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Michelangelo hummed as he sketched, stretched out across his bed on his plastron with his chin propped up in his hand. Creative moods hit hard and hit fast. There was no ignoring the urge to draw and no getting rid of it until he'd filled at least a page or two with a few drawings. This particular doodle was a rough sketch of Raphael duking it out with his punching bag. Raph wasn't Raph if he wasn't hitting something.

Mike grinned at the thought. He'd probably receive a smack to the back of the head if he ever said as much. He paused in his sketch to consider this and nodded to himself. It'd be worth it.

From the open doorway of his room Klunk let out a meow and the turtle started. He was quite familiar with the many sounds of Klunk. There was the rumbling meow when he wanted to get attention, the long high meow when his food bowl was empty, the purring of course when he received attention. But this one. This one he'd never heard before, low in tone, loud in volume, and something he never wanted to hear again.

"Klunkers, what is it?" Mikey asked as he wriggled to the edge of his bed and peered down at the cat. His brow furrowed when he found him favoring his right hind leg, the paw hovering up above the floor. "What'd you do?" He asked, holding out a hand and sliding off his mattress to sit messily on the floor.

Klunk mewed a reply, a more normal meow thankfully, and limped a few steps toward him. Mikey's heart jumped to his throat making it harder for him to breathe. Just above his toes Klunk's foot was bending in the wrong direction. Slightly inward. Mikey felt a wave of worry and fear wash over him, starting at his head and dribbling down his spine.

Okay, his foot was bending in the wrong direction. His foot. Was bending. In the wrong direction!

"I-it's okay Klunk, it's okay," Mike soothed mindlessly, ghosting his fingertips between Klunk's ears in a feather-light touch afraid that he'd cause him more pain. "It's gonna be okay."Meanwhile, his thoughts were a jumbled panicked mess.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? His foot's bending in the wrong direction. What do I do? What do I do?

He glanced at the injured limb with wide eyes and he would have flinched if he'd had any normal control over his body, but as it were his hands were starting to shake and his knees felt weak even though he was sitting. It was obvious that a foot bending in the wrong direction was very, very bad. He didn't need Don's intellect to figure that out.

The metaphorical lightbulb above his head flashed on.

"Donny!" He wailed, scrambling to his feet. "Donny I need help!" He breezed past Raphael as he dashed out of his room, nearly knocking the turtle over in the process.

"Yo, Mikey! I'm walkin' here!"


Raph frowned. Usually in such circumstances Mikey would glance back over his shoulder and stick his tongue out, or laugh, or poke fun at Raph's lack of reflexes and bait him into a chase. But apologize? For something he usually did on purpose?

"What's all the shouting about?" Leo poked his head out of his own bedroom just in time to see Mikey vault himself over the metal railing of the second level of their lair. He glanced back expecting to see Raphael in hot pursuit but was surprised to see him following at a more leisurely pace with a concerned frown on his face. "Raph?"

"Somethin's wrong with Mikey."

"What's wrong with Mikey?" Leo asked with a concerned look of his own.

"How should I know?" Raph snapped, gripping the railing in his own hands in preparation to follow his little brother down. "Took off before I could even ask."

"Donny!" Mike called as he sprinted across the lair. Don spun around in his office chair just in time for Mikey to launch himself into his chest, gripping desperately at his elbows. "Donny I need your help!"

Don wheezed, trying to catch the breath that had been knocked out of him and looked down, bewildered, at the top of Mikey's head for his face was pressed into his plastron. "Mikey? What is it? Does the remote need new batteries again?" He joked.

"Don, you gotta help me. I don't know what to do. I think it's broken!" By now Mikey was sobbing, hysterical almost as he gripped more tightly at Donny's arms.

All traces of jest melted away. "What's wrong?" He asked, rolling his wrists to grip Mikey's forearms in a comforting grip. He felt a twinge of fear at the sight of tears in his baby brother's eyes. "What happened?" He demanded more sternly.

"It's Klunk. He's hurt! I think he broke his leg. I don't know what to do."

Donatello couldn't help but feel a bit of relief that his brother was okay, physically speaking of course. Worry for Mikey's cat soon set in however. Though Klunk favored Michelangelo above everyone else the cat was fond of everybody and vice versa, though Raph would deny it.

"Mikey, Mikey you need to calm down. Where is he?"

"My room. Let's go!" Mikey latched onto his hand and practically dragged him behind as he took off. They flew passed Raph and Leo, forcing them to jump back or be bowled over.

"What's going on?" Leo called after them. It was all Don could do to glance back and say Mikey's room before said turtle towed him back up to the second level.

Leo and Raph exchanged looks. "It was hard to tell since he rushed by so fast, but did it look like Mikey was crying to you?"

Raph's jaw tightened. "Prob'ly just broke one of them action figures o' his."

Leo gave him a doubtful look. Mikey was dramatic about these sort of things and very passionate about his heroes, but this seemed a little much even for a broken toy. He said so out loud.

"Yeah I know." Raph admitted as they turned to go back the way they'd gone.

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