she was blushing a lot these past few hours? And all of those were because of Loke. Has his rescue-Lucy stunt gradually started to melt the ice in Lucy's heart?

Levy walked over to Wendy and Juvia, who was busy chatting about how hot Gray is, who's basically Juvia's 'love of her life'. Wendy just cheered on for Juvia, just like how she cheered for Levy's love.

Levy seemed to notice that something spooky and thrilling was going on with the two captains. And she's definitely not gonna let it slide. She needed allies.

"And then Gray-sama would hold Juvia's hand on their wedding day, looking at me with those beautiful icy orbs as he says-" Juvia said with her eyes now in big hearts, totally drowned in her fantasies about Gray, if not for Levy interrupting her.

"Hey, Wendy," Levy whispered.

Juvia shot a piercing glance at Levy's direction, as the imagination bubble in her head popped, replaced by murderous plans to Levy.

"Why did you have to interfere with Juvia's love! Are you a love rival too? Are you? Are you?" Juvia said shaking Levy's limp body. She could be really scary if she wanted too. Especially if it concerns her Gray-sama.

"Gomen~ Juvia-chan. I didn't mean to do that. But I think this is important," Levy said, terrified.

"Is there more important than Gray-sama?" Juvia yelled.

A few scouts turned their direction, and some of them are the boy scouts whom Lucy invited. And Gray was one of them.

"Oi oi! Did I just hear my name there? Are you talking about me?" Gray said.

Natsu chuckled. "Haha! They're probably talking about how awful you are. And how hentai you are."

"Don't start with me again, flame-brain. And who are you calling hentai, huh?" Gray countered.

Natsu pointed an accusing finger at him. "You are! Who else is naked around here?"

Gray looked down. "Uwaah! When did I take it off?"

A teacher passed by their lot. "Oi, Mr. Fullbuster! Put on your clothes! Or do you want to run naked around the bonfire?"

"Hai, sensei," Gray said as he put back his uniform on.

Juvia can't seem to get ahold of herself after seeing Gray's naked body. "Kyaaah! Gray-sama, you're really hoooot. Juvia's so in love..."

"Ah, Levy-chan, what were you saying earlier?" Wendy asked, slightly evading Juvia's fangirling.

"Oh, right! Well, you see, I think something fishy is going on between those two. Look at them." Levy pointed at the captains' direction.

The two blue-haired girls shot a glance to where Levy's pointing. Cana, who overheard them talking, imitated them and turned her head, too.

There they saw Lucy and Loke together at a nearby tree. Lucy stifled giggle as she put her girlish ring on Loke's pinky finger, and Loke on the other hand seemed to not like one bit of it.

Juvia held Levy by the shoulders. "Why did you said it just now? Now Juvia finally get rid of one rival in love! I have to properly thank Loke-kun later. Hihihi," Juvia snickered as she suspiciously whispered to herself, "Then in that way, I might see Gray-sama naked in their room. Hohoho."

Wendy was left baffled in her place. "What are they doing?" she asked.

"Oh Wendy, you're really too young and too naive for these things," Cana remarked. "It's obvious that they're a couple now! Exchanging of rings are usually done by married couples, but you know the generation today. They call each other hubby and wifey, even though they're not yet married, and, they also tend to mimic how married ones act. If you know what I mean," Cana explained to Wendy, whispering to her the last phrase which made Wendy shiver.

"But I didn't expect them to be this fast though, considering the fact that Lu-chan is not into boys," Levy wondered. "But we should be happy for her now that she finally found her true love and—"

Levy was interrupted and stunned, so was the others, when they saw Loke kissing Lucy's forehead.

"Kyaaaah! Aren't they so cute? They're so perfect together! And Lucy blushed! Omo!" Lisanna squealed.

The four girls looked at her direction. "When did you get here?"

"Hey, you're so mean. I was fangirling too, the same as you guys. I was here the whole time. Don't I have the right to be?" Lisanna said.

"Of course, you can. We're just startled when you spoke. But kyaaahh I can't suppress my giddiness!" Cana said as they both squealed again.

"Sshhh! Be quiet. Loke's coming this way," Wendy whispered.

All of them lowered their heads and voices and pretended to be talking about other things as Loke passed through them.

But Wendy couldn't contain it and went up to Loke and said, "A-Ano. . .Loke-san. . ."

"What is it?" Loke asked as he smiled at the tiny girl.

"U-Uhmm, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF OUR CAPTAIN!" Wendy said as she bowed before him. "She might look like a strong and cheerful lady but we, her friends, know that Lucy-chan is still oblivious to some things. So please, don't hurt her," Wendy said, as if she wasn't oblivious herself.

Loke looked at the others and saw their hopeful, nodding faces. He might not understand fully the reason behind those looks but, not hurt her? Is that possible with his plan on mind? That's his goal after all. . .

Nevertheless, he returned a smile to them. "Of course, I won't. Oh and do your best, by the way."

"For what?" Juvia asked.

"Oh nothing much. Just. . .do your best. Ja," he said, finally taking his leave.

Yeah. Because if you don't, I might really end up hurting her, pleasurably.

Loke grinned as he shook his head. Just a little more, just a little more.

"Ah Levy, can I trade beds with you? Don't worry, It's just for tonight. Can I?" Lucy requested.

"Of course, Lu-chan! Besides, I'm too tired to read anything tonight so I won't need the lamp. Are you staying up all night?" Levy replied

"J-Just a little. I just have to finish something. Thanks Levy," Lucy said in gratitude.

Wendy went up to the blond captain. "Captain duties?"

Lucy looked at Wendy's genuine eyes. Speaks of innocence. "A-Ah. . .I-I guess you c-could say it like that. Anyway, sleep now, everyone. We have a full day ahead of us," she said. She didn't want to lie to Wendy, but what could she say?

She was planning to list all possible things she could make him do. For that Rival's Vow. Why is she so worked up about it anyway? She didn't know too. But it's a chance for her to get even with that jerk. So she needed something big, something grand. Like an explosion.

"Hey, Juvia isn't back yet," Lisanna said.

"Why, where did she go? I think I haven't seen her since we went back here," Lucy asked. "Everyone should be in their respective bunks right now."

"I think I heard her earlier saying something like going to thank Loke-kun—" said Cana.

"Thank that jer-I mean-captain?" Lucy bellowed.

"Yeah. I heard it, too. But I don't think it should last this long, though," said Levy.

"You should all sleep now, I'll go look for her," Lucy said.

"I'll come with you, Lucy. I'm part of the officers after all," Mirajane initiated.

"Okay, let's go."

Mira and Lucy went out to seek for Juvia. If it's Loke Juvia had gone to, then she must be in their bunk. West #14. She remembered clearly.

"Hmmm. . .where's Gray-sama's room again?" Juvia asked herself. The bonfire just ended and she decided to go straight to Loke to thank him— or perhaps, to see Gray.

She spotted a nearby boy scout and asked for their captain's room number.

"Eh, are you a fan girl of the captain, too? It really sucks to be that handsome, ne? Too many nuisance," the scout said.

"Hey, you're rude! And Juvia's heart is only for Gray-sama. No one else!" Juvia yelled frustratingly at him.

"Tch. I couldn't believe that tsundere brat had a fan. Want me to show you how much better I am than that idiot?"

"Yah! Don't call Gray-sama an idiot. You are the one who is—ouch! Let go of me!" Juvia said struggling to get free of his strong grip.

"You dare to call me idiot, bitc—ow ow so cold!" He said as his grip on her loosened when all of a sudden ice covered his whole body.

"Who the hell poured ice on me!" the scout said, turning around to see the culprit's figure.

"Omo! Graaaay-sama!" Juvia said, her eyes turning to hearts. In front of her stood Gray Fullbuster, holding an empty bucket which just recently acted as a vessel for the ice.

"Well, I thought the ice bucket challenge is still popular, so I nominated you without permission. Ha! It suits you, though," Gray said, smirking at the scout's drenched state.

"You'll pay for this, Fullbuster!"

"You're on, whatever-your-surname-is!" said Gray. The scout fled with an embarrassed look..

Juvia looked intently at Gray the began running towards him, "Graaay-saaamaaa~~"

"Oi oi! Don't hug me, you're wet too!" said Gray.

"Huh?" Juvia said, looking down at her clothes. She's a little wet, too, since a lot splattered to her when the water with ice poured.

"You better go back to your bunk now to change. You'll get a cold that way," said Gray.

"Kyaaaaah! Gray-sama is worried with Juviaaa! I'm not gonna grow an unwed old lady! Kyaaah!" Juvia rambled to herself.

"What are you saying there? You're weird, tch."

"But Juvia needs to go with Gray-sama into his room. Juvia wants to make a proper thank you," Juvia said to Gray, clinging to his arms.

Gray couldn't believe what he heard! What is this weird girl talking about?

"No, I don't want. I don't need your thank you. Just go home, will you?" Gray shooed her.

"Don't worry, it's not for Gray-sama. It's Loke-kun. Come on, please lead the way," Juvia said.

Tch. She's really one heck of a weird girl.

"We're here. Stop clinging to me already. And do your business with Loke. I'll sleep already."

They had stopped in front of room 'West #14'. Gray was about to go inside, when Juvia stopped him.

"Hey, wha—"

"Shhh... Do you hear that Gray-sama?" Juvia said.

She heard whispering voices. They peeked at the side of the bunk and saw there a group of scouts, talking suspiciously.

That's when Juvia's eyes widened suddenly as she put a hand over her mouth when she overheard what they're talking about and saw what they're doing. "O-Oh. . .Oh no!" she gasped.

-A Fated Meeting Chapter 7 end-

Omo! What did Juvia see and heard that made her gasp? Will this be another twist at their life at camp? And what would be Lucy's final vow? Find out on the next update, Chapter 8: Rumor has it!

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