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Chapter 7.

Merlin rushed out into the courtyard, dodging several knights as they stored past, a mission imminent. The bell clangs rang round the courtyard, creating a sudden fluster and panic among the people. Everyone was heading home as quickly as they could, some looking around them, continuously suspicious of everyone and everything.

The sorcerer was among them, a cloak he stole wrapped tightly round his face as he tried to force his way through the crowds.

Get out of my way!

The voice rang in Merlin's head again, it was not his own, he knew it wasn't his own although he couldn't explain how.

Help me, Oh please somebody help me!

Unsure how to communicate back Merlin focused his own thoughts:

Where are you?

HELP! The guards!

Merlin looked round to see the guards closing in round the main bulk of people, searching each one in turn, checking behind masks and hats. He spotted one backing away towards a space beneath some barrels, wondering whether to risk hiding with so many around. No, Merlin knew that was a bad idea. The sorcerer was acting edgy, practically wearing a flashing sign saying "guilty". He needed to divert their attention without pointing the sword at himself. He looked at the castle alls for stray parts of the design which stuck out. He could break one off, but he would have to be careful, there were too many innocent people around, it was have to be in just the right place. Carefully his magic chipped away at the base of a small gargoyle statue to the far right of the guards, near the exit. Next it floated into the air about 5cm from the wall and stayed there hovering until a woman shrieked and pointed at the floating face. Merlin waited for everyone to turn to his latest trick before letting the object go and smash on the concrete ground.

This way, over here, by the bread stall.

He briefly made eye contact before running round the corner. His plan had worked better than he had hoped, with the new fear of magic floating heads people were fleeing from the market not stopping even when shouted at by the guards to create order. There was chaos. Within the crowds the sorcerer managed to follow Merlin. But where to go from there?

The young sorcerer ran for his life ducking under waving arms and dodging frantic parents, he rounded the corner where he'd last seen the speaker of the voice. He stopped. He'd completely lost sight of whoever this person was. All around him he could only see people running and screaming, and guards, guards which were heading his way. He legged it, began sprinting to the nearest exit when a pair of hands grabbed him by the coat and hauled him into the castle wall.

"Who are you?" His voice sounded exactly like that of the one he'd heard in his head. Young and vulnerable. He must have been barely in his twenties. Merlin guessed he was the same age as himself and Arthur and for some reason, this made him want to help him more.
"Merlin: your only chance to get out."

The eyes searched his, still unsure whether to trust anyone.

To show that they were the same Merlin focused his thoughts. I can help you escape.

"Emrys!" The boy gasped.

Merlin bit his lip, not wanting the name to be spoken out loud.

"Stay here." He peeked round the corner, their path to Gwen's house was blocked by Two marching guards. A guard with a long sharp spear heading their way. Merlin grabbed hold of the boy's hand, ready to lead him past and whispered a spell. Two barrels starting rolling past the guard on the other side drawing their attention to the right. Quickly and quietly Merlin pulled the sorcerer along to the left of the guard. He held his breath as they became just meters away from the strong man. A twig snapped underfoot and Merlin pulled the boy behind a cart to hide just before the guard turned their way. Merlin recognised him as Edward, a newly appointed guard who was over exited about his new job and anxious to make his first arrest. Keeping perfectly still Merlin waited as Edward approached closer and closer, eyes staring intensely into the darkness of their hide away. Thankfully the young sorcerer, whoever he was, got the message and didn't move a muscle.

Keep still. Keep still. Don't breath.

Merlin could make out the two eyes staring at them through the gaps in the cart, squinting trying to make out their shapes.

Please please no. I need to help Arthur. This is the only way! He screamed loudly in his head as if by justifying his actions, the world around them would let them go.

Sorry Edward.

He thought. Edward just managed to hear a faint whisper before on of the barrels pushed him over and the other landed heavily on top of him, knocking him out cold.

"Quickly. This way." Merlin lef the boy round the corner where they eventually made it to Gwen's house. Before Merlin could shut the door behind him surprisingly strong hands grabbed him from behind and pushed him down onto the table.
"I am NOT going to help that spoilt brat of a Prince!"